McNuggets Giveaway: 10 Gift Cards Up for Grabs

Who likes McNuggets?  10 gift cards for 10 winners… free 20-count McNuggets.  Leave a comment with your favorite McNuggets memory and I’ll draw 10 random winners on Tuesday. 20 McNuggets

244 comments on “McNuggets Giveaway: 10 Gift Cards Up for Grabs

  1. Josh says:

    Getting into a McNugget fight with my brother at McDonald’s when I was 5 and he was 9. Our mom wouldn’t take us back for like a year.

    • Christine says:

      I love their McNuggets but I always feel like I am at the movies because they taste & smell like movie theater popcorn 🙂

    • Christine says:

      I love their McNuggets but I always feel like I am at the movies because they taste & smell like movie theater popcorn : )

    • Christine says:

      I love their McNuggets but I always feel like I am at the movies because they taste & smell like movie theater popcorn : )

  2. Brian says:

    There was one rogue McDonald’s that my friend and I passed by while on the way home from a varsity tennis team meet that claimed to sell a 50-piece bucket of McNuggets. We obsessed over it for two weeks, and then finally dedicated one day to driving up there. We were almost more excited for the bucket itself than the contents, imaginging what it must look like. Disappointingly, upon arrival we found out they simply crammed 25 nuggets each into two boxes. We had no choice but to still purchase it, and we drove home ill and let-down. Yet, yes, my favorite memory, haha.

  3. Jay Isenberg says:

    McNuggets came out when I was still young, 11-12 years old. Eating McNuggets with honey was heaven. The honey almost made them like candy. Back then a picky eating kid eating chicken seemed healthy. I blame mom and Ronald for letting me at all those fried pieces smothered in fattening honey. Husky boy out.

  4. Alex Jordan says:

    I remember the first time I ever tried mcnuggets when I was five years old. It was back when they were awesome! Before the healthy white meat ones. Anyway all I remember was I never got another hamburger at McDonald’s after that. However, I still love going for a mcnugget run when we’ve all been drinking too much… May be the healthier white meat but still bomb drunk munchies!!!!

  5. Regina s says:

    getting nuggets and fries after doctor visits as a child. with my mom.

  6. Tyler M. says:

    McNuggets in my happy meal as a kid with sweet and sour sauce. Couldn’t get any better than that.

  7. Super Eric says:

    Favorite McNuggets memory? Many, many years ago when I decided that I liked the boot-shaped nuggets over the shield-shaped ones.

  8. attgig says:

    during one of their 20 piece chicken nugget deals, getting 5 boxes with 2 other friends and chowing down. very satisfying.

  9. Richard Kirkland says:

    Soooo many McNugget memories, but I guess my favorite is the time when I ordered a 10 and only got a 6, which netted me after complaints to 16 nuggets. Oh yeah!

  10. ChrisSh says:

    Fall 2004. Senior season on the high school football team. We needed to win our final game to have a shot at the playoffs. Things went, well, not so well. After the game, some friends and I went to McDonalds to drown our sorrows McDonalds style. I got not one, but two 20 piece McNuggets. I had to share the last few, but their deliciousness helped me to forget our earlier defeat.

  11. SLR says:

    It may be recent, but this past Halloween was a good one.

    This Halloween also happened to be my good friend’s 21st birthday. His roommate lured him out to get McD’s while the rest of us set up his surprise party. When he came in, not only did we give him a good scare, but he managed to throw 40 mcnuggets into the air with some fries. I think the tally was 38 found when we last discussed it.

  12. Scrape says:

    They don’t label all the ingredients…the one missing is crack. No words can describe just how awesome McNuggets are. I do miss the dark meat ones though, they were even more flavorful. And I could drink the sweet and sour sauce. Luckly my McD’s has it out with the ketchup, tartar, and BBQ sauces in pumps, so I can has as much as I like. Try it with the fries…you’ll never use ketchup again.

  13. Steph says:

    My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up so McDonalds was a special treat. My mom always got chicken nuggets with hot mustard dipping sauce, and I would share with her. Even now chicken nuggets and fries with hot mustard dipping sauce are a couple of the only things I like from McDonalds.

  14. TJ says:

    I love chicken McNuggets. My favorite memory is always the most recent time I ate them… so about a week ago I guess.

  15. Brian L says:

    My favorite memory…when McNuggets weren’t advertised as made with white meat. They were a distinct shade of white and I always thought they were like that as a kid. Didn’t come to the realization til recently. But I still eat em’.

  16. Rich says:

    My favorite chicken nugget memory was when I was 8 years old. It was the only time where I had my birthday take place inside of Mcdonalds due to the play pen mcdonalds had. Remembering having four chicken nuggets and remembering how good it was with the honey mustard sauce. Sweet memories. : (

  17. Jeff says:

    I was allowed to have my first 20 piece the day I graduated elementary school. Good times.

  18. Chris says:

    Loved coming home from school to a McNuggets Value Meal and some Saved by the Bell re-runs!

  19. michelle says:

    My favorite McNugget memory was when my 4 year old daughter asked me, “Momma, what part of the chicken do Mcnuggets come from?” lol

  20. Abel says:

    I remember when they used to come in styrofoam boxes and they weren’t all white meat.

  21. chris says:

    Any time I have split a 20 piece with my best friend after a long night at work is a good one.

  22. Esther says:

    aw man I used to get mcnuggets all the time as a kid. I have vivid memories of being in our minivan with my mom and brother and getting really excited because we were going to mcdonalds :’)

  23. bennett says:

    Getting wasted, eating 4 of 20, waking up to 16 underneath me, share them with gf to cure hangover.

