Red Robin Gift Card Giveaway: Five $25 Gift Cards Up for Grabs

Red Robin recently kicked off their fall season with the return of the Oktoberfest Burger and a few newcomers.  Here’s your chance to try some of the new grub with a Red Robin gift card.  I’ve got five gift cards valued at $25.00 a piece to give away.

Leave a comment on this post detailing your $25.00 purchase and five randomly selected winners will be chosen on Saturday, September 22nd.  Good luck!

252 comments on “Red Robin Gift Card Giveaway: Five $25 Gift Cards Up for Grabs

  1. John says:

    I’d just take my friends out and hav a good time =P

  2. George T. says:

    My $25 purchase would consist of those new warm pretzel bites. They sound really good. Plus I’d get one of my favorite menu items, the chicken teriyaki sandwich with a side of those awesome fries and onion straws.

  3. Clevegal42 says:

    Oooo – I’d have to go with the Oktoberfest burger and the pretzel nugget things. There will probably be an adult beverage involved as well.

  4. Dante says:

    Give me the giftcard so i can treat my girl out aka my mom.

  5. ChrisSh says:

    Man, I think I would buy as many of those Oktoberfest Burgers as $25 would buy.

  6. Natalie says:

    I’d probably try the pretzels bites and then get the A1 Peppercorn burger with some campfire sauce for my fries.

  7. Jack says:

    Royal Burger, Onion ring Tower, Sam Adams Octoberfest.

  8. Ann S. says:

    Oh, it would be all about those onion rings and the Whiskey River BBQ burger…

    …and taking the family with me (which means blowing more than $25) on those shakes of theirs.

  9. Stephen Z. says:

    I’d try that new Oktoberfest shake, then get that pub burger, and start off with those pretzel bites. And whatever is left I’d use on drinks lol.

  10. WILLMEGA06 says:

    I will as usual take forever trying to decide between the Royal Red Robin burger and the Whiskey Creek burger and my wife go for her usual the Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Croissant sandwich thingy. Overall, always a great meal at Red Robin!

  11. Craig says:

    I’ll probably sneak in an Octoberfest burger from Steak & Shake and do a comparison taste test on the spot.

  12. Marilyn says:

    I would definitely get Clucks and (bottomless) Fries and a Freckled Lemonade. Red Robin is delicious! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Tariq Saadiq says:

    Just want to enjoy so good grub and to be able to say YUMMMMMMM with pleasure…

  14. Rob says:

    Beer shake Yummmm!

  15. Raiders757 says:

    Awesome! My wife loves Red Robin.

  16. CB says:

    Cheesesticks for an app and ill try the Oktoberfest burger and my wife will get a plain burger w cheddar. Maybe a beer or 2 if there is any $ left 🙂

  17. Paul says:

    $25 worth of the beer milkshakes…. nothing more, nothing less.

  18. Raphael says:

    My wife and I would each have an Oktoberfest burger with a Sam Adams for me and a vanilla shake for her. We’ll also give the pretzel bites a try as an starter. I’ll hog it since I’m drinking beer. Too bad for her but she’s small anyway. Just don’t tell her that when food is at stake!

  19. Jrdunn says:

    I want to try the burger with an egg!

    Onion rings

    Sweet potato fries


    I doubt id share 😉

  20. Nonamer says:

    The closest Red Robin to me is about 2 hours away, but I would really like to try that Oktoberfest burger.

  21. Axel says:

    I’d love to try out the Okt. Burger.

  22. Justin ST says:

    The Oktoberfest burger, fried clams, mushrooms and a Samuel Adams shake, of course!

  23. kagai says:

    I would get a gourmet cheeseburger w/fries and a large, chocolate shake. Two kids me pizzas and a chicken entree for my wife.

  24. spacemonkey1138 says:

    $25 worth of pretzel nuggets.

  25. John K says:

    Boy that $25.00 would be a great start in feeding my family for lunch.

  26. Steve says:

    That Oktoberfest burger looks good

  27. Jeanene says:

    A.1. Peppercorn Burger (me), Oktoberfest burger (fiance), Onion ring Tower (share), Sam Adams Octoberfest (me . . . ok, maybe I’ll share)

  28. Jim D. says:

    I’d start off with the pretzel bites, and then the pub crawl burger with fries and a beer shake. Of course, I’ll try to get some more bottomless fries if that doesn’t fill me up already.

  29. Hungry Guy says:

    I would want to try the new pub crawl style with clam chowder on the side and strawberry lemonade!

  30. Nora says:

    Warm pretzel bites! Wanting to take the spouse for his first trip of unlimited fries!

  31. David says:

    I would get the Oktoberfest burger with parmesan garlic fries, an Octoberfest milkshake, and let my DD drive home… because of the milkshake 😛

  32. Libby M says:

    I would like to try all the Oktoberfest stuff, even the beer milkshake. That sounds good. Plus bottomless garlic fries.