  24. Jeffrey Wallace says:

    My favorite McNuggets memory was when they began selling 20 of them for $4.99. Seemed like a good deal, so I went for it…. they were very addicting to the point where I couldn’t share, especially with buffalo sauce.

  25. HelloKate says:

    As a kid, mom rarely bought fast food. We never cared for the standard burgers, etc. But when she did and got McNuggets, I always thought it was a treat.

  26. Carlie says:

    My favorite mcnug memory is when they had the sweet chili dipping sauce, it’s like sweet and sour but with some spicy! So delicious

  27. Carlie barber says:

    My favorite mcnug memory is when they had the sweet chili dipping sauce, it’s like sweet and sour but with some spicy! So delicious!!

  28. B.K. says:

    Munching on a pack of McNuggets in the car on the way to play practice in 5th grade. Good times.

  29. Julien says:

    I once went to McDonald’s and ordered a 10-piece. I got the 20-piece hookup. I mentioned it. The cashier said I could keep them. It was the best… day… ever. True story.

  30. sortov says:

    Buying them after growing up and buying 20 one time and not being able to finish them. I underestimated them. Got every sauce they had. A good day

  31. mattinthehatt says:

    I remember when they added the asian inspired sauces. We never ate Chinese growing up. To a child me they seemed so exotic

  32. Mark says:

    I have no Mcnugget memories, as McDonalds is our intoxicated food.

  33. Steven L says:

    Favorite memory, hands down: 10th grade McNugget eating contest at a pit stop on the way back from end of term trip to Yosemite. The class ate every McNugget the McDonald’s had (or so we were told).

  34. Dave says:

    My favorite McNugget’s memory would be a McNugget eating contest with friends.

  35. Jennie says:

    my favorite memory is picking out all the dark meat nuggets to eat and giving my cousin the white meat nuggets that i didn’t like… love chicken nuggets!!

  36. NHL Lockout says:

    Coming back from class to see boxes of free nuggets compliments of two friends each failing 50 McNugget challenges. However after shoving a dozen down my gullet I realized McNuggets fall victim to a common fast food issue, once cold it’s disgusting.

  37. Jessica says:

    My parents were away for a two week cruise when I was about 6 and my aunt came down to stay with me. I ate chicken mcnuggets for 2 weeks straight. It was a 6 year old’s dream.

  38. jamesela78 says:

    I remember eating Chicken McNuggets with chopsticks when I was a kid. There was some kind of promotion where you got chopsticks and the new dipping sauces with McNuggets. I believe they also came with a fortune cookie.

  39. Nick R. says:

    One time I took my kids to mcdonalds and all 3 of us got nuggets. And when we looked at them they had shorted us all 1 each. Going to the counter I was expecting 3 nuggets but instead they gave us all brand new packs and let us keep what we had. I had to say that was a great chicken mcnugget filled day! 🙂

  40. Sherry says:

    6 years ago I was working at a daycare when I had to watch one of my 4 year olds eat the Happy Meal her mother dropped off for her while everyone else was out at recess. It took her literally the whole half hour to eat 4 nuggets!! She would take the tiniest bites and dip them in her sweet n sour sauce inbetween each bite. She looked so happy and it smelled SO GOOD and took her so long… it was like torture. I actually sat on my hands so I wouldn’t reach over and steal one. I hadn’t had nuggets for at least 5 years before that. You can guess the first thing I did when I got off work. Even telling this story now, I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

  41. My favorite mcnugget memory is eating them as a kid and getting to play in the ball pit play area thing after.

  42. Lap says:

    The last one I had was eating them while on the way to visit The Alamo.

  43. Todd says:

    My faborite memory is when I worked at McD’s and a manager would always say “drop me 50 nuggets” right before closing time. Most times he’d take them home with him but sometimes he’d have us drop 100 and let us take some hime.

  44. Rachel says:

    I remember before they bleached the meat white it had chunks of grey stuff and it tasted awesome!

  45. Dave says:

    I love McNuggets,Reminds me of my childhood when I didn’t care about my waistline.

  46. Chris says:

    I remember one time me and my buddy were travelling down south and we stopped at a McDonalds to fuel up real fast. We put our order in for 20 chicken mcnuggets and picked it up in the drive thru. When I looked in the bag, they had two containers that said 10 chicken McNuggets. “That’s fine” I thought, since we were going to split them anyway. I open the first one and it has ten in it, and when I open the second one, to my surprise, there’s a cheeseburger in there. Not a few nuggets and a cheeseburger, just a cheeseburger. It was even wrapped! So I’m guessing they didn’t have enough nuggets for the order, and didn’t want to make us wait, so their solution was to give us something completely different that wasn’t even the same meat (I use the term meat loosely at McDonald’s) If I got the gift card, I’d use it to replace those ten chicken nuggets we never got to enjoy.

  47. well versed says:

    I always get McNuggets during Monopoly, I won some fries once. Great memory!

  48. Ljay says:

    Ah yes. McNuggets. In 1980 or ’81 I was working at one of the first McDonalds in the country to get the McNugget.

    IMO, it was a much better product then the current, all white meat McNugget primarily because the current product is terribly dry compared to the original. But my son loves the current product so there you go.

  49. Timothy H. says:

    I love Mcnuggets anyway i can get ’em…but 20 just isn’t enough.By far the best fast food nuggets, just like their french fries.

  50. jd says:

    love em but never but them….actually my favorite is using a different sauce for each nugget i’d love to win em

  51. jd says:

    fav memory? eating them at kids night when i was a kid….went every single tuesday!

  52. Michael says:

    I used to love sorting them by shape when I was a kid in the 80’s, because some shapes were always white meat and some weren’t! They were so much better back then xD

  53. Daniel says:

    20 years or so ago, back when McNuggets still had some gray in them, I remember being my favorite go-to item at McDonalds. I don’t even remember if they offered them in the Happy Meal then, but I assume they did. For some reason I would forgo the usual dipping sauces and dip them in little honey packets they had when I went with my mom.

    Pretty gross to think about now, actually. Still like the memory though. These days I usually go with either the standard BBQ sauce or Hot Mustard.

  54. Ben says:

    When our three kids were young and we could barely afford things, much less eating out, McNuggets saved us. We would eat out once or twice a month. We couldn’t afford happy meals. But we could buy a 20 Piece, supersize (before that size was axed) fries & drink and then go to the park with our kids. They (now college aged) still share and make sure everyone has equal portions when we get together to eat and play poker. They have no idea that attitude came from everyone getting 5 nuggets and counting out the fries at a picnic table in the park. I miss that & I miss supersize…

  55. Jim says:

    My sister and i used to sort and trade our nuggets, round for the boot shaped ones, straight up!

  56. My memory involves McDonaldland. I miss the McNugget characters. Especially the Halloween toys.

  57. Melanie says:

    My favorite mcnugget memory would have to be the basketball playing chicken mcnuggets commercial. I especially enjoyed when 4 of them “dunked” themselves in the bbq sauce.

  58. Sherry says:

    I actually never had a McNugget until this year. I’ve had McDonald’s chicken strips and I’ve had normal chicken nuggets before but never a McDonald’s McNugget until this year. They were doing the Monopoly promotion and if you get the 20 pieces for $4.99, you get four stamps and I decided to try it out.

    And that started my two week, 20 pieces of McNuggets every other day spree. I couldn’t get enough of it! It was so good and the sauces were amazing and I went a bit insane there. I think I ended up gaining 5lbs after that… Anyway, when I finally emerged for air and I realized what had happened, I was justifiably horrified. So I stopped, cold turkey and haven’t had any since.

    But I’ve got to admit, I do still crave it… How are they so delicious??? ><

  59. Santiago C says:

    When I was a little kid I was never allowed to eat McDonalds on a regular basis. Every time I would get the flu, I wouldn’t eat very much so my mom would tell me that I could eat absolutely anything, as long as I ate something. I would always take advantage of this situation to eat McNuggets.

    Needless to say, I actually looked forward to getting sick.

  60. Eva says:

    McNugget memory? Hmmm I remember having them lots of times but I can’t say I have an interesting story to tell

  61. kyndra says:

    i remember sharing 10 piece mcnuggets with my grandpa. he’d always let me pick out the five i wanted first.

    love that old man 🙂

  62. Mary says:

    When I was pregnant with my first child, I traveled to Portugal in my first trimester. I was nauseous and couldn’t tolerate the local food. Then my husband managed to locate a McDonald’s and I was so thrilled to eat mcnuggets! It was the only food I was able to keep down for days.

  63. Nikki G says:

    While I can appreciate a chicken nugget from time to time (love McD’s honey mustard sauce!), it is my husband who loves them! I will think of him when I see someone eating chicken nuggets with the McDs sweet and sour sauce.

  64. Emawk says:

    My favorite memory is the first time I ever had McNuggets. It was definitely an interesting experience for a little kid but I loved the portability of them.

  65. Courtney S says:

    My favorite memory was when I was five, my mom took me for lunch, drive thru, and when we got home, realized she didn’t have her house keys. So I got to eat my McNugget Happy Meal on the porch while watching my mom shimmy through a window, breaking into our house. Also being told to, in no way, ever let my dad know it happened.

  66. Katie M says:

    In high school a big group would go to McDonalds after basketball games. The guys would have chicken nuggets eating contests while the gals dipped french fries in their ice cream cones. Fun times.

  67. Michael says:

    Do you remember when you could have your birthday at McDonald’s? I was one of those kids who was lucky enough to have one and it was a very memorable day with screaming kids, presents, and chicken nuggets.

  68. AmyJ says:

    Mine would have to be discovering their barbecue sauce is my favorite of any fast food place, that and making naked nuggets by eating the easily separatable crust off first!

  69. Keiko says:

    Favorite McNuggets memory… Ordering the 4 pc. and getting 6.

  70. Andrew Fitzgerald says:

    The time mcdonalds gave me the wrong order…it ended up being 50 mcnuggets. I told them and they let me keep them. Best day ever.

  71. Katie says:

    6 pc Happy Meal with sweet n sour sauce and that ultra sweet H-C orange drink on sick days home from school, good times…well good considering we were sick.

  72. Bj says:

    My grandmother taught me how much better honey was than ketchup, in the mcnugget dipping world. Still one of my favorite memories of her.

  73. Tammy says:

    I remember loading my boys in the Tahoe, getting them their nuggets on our way to the tree lot to choose that special one! The best times though is when there was an extra nugget tossed in. They always shared it with mom! They’re now generous and giving adults!

  74. Stephen says:

    My greatest memory was the boot shape. They haven’t changed the mould in decades! Is that shape patented?

  75. Justin ST says:

    When I was six, I lived overseas, where there were no McDonald’s, hard to believe. I came to visit my grandmother in New York City, and had McNuggets. I couldn’t tell you how good they tasted back then. It was like lobster for children. Now, I live in America and can have nuggets all the time, lol. I still enjoy it from time to time, but I liked the old ones more, even if they did have cartilage in them sometime.

  76. Rich says:

    Discovering how much better the sweet n sour is over the bbq sauce.

  77. satyr says:

    This isn’t a past memory, but one that I live a few times a week. We have a child that was diagnosed with Autism recently. One of the traits of this condition is the child having a very picky appetite that they don’t stray far from. One of my son’s favorites is McNuggets, and to see him beam and light up every time he gets them makes for very fond memories!