  33. Angel says:

    I love Red Robin…I get something different everytime!

  34. Lap says:

    I’d buy as many of the burgers as possible, starting with the most outrageous.

  35. Kit says:

    Octoberfest. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  36. Eric says:

    Bleu Ribbon Burger for me. The Veggie for the Mrs. & Two mint brownie shakes to wash it down.

  37. Robert says:

    Would go to the Red Robin just down the street and have a nice evening of good food with good company. (love the fish & chips)

  38. Heidi says:

    I’d treat my husband to a night out – he’d probably get his favorite, the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich and I’d have my favorite Apple Harvest Chicken Salad.

  39. Enrique Lopez says:

    Hope this doesn’t take me out of the running but I’ve never been to a Red Robin! I’d love to try it and I know there’s one here in San Diego. So my $25 purchase will consist of trying something new!

  40. Alex says:

    I’m new to craft beer… and Samuel Adams is the company that got me into it to begin with, so I’d definitely get the Octoberfest shake. The pretzel bites look insanely good, so I’d split those… and I’d probably get myself an A1 peppercorn burger and chili as well.

    Yes please! :9

  41. JF says:

    Tavern burger, onion rings and something with chocolate for desert!

    I still can’t believe I have never tried a Red Robin yet. Maybe if I win I’ll finally give it a try. But I am real partial to Smashburger when I want a great burger.

    Anyway, thanks again Ryan for the giveaway and best of luck to all for a gift card.

  42. Kate says:

    burnin’ love burger with sweet potato fries. onion rings! onion rings/mushrooms jump starter! chocolate milkshake!

  43. Santiago C says:

    You can never go wrong with pretzels covered in some good mustard; that is, if they are properly made. Pretzel buns are extremely underrated, so I’m looking forward to that burger. And sign me up for that Sam Adams Milkshake. It looks/sounds incredible good.

  44. Jill N. says:

    I’d get a burger and some onion rings, but most definitely a chocolate shake! They are the best there!

  45. Kirk says:

    With my giftcard, I will treat my lovely girlfriend to an extravagant night of cheesy cheeseburgers and endless fries. And since i’m such a giving boyfriend, I will even let her indulge on Red Robin’s awesome shakes. Lastly, I will pick my girlfriend up on a white stallion as we ride to the infamous Red Robin. We will end the night with a passionate session of fornication.

  46. Adam says:

    Oktoberfest burger with cake the first day, and then a guacamole burger the next day!

  47. Tony says:

    Bottomless fries with some Onion ring and that burger.
    Man, I’m drooling already!

  48. Julien says:

    I think I’d have to get an A1 peppercorn burger and have the sommelier recommend a good “boozy shake” to go with it. I’d still gt the Sam Adams shake. Who says a man can’t double down on the shake? Oh, that would probably fill up my $25, and the lady’s meal would have to come out of my pocket. That’s fine because she’s dainty and would probably “just have a salad.”

  49. Dom says:

    come on pretzel bite things.

  50. Manavee says:

    Id get 5 beer milk shakes and then wouldn’t eat for the next 2-3 years.

  51. Sheila T says:

    I’d love to try the Octoberfest burger, or maybe the Royale Burger, with bottomless fries of course! I’ve had a hankering for fried seafood lately, so the Fish and Chips looks promising as well. For an appetizer, I’d order the new pretzel bites or the onion rings! If there was any money left over, I’d probably have to try a milkshake as well! Thanks for the giveaway chance! 🙂

  52. John H says:

    Fried Clams to start, Patty Melt, and then an oreo shake. Can you say diabetes????

  53. KitKat says:

    Would love to try the Oktoberfest Burger.

  54. Christina says:

    I’ve been dying to try the Oktoberfest burger and the Sam Adams beer milkshake!! Sounds amazing!! Guinness and ice cream is awesome too

  55. Craig Russell says:

    I would be taking my 2 kids, age 9 and 7, to their favorite burger place! We would start with the Tower of Onion Rings, (yum) then the two kids would enjoy the Kids Burgers, while dear old Dad will try the new $6.99 Double Tavern Burger with the all you can eat Steak Fries! Red Robin…Yummmm!

  56. Sascha says:

    I’ve got to have a Sam Adams shake. And some pretzel bites. Probably a Royal for me and a Whiskey River BBQ for the little lady.

  57. David Webber says:

    Fiery Ghost AND a Sautéed ‘Shroom – You see, I’ve not had anything but Ramen for a month! 🙂

  58. MC says:

    Appetizer: Buzzard Wings
    Entree: Red’s Tavern Double
    Drink: Freckled Lemonade
    Dessert: Either the Cookie Sundae or maybe a shake

    I may even bring someone along with me.