  78. Anthony R. says:

    Two words. McNugget Buddies. 🙂

  79. tehbull says:

    We tried the 60 nuggets in 60 minutes challenge at work. The rest of the night was real bad. Those things add up super quick.

  80. Jennifer says:

    Going to “Mickey D’s” after church with my peeps as a pre-teen and ordering Chicken Nuggets with Sweat & Sour.

  81. Jason says:

    16 yrs old,, after Aerosmith concert-Knoxville TN 1990, ate a 10 piece and a vanilla milkshake…very dehydrated after concert and ended up heaving in the bathroom…it was like yacking a sock full of double A batteries….oh the memories!

  82. Catherine says:

    My favorite nuggets memory … the first time I had them! I was a little kid when they came out. Compared to the bland chicken we had at home, the nuggets were heavenly!

  83. Kevin Supplee Jr says:

    getting my first box of 20 nuggets all for myself

  84. Brad says:

    that time I ate them and my hunger was satisfied. man, memories

  85. daniel n says:

    It’s been like 15 years since I had chicken nuggets but I remember when I was a child that was the only thing I would eat at McDonald’s. Help me remember my very early childhood and give me some free nuggets!

  86. Alex K. says:

    Trying them with the spicy picante sauce packets. Pretty sweeeet.

  87. Jennifer says:

    We rarely got McDonalds when I was a kid, but one of the few times we went, I got chicken nuggets. Upon biting into my first one I finally lost the loose tooth that had been dangling for so long. So not only did I enjoy McDonalds that day, I also got a visit from the tooth fairy that night!

  88. Eric Smith says:

    The four piece pack I had with the Happy Meal purchased recently. Drizzled with honey…so good.

  89. Michael says:

    Sorting them by shape to separate the dark meat pieces from white meat ones as a kid in the 80’s. McNuggets were so much better back then!

  90. Jim says:

    I remember never getting enough sauce whenever I got McNuggets.

  91. Gaius says:

    Bringing nuggets to school and having everybody ask me for a nugget.

  92. BlueWingX says:

    My favorite memory comes from back in the 80’s when they did the Asian sauce promo with the chopsticks. The commercial they ran for it showed someone skewering enough nuggets to dip in all the sauces at the same time. Well, that just looked like the coolest idea ever, so when we eventually got some nuggets, I tried it. You may have guessed, like so many childhood plans, it didn’t turn out as planned. The sauces ended up dripping everywhere, and my mom told me never to try it again. Oh well. The nuggets were still delicious.

  93. Kat B. says:

    As a kid and now as an adult still…to this day, sharing the 20 piece McNuggets- but obsessively picking out the boot shaped nuggets for maximum dipping, always bbq and hot mustard sauces. YUM!

  94. Noodlez says:

    My fav memory would be, when you could still get honey for a dipping sauce.

  95. Dante says:

    I would dip my nugget in sweet chilli and be like, dats some good nuggy.

  96. Lauren says:

    We went every weekend to McDonalds because my father didn’t know how to prepare food for us that we would eat as kids. My favorite memory is then sitting at the table with my brother and dad–he would open the nugget box, pour the fries in the other side, and then open the BBQ boxes (which make that little noise) and set out all the food for us. He would open the milk and make sure we drank it all–or we wouldn’t grow big and strong. He couldn’t ‘make’ us food, and it was probably back when the nuggets were not the best chicken, but he did everything he could to provide a quality lunch.

    (To this day I have actually never had a burger because even as a kid I loved the McNuggets so much.)

  97. Kaz says:

    My memory was when I worked at McD’s and the customer wanted a a 20 piece of white meat only nuggets. This was is 96′ when they the nuggets were mixed. So we had to cook a new batch and figure out which ones were white meat.

  98. Abby says:

    Ahhh the chipotle is so freaking good

  99. Mike says:

    About 3 years ago I ordered a 6 piece. I opened the box to find only 5 nuggets. I went back up to the counter and instead of replacing the missing nugget, they upgraded me to a 10 piece!

  100. Todd says:

    My favorite memory would have to be when I was in 8th grade. My teacher brought in McNuggets for lunch for everyone in my class.

  101. Jeff O says:

    My favorite McNugget memory is chopping up several at home to make an impromptu Chinese Chicken Salad rather than having a protein-less lettuce salad.

  102. Ric Flair says:


  103. Melissa N. says:

    Today, when my husband bought me McD’s to cure my hangover and I shared a 20 piece McNuggets with mah dog.

  104. Al says:

    my favorite memory is having a mcnugget eating competition with my friends. the winner ate 100 nuggets, it was kind of disgusting, but cool.

  105. pete says:

    worked at micky d’s as a kid.only reason i stayed was i had unfetred aaccess to the nuggets.would eat as many expired nuggets as i could never got tired of those delicious fried treats

  106. Ashley says:

    my favorite mcnugget memory is all the toys I used to get from the kids meals. I had two boxes full… yeah my mother couldn’t cook.

  107. Danny says:

    50 nugget challenge…. bad idea.

  108. Raiders757 says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for McNuggets. I would say my favorite memories are from the 80s when McDonald’s ran the Shanghai McNuggets campaign. They came with a tasty oriental sauce of your choosing and chop sticks. Some locations even had their cashiers wear one of those round Chinese hats.

  109. Ashley H says:

    I would always have to share my nuggets with my brother. He would always order a burger and want 2 of my nuggets. It was ok because I would always steal some of his fries :).

  110. John Smoke says:

    I mcmember every single mcnugget like its my last. going out with the family and getting 3 boxes of 20 and just munching down.