  59. VolGuy says:

    As many burgers and beers that a football Saturday requires

  60. Nick O. says:

    Fried mushrooms with that sweet chili sauce, Octoberfest burger w/ garlic parm fries, and a Leinie Oktoberfest beer or 2.

  61. DTD says:

    I’d pretty much go right down the list of those promotional Oktoberfest items. Even as a fast food promo enthusiast, I’m rarely as intrigued by this stuff as I am by these.

  62. Ljay says:

    Tavern burger.
    Octoberfest burger.
    Beer Shake.
    Onion Rings.

  63. Jessica says:

    Im thinking split the Sam Adams shake with the Mr and then get a couple of those Oktoberfest burgers. And fries, lots of fries.

  64. Andrew says:

    I’d obviously have to try the beer milkshake and the pretzel bites, as they’re a limited time deal. But I can never pass up the Royal Red Robin Burger or the onion rings.

  65. Kristina says:

    So, hypothetically, if I were to win this gift card, I definitely would need to give that new Oktoberfest burger a try, but to be honest, I would take off the lunch meat that’s on it, and add some bacon instead because it’s bacon, not love, that makes the world go round.

    For dessert I’d have a gooey chocolate brownie cake, and I’d savor every bite of it. To drink I’d have to have a freckled lemonade because I am a sucker for different flavored lemonades.

  66. TS says:

    Buy some burgers and maybe some beer

  67. Aaron says:

    I’ve wanted to try the Pub Crawl Style since I first saw it on your site…

  68. alison says:

    I would get 4 strawberry lemonades and 4 of their original classic burgers…for all my family

  69. Sam says:

    I have no idea what I would purchase, because I have literally never been to a Red Robin. We just got one over here in the Clearwater area, and I’d love to try it out with my girlfriend. So you should give me a git card because of that. Yup.

  70. Donald McRonald says:

    I’d head out to Red Robin with some bros and have to try that Oktoberfest Milkshake; it looks absolutely divine. Then the Oktoberfest burger (sans onions) and get the pretzel bites as an app to share.

  71. Jackson says:

    I wanted to try the Oktoberfest burger last year and didn’t get the opportunity to do so, so I would definitely get one this year and the pretzel bites. I love me some pretzels. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Kyle Spangler says:

    Onion Rings
    Whiskey River BBQ Burger
    Artichoke & Spinach Dip
    Banana Milkshake


  73. Phaet says:

    The pretzel bites with extra cheese sauce, and two Oktoberfest burgers sounds like ‘Himmel’ to me!

  74. Thinh L says:

    The Oktoberfest Beer Shake. $25 dollars worth.

  75. Malcolm says:

    I want to try all of them above. I’d drink milkshake that’s alcohol free, but just once and that’s it. Tavern burger, the one with fried egg, I’m done with them. Out with the old, in with the new.

  76. BGilbert says:

    Never been to Red Robin. Would love and excuse to go!

  77. Todd says:

    I’d get the Warm Pretzel Bites, A.1. Peppercorn Burger, and the Towering Onion Rings.

  78. Echo710 says:

    Do they still have those burgers featuring ghost peppers? If so, I still want to try one…

    Otherwise, I definitely want some of those pretzel bites. And I’d like to try the Sam Adams milkshake.

  79. Christine says:

    As many pretzel bites as $25 will buy!

  80. alex says:

    Definitely that Oktoberfest burger to go with my beer, and since I have 25 bucks, their chicken wings. Love those bottomless steak fries too

  81. Brian says:

    Most of the gift card would go to my kids. My stepdaughter makes a good choice by usually opting for a generous side salad with her mac and cheese or chicken fingers. My son always wants orange slices, but we have to have the waiter hide them and pass them to me like it’s a drug deal or something such that he’ll eat his other food first. I would certainly try the beershake, but only because my season favorite hasn’t come back yet–Gingerbread Gingerale!

  82. katie says:

    i would definitely purchase the pretzel bun burger with that milkshake, is it pumpkin flavored?? i adore fall and the seasonal items

  83. Noodlez says:

    Likely spend it on Cherry Lime Flips for the girl, ok maybe one for me also. 🙂

  84. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Date night!

    An order of pretzels.
    2 beer shakes.
    One of each burger to split 50/50.


  85. Anthony says:

    I’d get an A-1 Peppercorn Burger, a Sam Adams Milkshake and as many corn dogs off of the kids menu as possible, because I’m a boss like that.

  86. Erin says:

    I’d grab a couple of salads to go and catch the last weekend of our Shakespeare festival.

  87. Lindsey says:

    I would bring a couple of my friends to sample the new Oktoberfest burger and obviously the bottomless fries!

  88. Melanie says:

    I’d order one of everything off the Oktoberfest menu! yum!!

  89. Francois says:

    I’d order this new Oktoberfest burger and spend the rest on beer.

  90. April S says:

    I would take a friend along so that we could share some wings and split the guacamole bacon burger. That leave enough cash to order one of those tempting boozy shake. Yum!

  91. Steve says:

    I would buy myself a fall feast of their latest oktoberfest burger, the beer milkshake, and however much is left towards pretzel bites!

  92. Make That 6 Piece a 20 says:

    All of the Oktober things… hmmmm… Germany….

  93. Mr.Gnarly says:

    Sold me on the pretzel buns….Yuuuuummmmm.

  94. ed says:

    $25 dollars worth of kettle chips!

  95. Roger H says:

    I’d take my wife. I’d have the Royale Red Robin Burger in all it’s deliciousness, with a Dr Pepper. She’d have that patty melt burger that they serve, and a shirley temple. God I love Red Robin.

  96. Nicki says:

    Warm Pretzel Bites…Endless Fries…and a Killer Burger – Yes Please!

  97. Sarah says:

    I would definitely start off with the Oktoberfest milkshake! I would order a teriyaki burger and ask the waiter to bring out a basket of endless steak fries and a side of ranch dressing for me to start on as an appetizer! Then I would probably either save the rest of the gift card for the next time or wash the meal down with a jäger bomb!

  98. Doug says:

    burger, fries and beers. nuff said.

  99. Nicholas says:

    After my back surgery I have to travel out of town to see my back doctor, so I fugured I might as well make the best out of it and get a little comfort food from Red Robin. I would definately have to get the Oktoberfest Burger and have really been wanting to try to Tower of Onion Rings. There side sauces are amazing and have such a depth of flavor. Going back to Red Robin for my next checkup on OCt 1st and this woul dbe a great way to try their special for that month!

  100. Cal says:

    I would love to take my wife out for our 10th anniversary to Red Robin and I may just try the Pub Style burger. I am a sucker for any burger with sauteed onions and bacon! Or I may just stick with my usual, the Whiskey river BBQ Burger (also my wife’s favorite) and perhaps a side of French Onion soup, that my wife will end up eating a majority of, then regret later haha!

  101. matt in the hatt says:

    pretzel bites, ragin cajun chicken sandwich, and as much sam adams as i can guzzle with the rest.

  102. Travelingman says:

    Banzai Burger, Ultimate Margarita, Baileys Irish Cream Shake. And yes, I would let my spouse drive me home. Yuuuummmm.

  103. Joe says:

    The beer shake. Oh yes, the beer shake.

  104. Andy says:

    $25 worth of pretzel bites please

  105. Lily says:

    Beers, Burgers and fries…..yummmmmm!!!
    what more could you ask for?? 😉

  106. Valerie says:

    As many Oktoberfest Burgers as $25 would buy. The best burger ever!

  107. Whitney says:

    pretzels, fries, guac on a burger.

  108. Amanda says:

    I would take my fiance and dominate that Oktoberfest menu. Two burgers, beer milkshakes, AND the pretzel nuggets for us!

  109. Macho Man Randy Savage says:

    I would take Ms. Elizabeth out to dinner and get a couple of oktoberfest burgers with fries……. OOOOOOOOHHHHH YYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

  110. Ashley H. says:

    I am curious about this Sam Adams Milkshake….I don’t know if I would personally buy it but if I won a giftcard I would give it a try! I haven’t been to Red Robin in forever 🙂

  111. Scott says:

    Just going to get as many oktoberfest milkshakes I can afford and see if anyone has ever gotten cut off by an ice cream beverage!

  112. hortanz says:

    would definitely get the oktoberfest burger along with some o-rings and a malkshake

  113. Jordan says:

    $25 worth of milkshakes.

  114. Jerry says:

    I’d get $25 worth of royal red robin burgers!

  115. Kris K says:

    I must try the pretzel bites with beer cheese dip! And some beers.

  116. Jenn says:

    I’d get bottomless fries and a chocolate milkshake for myself and treat a friend

  117. josh says:

    i have always wanted to try the royal burger but could never pull the trigger, so that sweet potato fries and a Cookie Magic – Monster

  118. Nick says:

    Beverage: Baileys Ice Cream Shake
    Appetizers: Cheese Sticks & Onion Ring Jump Starters
    Entree: Bleu Ribbon Burger
    Dessert: Cookie Sundae

  119. Ron Amore says:

    I’ll take my wife there for date night. She loves a good gourmet burger!

  120. Scotty says:

    I’d make them get me a 3 by 3. 3 Burgers 3 slices of cheese. Extra pickles and some mustard.

    The rest will be on Beer.

    Do they carry PBR?