  111. Nick says:

    Before they were “all white meat” my sister and I would eat off all of the breading and gradually pick them apart. I managed to convince her that the occasional translucent piece of gristle was actually a chicken eyeball. I was a good brother. 🙂

  112. Jimmytheface says:

    My favorite Mcnuggets memory was trying them for the first time at Expo ’86 in Vancouver, B.C. I remember dipping them in ketchup!

  113. Justin H says:

    I remember when I was like five or six and I went to sleep and woke up with a kids meal next to my head in my room. I was hungry, but I had to poop too, so I took them in the bathroom with me. When I come out my uncle sees me with a box of chicken mcnuggets and a puzzled look on his face.

  114. Shannon says:

    When I was younger, I’d go through phases where I’d only eat the oval ones, or the square ones. But never both.

  115. Emily says:

    We rarely got McNuggets as kids since my parents believed that they could make better. Sorry, but baking bits of chicken coated with crushed cornflakes doesn’t quite compare to a true McDonald’s nugget.

  116. Justin says:

    Easy – eating McNuggets Shanghai with chopsticks.

  117. Starkzilla says:

    The last time I’d enjoyed eating McNuggets was when my dad passed away my senior year of high school, back in 2001, after many years of him taking me out every Sunday morning for my happy meal of choice (said nuggets). I still remember the last time we went out together, buying me the same meal even though I was a teenager at that point, and now when I buy them for myself these days I take a moment to reflect upon that childhood memory.

  118. david says:

    I like them.

  119. Steve L says:

    Driving with some buddies while in High School. Probably going to to the local or mall or something. We had a TON of nuggets in the car. We kinda went over board with the buying due to triple dog dare challenges. We ate them in the process of driving the 40 min trip to the mall. Once we got there, we were so sick from over stuffing ourselves from nuggets we had to turn back.

  120. Phaet says:

    Back when these thingers came in white meat and dark meat, I used to open them open at the center to see which kind they were, and toss the dark meat. If I was in the mood for 9 white meat nuggets I’d have to order 20 to get my ‘picky’ on, and due to the stares and glares from my friends I stopped ordering the nuggets. 🙁

  121. cb says:

    I remember probably 10 years ago mowing on 20pc mcnuggets for 2.99. So good!

  122. Robert says:

    The day I got out of basic training like I ate about 20 of those things and they never tasted better.

  123. rodney hobbs says:

    there are way too many mcnugget memories for me to even recall

  124. cb says:

    I remember when a 20pc was 2.99. So good!

  125. Gerry says:

    my little brother spilled honey mustard on himself one time, and i was crying in laughter for a solid 5 min….good times

  126. Benjamin says:

    When my 3 kids were toddlers we couldn’t afford much. Eating out was a 20-piece Nuggets with a Super-sized fries and drink once or twice a month. We would take it to the park and let the kids play after we ate. They would make sure everyone had the same number of nuggets and fries. Now, when my college-aged kids come over, I bet they don’t even remember how McD’s contributed to their good relationship with each other…

  127. Aimee says:

    Pounding down a 20-piecer, a super-size fries, and a Diet Coke…followed by a McFlurry. So, I was ill for the next two days, but darn those nuggets are tasty!!! 🙂

  128. Raymonster says:

    My favorite MoDonald’s memory growing up, was sharing McNuggets with my little sister. We would take French Fries and give the nuggets little legs, and then herd them into our mouths. (One by one of course!) Mom thought were nuts but it made for memorable dinners.

  129. Adam says:

    I just bought these on Thursday. Same as i remembered from when i was little and got them in happy meals

  130. emily says:

    I have never had McNuggets 🙁 I feel like a terrible person. Maybe next time 🙂

  131. Pete M says:

    20pc box brings back great memories of those long gaming sessions!

  132. Jeff in Middletucky says:

    My favorite McNugget memory was waaaaay back in the summer of 1989, when I worked, for all of a month, at McD’s. As a n00b, I was placed at the McChicken/McNugget station, which consisted of ripping open bags of frozen chicken product when told, dumping it in the fryolator, then placing dumping them in a warming bin to hold for – as I recall – 20 minutes. Well. Whenever the 20 minutes was up, I theoretically had to dump those McNuggets. But do you think I actually did? Oh, no sir! I mean, certainly a few would make their way to the refuse receptacle, but the majority I would surreptitiously (and quickly) stuff into my hungry teenaged maw.

  133. MityouG says:

    My best nugget memory was trying to collect all the early 90’s dress-up Halloween toys.

  134. MuLy says:

    Having my first mcnugget in Singapore along with the awesome curry sauce. nom nom nom =]

  135. Aaron says:

    Collecting the Batman Forever glass mugs with mcnugg happy meals

  136. Brian Aguirre says:

    I love chicken mcnuggets and sharing them with friends.

  137. bumiboom says:

    A memory would have to be when I was little carefully pealing the skin from the meat inside ad eating them separate. weird yes… but in order for me to eat them it had to be this way.

  138. VanessaG says:

    I have many mcnugget memories as a kid and adult. My favorite is this past summer babysitting my 3 yr old niece. We drove by McDonalds after church and she says “Hey Nessa, how bought one of those happy meals!? She had never had one, so I was surprised she asked. I live to spoil her, and so we went right through the drive through to get a nugget happy meal. She devoured it when we got home. Now, everytime I keep her she asks to go…and I do. 🙂

  139. Erik K says:

    I remember being in HS, late 80s, attending 2 a day summer football practices. We’d walk to McDs at lunch, and as a good offensive lineman, I’d get a solid 9 piece, 2 BBQ, 1 Sweet and Sour, meal. To finish it off, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s on the way back. If it was over 90, odds are this wouldn’t last long in the tummy. I alternated with a McDlt, u know, for those days when i wanted to keep the cold side cold…

  140. Briteeni says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers, but eons ago they used to have dark meat mcnuggets. Normally you’d get like one or two with a 6-piece and boy were they a special treat. As a child, I’d break all my nuggets in half and eat the dark meat nuggets last. *Basks in nostalgia while drooling*

  141. Jim says:

    I loved fighting with my sisters over the shapes

  142. Briteeni says:

    Also when they didn’t charge extra for more sauce, I’d OD on their bbq sauce using one container per two nuggets. Fatso Mcfattypants.