  121. Mandy says:

    I would definitely get those pretzel bites, and I’d have to try the beer shake. I’d get the cantina jack burger too.

  122. Andrew says:

    I’d crush one of those new Oktoberfest Burgers and slurp it down with their new beer milk shake!

  123. Corey says:

    Beer milkshake, bacon; beer milkshake, bacon; beer milkshake, bacon; beer milkshake, bacon…see a pattern?

  124. Deanna R says:

    During high school, Red Robin was the go-to place for me and my friends. I would probably treat them all to a meal for old time’s sake, and I would be sure to get my favorite, the chicken bruschetta. YUM!

  125. Richard Y. says:

    Eat a hearty meal with friends and exclaim, “eff yeah, Grubgrade!”

  126. Bobby Berry says:

    Beer and pretzels. What’s not to love.

  127. Patrick says:

    My standard order is the royal burger (the one with the fried egg), but I may try that newer tavern double this time.

  128. Andrew says:

    I would start out with the pretzel bites and then order the double tavern burger with a vanilla milk shake and tip handsomely.

  129. Devino says:

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to stop by at Red Robin on the way to my parents house. This would be perfect to try the new line of Tavern burgers.

  130. Stew says:

    bacon cheeseburger for me and then whatever my dad wants for dinner.

  131. Evan says:

    Ive never been and since they just opened one in my area i would love to try them out, with my fiance

    Thanks guys

  132. Mel says:

    I’d take my mom out for her birthday! We’d definitely get the fried zucchini because that’s her favorite. I’d probably follow up with a crispy chicken tender salad and she’d have a bacon cheeseburger. Yumm! 🙂

  133. Ryan N says:

    I would go w/ the towering onion rings, Burnin’ love, and a couple of cold beers!!!!

  134. Kails says:

    I would take my boyfriend out…we both need to eat gluten free, and not a lot of places have safe french fries. Yum! Burgers, fries, and milkshakes!

  135. Eric says:

    Everything Oktoberfest for sure. Milkshake, the Oktoberfest burger, and those pretzel bites to start it off. They all look great.

  136. Johnny says:

    Treat my son to his favorite meal of a burger and fries and try out that Oktoberfest burger. Yum!

  137. Ruffy says:

    i would spend $25 on garlic fries. ALL GARLIC FRIES, ALL THE TIME. booyah.

  138. DeBo says:

    Oktoberfest Milkshake and burger times 2 for me and the lady friend.

  139. Lily Sheng says:

    I’m in a great mood for their Oktoberfest themed menu items, having never tried any of them before, I plan to order: The Oktoberfest Burger, the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake, and Warm Pretzel Bites. For dessert, I’ll get the Mountain High Mudpie since it’s going to be a calorie free day anyway!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Dave says:

    Certainly would get a few milkshakes, mmmm Oktoberfest!! Haven’t had a Red Robin burger in years but would sure love to be reintroduced!

  141. Ric Flair says:

    I would buy dinner for The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.


  142. Alex says:

    blue ribbon burger and 3 budweisers.

  143. Jonathan Wayne says:

    A.1 Peppercorn burger, Banzai Burger, the Warm Pretzel Bites and a hot fudge sundae.

  144. Mark says:

    Ocktoberfest burger and milkshake! Also the onion rings that I hear are wicked good. I have never been, but have been trying to fit it in at some point, so I doubt my taste-testing would stop there 🙂 Probably grab a Burnin’ Love for the road. This menu looks great!

  145. PJH says:

    Pub crawl burger with fries and that Sam Adams shake. Sounds like a great meal.

  146. Roger says:

    The Oktoberfest burger and fries and enjoy!

  147. Chris says:

    I’d start with an order of their onion rings (they’re super crunchy) and a Coke to drink. Then I’d have either their A1 Peppercorn Burger (which I’ve had before), or try something new–probably the Burnin’ Love Burger. And I’d probably ending up eating two to three orders of their fries. Love those.

  148. Eric says:

    I would probably get the Oktoberfest burger, just to actually try it out. I would also make sure to try that Sam Adams Oktoberfest milkshake, as Sam Adams Oktoberfest is probably my favorite adult beverage. I guess I would bring someone else as well hah

  149. Amanda says:

    Pretzel bites!! Octoberfest burger (soooo good!). And of course I will be splitting a milkshake with my hubby!

  150. Pig Out says:

    Tavern Double Pig Out style

  151. Allen Tseng says:

    i want it!

  152. david klamar says:

    the A1 Peppercorn burger with some campfire sauce for fries.

  153. Jenny says:

    I would have to try the pretzel bites!

  154. @graciHas says:

    I would take my girlfriend and get her drunk with food!

  155. Missy says:

    I’d buy a yummy milkshake treat and hamburger, of course!

  156. kristin says:

    Whiskey river bbq chicken sandwich and as many of those prezel bites i can buy after that.

  157. Cherie says:

    I’ve never been to Red Robin before, so I’d definitely try that awesome sounding Oktoberfest burger and those yummy pretzel bites! And my husband has been talking about that Sam Adams milkshake for a week, so I’m sure he’d try one of those, too!

  158. Jim says:

    Never been to a Red Robin so I would spend the $25 on the most expensive item there.

  159. Jimmy James says:


    Anyway, I’d probably take the family and most of them would get Fish & Chips (or Salmon and chips). I would probably be a little more adventurous and try the new Pub Burger.

  160. Marie says:

    Start the meal off with pretzel bites, then will try the Oktoberfest Burger and have to have one of their Strawberry Lemonades! Yum!

  161. Jonathan says:

    I would deferentially destroy those pretzel bits as an appetizer, then I would rock that Oktoberfest burger while drinking that Sam Adams shake…my god…

  162. Kyle Terlop says:

    My $25 purchase would consist of those new warm pretzel bites. They sound really good. Plus I’d get a chicken bacon sandwich with their awesome bbq sauce and Onion Straws are always good

  163. E.P. says:

    I’d start with the Three-For-All appetizer plate and then move onto the Red’s Tavern Double. I’d finish with the Mountain High Mudd Pie for dessert. For a beverage, I’d order a vanilla milkshake.

  164. Jon says:

    I’d have to try the Oktoberfest menu for sure!

  165. LivLaughEat says:

    Three-for-all, warm pretzel bites, Octoberfest milkshake, and arctic cod fish and chips. I’m going for the all carb fried fest!

  166. Chris W says:

    My order:
    Double Oktoberfest Burger with extra ham and extra beer mustard onions
    A Sam Adams milkshake
    Pretzel Bites
    Bottomless steak fries with ranch

    a good 3000 calorie affair

  167. Sean says:

    Ocktoberfest Burger, those pretzel bites, and an Oktoberfest beer. Maaaybe I’ll try the milkshake version if I’m feeling adventurous.

  168. Tiny2819 says:

    I would take my mother out, she LOVES Red Robin but we rarely get the opportunity to go. And i’ve been dying to try their macaroni and cheese. yum yum!

  169. Tyler says:

    Ever since you posted that RR has a freaking Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer Milk Shake, I’ve been dying to try one. I mean come on….My favorite beer inside of my favorite desert? LET’S GO!! This would be the perfect thing to wash down a Fiery Ghost Style Tavern Burger.

  170. Jessica says:

    I definitely would get those Warm Pretzel Bites. After that it would depend on my mood, but definitely some parmesan garlic fries and some type of burger.

  171. Nathan says:

    My $25 order would start out with that amazing looking samuel adams autumn float. I would certainly try the pretzel bites, and get a classic Royale Red Robin burger for the main course.

  172. Pete M says:

    I would take my wife out for dinner to celebrate her new promotion.

  173. David says:

    I would go out with my friends on homecoming night in a few weeks to Red Robin, and I’d get the Cluck and Fries and the new pretzel bites with a coke to drink, my absolute favorite place to go with great service. I sometimes have up to 70 dollar bills myself

  174. Daniel says:

    I’d definitely get those pretzel bite things. Anything served with beer mustard sounds good, and mustard on pretzels is something I don’t see enough of in America. Also, anything with grilled or caramelized onions. OH YEAH!

  175. Elise says:

    Definitely want to try the pub crawl style burger, the new pretzel bites, and maybe a boozy shake for dessert. Otherwise a delicious freckled lemonade, plus extra $ to share with whatever lucky person dines with me.

  176. Big Mike says:

    A Fiery Ghost Burger with Pretzel bites and the Sam Adams milkshake. If there’s any cash left over it goes to an onion ring tower.

  177. jon hall says:

    Some pretzel bites and a bacon burger yummmmm

  178. Andrew says:

    I would start with the Fries/Sweet Potato Fries/Onion Straws tripple amazingness platter and then move on to the Whiskey River BBQ Burger and pair that with the Sam Adams Milkshake. That would be more then enough for one sitting, but not being able to resist, I would get an order of Pretzel Bites for the road.

  179. Lochlain says:

    I’d take my girlfriend out, she’d get a salad I’m sure, while I’d get the new octoberfest burger, beer shake, and we’d split some pretzel nuggets. I liked Steak and Shake’s octoberfest burger, I’d like to try Red Robin’s!

  180. Rebecca says:

    My husband would most certainly order the Oktoberfest Burger and Sam Adams milkshake; I would order the Royal Red Robin and those awesome onion rings

  181. maynardb61 says:

    My wife and I just had our 30 year anniversary, but she had to work that day, so a date to Red Robin would help make up for it.