  143. snuff says:

    i was on a college trip in DC and was at the hotel getting hungry but no form of transportation available that i wanted to take advantage of. the only place nearby was mcdonalds. at the time 20 piece mcnuggets were $7 normally but here they were $5 so i got some and was also able to get as much bbq sauce i wanted which is my favorite part about the meal.

  144. Austin S says:

    I loved tearing them to tiny bits then nomming on the bits. It was the classic kids fallacy. Still kinda miss it.

  145. jill n. says:

    Eating chicken nuggets and honey with my grandpa after school!

  146. Elise says:

    Easily my favorite nuggets memory was January 1st 2012. My boyfriend and were exhausted and hungover after a long night of partying and walking 3.8 miles back to my house from the brewery in the snow and for me, 5 inch heels. So clearly the best option for brunch was McDonalds’ offering of deals on 20 mcnuggets. We obviously got a box of 20 for each. I pitifully nibbled on maybe 5 plus some fries, as I am not a great hungover eater. My boyfriend gleefully scarfed down all 20 of his nuggets, plus fries and a large sprite… in about 15 minutes. Maybe. Probably less time than that. I do not believe I am a talented enough wordsmith to truly craft how hilarious the side effects were to me, and equally as disastrous to him. Needless to say, we did not make another big McDonald’s trip for a while. Well, he didn’t.
    He also eats them “dry”, like some kind of commie freak.

  147. cp3 says:

    My best mcnugget memory would have to be all the times I would get the nuggets in the kids meal bag. I would not only scarf down the nuggets but finish the maze they had on each bag in 15 seconds. Ha!

  148. Rob Johnson says:

    I have never used any other sauce than sweet and sour for my McNuggets. #True

  149. squibby says:

    My favorite McNuggets memory is from a TV personality, maybe Tom Snyder, who said, they contained nary a whisper of chicken. Maybe true, but they’re uniquely delicious.

  150. Mike P says:

    Used to work at the Arches, every time I’d walk past the grill would have to grab a quick handful from the tray 🙂

  151. Alex says:

    A McNugget once saved me from a burning building.

  152. Vic says:

    Definitely the time 3 friends and I ordered 100 McNuggets, which we ate in less than 5 minutes.

  153. John Kim says:

    Doin the 50 chicken mcnugget challenge w/ my friends from back home. Many were felled from the dreaded “meat fever.”

  154. Sleep says:

    I remember being a kid (11 or 12) and polishing off a 20-piece McNugget box while sitting alone in my basement and watching tv in the dark. A sad yet happy memory of mine lol

  155. AlexK says:

    When I was 15 and working at McDonald’s I would use my discount to purchase 2 20 piece boxes once a week to share with my brother after work. I’m sure that took years off my life but it was one of the few perks of working there.

  156. David says:

    I love eating the boot-shaped mcnuggets the best! They are perfect for dunking!

  157. TheWarden says:

    Boy, I guess my best McNugget memory would be the birthday parties at McD when I was just a wee lad. Anybody else have those like 15-25 years ago? I don’t think they do them anymore…

  158. Kyle says:

    Oh the good old days when the chicken mcnuggets were 4 for $1

  159. Brian says:

    At 3 in the morning on a cross-country drive, a “24-hour” McDonald’s near a truck stop only served hamburger/ cheeseburgers, McNuggets, and soda. 4 of us finished 200 McNuggets by 7:59 am.

  160. Berroci says:

    Divine McNugget, o blithe spirit!
    Fried bird that cries amid the alien scorn
    Of those who, deceived, would ne’er come near it –
    They palaver of MSM, of chemicals ne’er born
    In nature’s soil; but these coxcombs who fear it
    Do (when alone) partake oft of its delights,
    Its toothsome crust, its juicy middle
    Its quantities (4, 6, 10, 20) enough for all appetites;
    And when it is dip’d in sauce a little,
    A sour visage turns forthwith sweet.
    McNugget, live on! Be eaten sauced or neat!
    My faith in ye is as firm as a McDonald’s seat.

  161. Heidi says:

    I loved eating my share of McNugget kids meals while my Dad & I were on a quest to get all the mini Beanie Babies!

  162. Wilson T says:

    Sophomore year of college.. me and 2 housemates, 5 boxes of Chicken Nuggets.. woke up the next day hungover.

  163. Mehu says:

    I remember being a kid and picking the nuggets because I loved he bbq

  164. Marky90 says:

    Having only a few bucks in my pocket and sharing some with a good friend after a cold day delivering newspapers back in the day.. We would walk in at 10:29 and wait for them to be ready!

  165. Sheila T. says:

    When I was a kid, I hated eating beef. So I refused to eat hamburgers from McDonald’s or anywhere else. As such, I always got the chicken McNuggets when my family went to McDonald’s. So all of my early memories of McDonald’s have McNuggets in them. Since I wasn’t a huge fan of fries either, I’d often trade fries for some of my sister’s McNuggets if she got them instead of a hamburger.

  166. JF says:

    Don’t really have any McNugget memories. It’s been so long since I’ve had one, I can’t even remember when that was. I do know I got turned off when I first heard about how they were made (the original McNuggets) and while I know they changed that, and they actually do look pretty good, haven’t tried them since.

    I’m actually more interested in trying some of the new sauces and these would be perfect to dip in them.

  167. Jessica O. says:

    Ordering a 20-piece McNuggets when I was 12 and on a church retreat, then realizing what a mistake I had made…

  168. kiki says:

    I remember throwing an impromptu surprise quasi birthday party for a friend the night he came back from out of town over spring break. In between working late that night and sneaking in all of our friends into my apartment I only had time to get a 50 piece chicken nugget and fries for party noms. Went over fantastically 🙂 As for sauce…ALL the sauce! I love to mix and match ’em lol.

  169. Quinn says:

    My favorite memory is the 1980s chicken mcnugget commercials when they were dressed up as people.

  170. Arian says:

    A period of time where my cousin would eat ONLY mcnuggets and nothing else.

  171. Ricky says:

    Around 10 years old my friends mother would spent bank at mcdonalds and her older son always devoured a 20 peice McNugget.

  172. Philip says:

    I remember riding my bike with a buddy in early high school and stopping at a McDonald’s on the way home after a hard work out. The windows were promotion new 50 piece McNuggets so naturally we each got one and ruined all of the hard exercise work. You better believe I tried hard to finish that box.

  173. Jake says:

    They were my favorite meal as a kid and I still like them now. When I was young I didn’t like a lot of stuff common in fast food items like onions, lettuce, mayo, and so on. The nuggets were a simple choice and a good one. I miss the old nuggets (used dark meat), they tasted better than the present ones.

  174. Nichol Perez says:

    When we were treated to McDonald’s I would always ask for a 20 piece and would have to share with my sister. I knew we had to split it but I would always try to sneak an extra nugget when she wasn’t looking or lost count. We always had to have sweet and sour sauce as well. I love the new sauces now too.

  175. Connor mahony says:

    I remember going out for McNuggets with my grandfather every Saturday when I was 5 after he would undergo his chemotherapy. It’s my last memory of him before he deteriorated

  176. Jenne says:

    I remember when they first came out, they were so good that they were the only thing I’d order at McDonald’s for years. When my stepdad first started dating my mom, he’d bring McNuggets automatically cuz he knew those would make me happy.

  177. Nora says:

    Watching the puppet McNuggets sing on TV and then begging to go to McDonald’s to get some with sweet and sour sauce.

  178. Loch says:

    I’d say any rare time I could get McNuggets is my favorite memory! My father was cheap and I was not allowed the extra quarter for the nuggets happy meal! (Cheese had to be kraft from home, as well!)

    They’re not quite as special anymore, but the local McD’s has them 4 for a dollar, so I usually pick them up whenever I go there. At least, anytime after the recipe change. I wasn’t a huge fan of the old McNuggets

  179. jenny says:

    I LOVE Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets! Before they came out with the Ranch dipping sauce I would take Ranch from my fridge and use it as my dip. Ever since I was introduced to the nuggets as a kid getting them in my happy meal I still order them every time I go!

  180. Koni says:

    Definitely having McNuggets in China. A taste of home. 🙂

  181. Stew says:

    I remember when the 6-piece McNuggets were a dollar and eating a couple of them on my lunch break from work every single day.

  182. Mandy Blank says:

    I was a VERY picky eater as a child and wouldn’t even touch them growing up. Now I love them. I wonder why I was such a strange kid!

  183. Brian says:

    Nothing better than a McRib and chicken nuggets! Tis the season to be fat and jolly ho ho ho!!

  184. Mike N. says:

    McNuggets are great grubbing-on-the-go. I don’t usually eat while driving, but McNuggets are great while cruising down the highway.

  185. krisk says:

    I actually can’t remember the last time I had a McNugget but they sound really tasty right now!

  186. Jeff says:

    McNuggets with chopsticks!

  187. Melissa V. says:

    Having to share my nuggets with my 7 siblings on a cross-country car ride!

  188. Patrick says:

    I liked them a little bit better when they had dark meat in them. But I would get them in my Happy Meal back in the 80s.

  189. Jenny says:

    I was a vegetarian for 10 years. One of the things I missed the most was McNuggets!

  190. Amanda says:

    My favorite McNugget memory is getting the plastic nugget toys in the happy meals and playing with them while eating my actual McNuggets. I think I even had a pirate.

  191. Adam says:

    McNuggets with fresh fries and hot mustard is a near perfect food combination.

  192. Ray says:

    My favorite nugget realated memory is my 5 year old son playing around with his happy meal and creating the “nugget sandwich”: 2 nuggets with an apple slice between them. Out of curiosity, I had to try this for myself and it’s actually not a bad combination. I still prefer mine with sweet chili sauce, though.

  193. Kenny says:

    Stealing them at work.

  194. Ted says:

    I remember bringing a 20 piece to a Super Bowl party one. The host kinda looked at me funny for bringing them, but they were the fastest eaten!!

  195. LivLaughEat says:

    Every Sunday my extended family (~30 people) would have lunch together at a nearby McDonalds after church. I had perfected the art of differentiating between dark meat and white meat nuggets. I would hop from table to table picking out only the best dark meat nuggets from each box.

  196. Sean G says:

    Always coming up with different ways to trick my little brother in to giving me one of his mcnuggets as kids

  197. Helldog says:

    McNuggets with Mulan sauce. I’d eat them in my car on lunch break. What a magical memory.

  198. Curtis says:

    My favorite memory is getting a McNugget that looked like Elvis…..thought it was a sign to go to Vegas. Flew to Vegas the next day to honor The King.