  182. Brian says:

    Burger, onion rings, a dessert with apples

  183. Kevin says:

    Has to be the Whiskey River BBQ burger. The new Pretzel Bites and whatever my girl wants!

  184. Ashley s says:

    I’d get a keep it simple burger with fries and my husband and son would get bacon and cheese. 🙂

  185. VanessaG says:

    I threw a pity party when I didn’t win the last Red Robin giveaway…please pick me! I want to dig in on the new pretzel bites,the Veggieburger and a milkshake the size of my head!! Red Robin rocks!!

  186. Rachel says:

    Love all of those pretzels and the shake! I wouldn’t know what to try first.

  187. Daric says:

    I stand behind similar responses of The Great Trinity: burger, fries, beer.

  188. dillon says:

    Would love to review this

  189. Ryan JP says:

    There is a new Red Robin 20 minutes from my house, the first in the area. Before they moved in, I had never even seen one – although they aired that ridiculously catchy commercial jingle all the time. I’m not exactly sure what their menu consists of, but the Oktoberfest burger in the picture looks mouth-watering, washed down with one of those frosty Sam Adams shakes. I would love to try a few things and report back on my first impressions of the chain!

  190. Mike N. says:

    I’d definately try the new Pub Crawl Style burger, the Pretzel Bites, a side salad (to be healthy 🙂 ) and enough beer to use up the rest of the card!

  191. John says:

    I would love to take my fiance out. There is one by her house and we never saw a reason to go…. NOW I DO SEE A REASON!

  192. pete says:

    start with bacon cheeseburger than tower of onion rings with absoult lemonaide yumm

  193. Cecil says:

    I would start with the GUACAMOLE BACON BURGER ($9.49), add a side of CHEDDAR BACON SKINS ($8.49) with a SCREAMING RED ZOMBIE to wash it down with! I’ve never been to Red Robin, but I am dying to try these items! Plus it’s my birthday on the 25th so this would make a rad birthday dinner 😀

  194. ty says:

    a bunch of fries and the octoberfest burger

  195. Bj says:

    I’ve never been, but pretzel bites and a beer float sound good!

  196. megan says:

    for my fiance’s 28th birthday on October 3, i would love to treat him to his first visit to Red Robin

  197. MrSniffles says:

    I’d start off by trying those new Pretzel Bites, followed by having the good ol’ Whiskey River BBQ burger, and finish with a Mint Brownie Shake. That ought to hit the spot.

  198. Jason says:

    Burgers, shakes and onion rings for me and the lady!

  199. Scrape says:

    Since it is just me…I’ll try to get the most visits out of it. Probably three separate trips for the Tavern Double and fries.

  200. doctorx0079 says:

    Definitely an Oktoberfest burger, onion rings and Sam Adams Octoberfest. But what’s with the Octoberfest Milkshake??? I just don’t get that.

  201. Jessica Olson says:

    Four burgers!

  202. Arian says:

    Straight up gourmet cheeseburger and a mint brownie shake. Can’t forget the bottomless fries….

  203. Russ C. says:

    Ooooh! Ooooh! I wanna try that Oktoberfest Burger!

  204. Jess says:

    I’d get a milkshake. Maybe two. Maybe three. Can I get five milkshakes?

    Ok, so one milkshake. Maybe the Sam Adams one. Maybe the gingerbread one. This time I’d get the Blue Ribbon burger, as-is. My fiance would get that crazy burger with the egg on it, because he’s weird. I’d make fun of him.

    Then we’d go home and complain about being fat.

  205. Nadia says:

    Yumm!!!!! Wanna try that pretzel burger!

  206. Jesica says:

    Those pretzel bites look pretty good to me. I also really like the Bonzai burger. I like to sub out the fries for onion rings. Yum!

  207. Katelyn says:

    I would start with two Oktoberfest Milkshakes and pretzel bites. I would then dip the pretzel bites into said milkshake and enjoy like a high class frosty+french fries combo. Then, move onto seasonal burgers which I would split between boy friend and I in order to taste everything.

    Add on another milkshake as desert (to share…maybe), and make sure to save some pretzel bites for noshing.

  208. tanya says:

    Red Robin used to have a great burger with pastrami on it. Then they stopped making it, so I haven’t been there in at least 10 years. I would take a friend and see what they have.

  209. Jenna says:

    Beer shake, veggie burger with friend jalapenos and pepperjack and American cheese, sweet potato fries, and an onion ring tower!
    And I would bring a friend =)

  210. Natalie says:

    I would buy the teriyaki burger, a milkshake and a salad.

  211. Andy says:

    Bacon cheeseburger, fries and a beer. ONE TICKET TO COLD ONE CITY!

  212. Lucy says:

    burger, fries, beer and their strawberry lemonade.

  213. Jen says:

    Warm pretzel bites and a strawberry shake!

  214. DSizzle says:

    I would get the Oktoberfest Burger….and I would take all the ingredients of said burger and spread them all over my body while I imagined that 10 clones of Christina Hendricks ate the various parts of the burger off my body. I would also probably get some of those pretzel things.

  215. Alec says:

    25 bucks eh? Hmm…

    Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich with a side of Mac & Cheese
    Onion Ring Tower
    Freckled Lemonade

  216. snuff says:

    burgers, fries and shakes. awesome

  217. tabetha says:

    I’ve never been to a Red Robin, but there is one in the next town over. I’d love to try it. I’ll go for the Oktoberfest burger and that beer milkshake looking thing. Interesting!!

  218. Bunny says:

    I would go to Red Robin with my mom for the first time

  219. Claire says:

    I’d love to try the Oktoberfest burger and a vanilla milkshake!

  220. Mary L. says:

    I want to try the pretzel bites, the Sam Adams milkshake, the Oktoberfest burger, and as usual the Banzai burger!

  221. Tina says:

    Onion ring Tower and Sam Adams Octoberfest. Fun night out with friends!! Woo hoo!

  222. Jonathan Schmid says:

    One of everything in that picture! I’ll try to share some with the girlfriend too…

  223. Sean Boyle says:

    Love going to Red Robin! Great food for a reasonable price. I would love to take the family out and have some try the Oktoberfest options.

  224. john smoke says:

    mmmmmmmmm bottom less fries

  225. Dustin H. says:

    I would most definitely try all the new pub-themed menu items, as well as getting the Oktoberfest burger, which I’ve had before and is simply delicious. I want to make a trip to RR very soon!

  226. Mike says:

    Love the Oktoberfest burgers… I’d have to get one of those and a shake.

  227. Brian says:

    Royal Robin burger and pretzel bites…yum!

  228. Jeremy says:

    Beer and Ice Cream…..Heady! To start; Thanks!! Actually I want to take the Pretzel Bites, all hot, Buttery, Slightly Crispy and Chewy with that Sam Adams Shake. I’ll dip my Pretzel Bites into my shake….Damn that sounds good, a Vanilla Beer Dipped Hot Pretzel with Caramel Drizzle….Get On! So thats my starter. Next…Octoberfest Burger, but, with a runny egg on top because; Runny Eggs!! And, it’s Red Robin! Yummmmmmmm!

  229. Brendan says:

    As many burgers as I can eat…

  230. ryan says:

    Oh I so want to try those pretzel bites. This place just started opening around here in Tampa.

  231. Marky90 says:

    A few signature burgers , and a few tall ones.

  232. Rob says:

    It’d be great to take out the family, thanks!

  233. Shannon says:

    Pretzel bites look awesome. I love those.
    California Chicken Sandwich
    Hot fudge Sundae
    Pepsi (Sprite if there is no pepsi)

  234. Phil says:

    Count me in

  235. Bob Smith says:

    Pub Crawl burger and pretzels.

  236. Dave says:

    2 Oktoberfest burgers, a diet coke, and then 20 pounds of fries. With campfire sauce.

  237. Prime Rib Dip, Towering Onion Rings, and a soft drink..

    The pretzel bites though look really tasty.

  238. Trannie says:

    That pub crawl burger looks so good, so good… Man, I’m hungry :S

  239. SL says:

    I would definitely try the Oktoberfest burger, and maybe the Oktoberfest shake too – plus some onion rings and/or fried mushrooms! 😀

  240. PC says:

    I’ve been dying to go to RR, but I can never convince my girlfriend to go. What a better way to get her to go than if I have a gift card!

  241. PF says:

    Keeping it simple: Warm Pretzel Bites to start, New Pub Crawl Style Burger for my main course, and a Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake to finish it off.

  242. Bruce says:

    Went to Red Robin today, and tried the Pub Crawl style and pretzel bites. The pretzel bites were really good. With the gift card I’d get the pretzel bites again, along with the Oktoberfest Burger and milkshake.

  243. Eric G. says:

    Bottomless steak fries 🙂

  244. Adam says:

    Royal Robin burger with an extra egg, some chicken nibblers or wings for some friends and a big shake to dip the endless fries in. Pure deliciousness

  245. Will says:

    Oktoberfest burger with sweet potato fries and a vanilla milkshake.

  246. timothy h. says:

    I think the guacamole bacon burger and an order of towering onion rings would hit the spot.

  247. david says:

    my wife and i could go. she’s never been and be nice to go after winning.

  248. Christopher says:

    I hope I’m not too late! So tasty (Especially the Oktoberfest)

  249. Chris says:

    Oktoberfest burger for sure! Maybe try the pretzel bites too. I’d take my friend.

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