  199. Jessica says:

    I usually don’t remember as they are used to soak up excess booze. But, I’ve loved the Hot Mustard for as long as I can remember.

  200. Heidi S. says:

    I guess my favorite McNuggets memory was when they changed to the current form from them, um, questionable form of grey-meat nuggets.

  201. Jonathan K says:

    Love McNuggets! They are greatest with the BBQ sauce. However, I remember trying them with Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chili, and Chipotle BBQ and they were amazing! I have over 20 years of McNugget experience and they are always great, always hitting the spot! I can’t just have one sauce with them either. It must be a combo of the ones listed above!

  202. jperonto says:

    I always remember wanting to find the boot shaped nugget. I was so happy when I found it! So simple, but oh so true. I hope I win!

  203. Marc Goldberg says:

    I know this isn’t directly about McNuggets, but my dad used to work for Merck, the huge pharmaceutical company. In the 80s, they started selling Chicken Nuggets on the menu and were looking for a fun name to use to describe them. I suggested to him they call them Chicken MerckNuggets, because when you say it out loud, it sounded clever. Well they liked it so much it was chosen and became a fixture on their menu. Not sure if they still call them that or not anymore.

    To this day, the McNuggets are one of my favorite items on the menu, especially dunked in BBQ sauce.

  204. Kristidee says:

    Taking my son when he was much younger to buy McNugget happy meals!

  205. Jordan says:

    I once ate a 20 piece order of chicken nuggets in McD….and then got 10 piece to-go!

  206. Michael Flory says:

    McNuggets always have a place in my heart…. and my mouth… Just dipping them into the BBQ Sauce container…. yuuummm…

  207. Christina says:

    I never had nuggets as a kid, till a few years ago when my husband gave me some. They are amazing! People can say what they want about them, but they are good.

  208. Girl says:

    Sometimes Chicken McNuggets are shaped like dick. Also sometimes guns. Both go boom.

  209. JayTwo says:

    My favorite McNugget memory is when they came out with those Sweet Chili dipping sauce for the first time. OMG…I think I bought nuggets for a straight week!

  210. Bill P says:

    I used to work by myself in the evenings at a pet store. On those long and quiet nights I would close up, grab a 20-piece, and then open up again. Made those nights immeasurably better.

  211. Jesica says:

    My favorite memory was when the Olympics were happening and they rolled out new sauces. The sweet chili sauce was the best. Then, sadly, I went back after the Olympics and they told me that sauce was gone. I heard a rumor, though, that they brought it back. Too good to be true?

  212. Jenna says:

    For my 19th birthday me and my friends got 2 of the 50 McNuggets when they had that deal going on. We poured them in a huge popcorn bowl and all of the fries too, and watched movies and passed around the nuggets. It was fantasic!

  213. Manavee says:

    Being a winner of a Mcnugget eating contest.

  214. Anthony says:

    As a kid I would always try to figure out which McNuggets were dark meat so I could trade them to my sister for her white meat McNuggets. Now McNuggets are all white meat. I don’t miss the guessing game, today’s white meat McNuggets aren’t quite as sweet.

  215. ratbuddy says:

    I once made a McNugget casserole. Potato Buds, McNuggets, cheese, scallions, and bacon bits. It was ghastly.

  216. David says:

    Being new to America, the $5 for 20 McNuggets was an incredible deal to us. We couldn’t believe how cheap they were, literally cheaper for 20 McNuggets than for a 6 piece back in our home country. Of course, being so cheap we figured we must set ourselves an eating challenge, after all, we are in America: home of eating challenges. $100 later (and an angry cashier later) we had 400 McNuggets and 2 soda cups. We figured we could never eat 200 each, but could at least eat 100. We managed 60 McNuggets between the both of us. With 140 McNuggets, we couldn’t just throw them away.. it was too big a waste, so we packed up and took them with us in the car. Leaving them in the car overnight was a horrible, horrible mistake, as the next morning our car smelt like a McDonalds frying oil spill. The boxes were soaked, and at a hotel with no Microwave we were forced into a cold, slimey McNugget breakfast, before feeding the squirrels of Omaha, Nebraska around 100 McNuggets. I hope they survived.

  217. Stacy says:

    My memory is my dad watching us when we i was a kid. My mom didn’t allow fast food and my sisters and I loved when it was dad night. He would load us all up in the car and go to McDonalds. The 4 of us would have our chicken nuggets and
    French fries gone before we made the 10 min drive back home.

  218. Al says:

    My favorite memory is when I tried the Sweet & Sour dipping sauce for the first time last year. I could drink that stuff from a bottle if they packaged it.

  219. Pradley says:

    my favorite chicken nugget story is when I met this girl across from me ( my now to be wife) and I took a chance by going over to her and I had offered her a nugget in return for a date

  220. Roger H says:

    Nugget eating comment with my buddy when we were seniors in high school. I got through 30, pretty good. Unfortunately he ate 60.

  221. Jess says:

    I don’t really have any nugget memories. I’m sad they did away with the habanero sauce, but glad they kept the sweet chili sauce.

  222. Kedro says:

    I like the Florida shaped ones.

  223. dk says:

    I remember when McD released the limited Schezwan Sauce to promote Disney’s Mulan back in 1998.

  224. D. Wesley says:

    When my husband and I got the 2 can dine for $9.99 On our Anniversary last year. We got 2 Large Drinks, 2 Large Fries, and a 20 piece nugget all for just $9.99 to share. It was so romantic :’)

  225. David says:

    Polishing off a few 20-pieces with some equally lit-up buddies.

  226. Echo710 says:

    When I was a kid, I used to think that all chicken nuggets were called “McNuggets”. Back then every Friday night was “McDonald’s night” at my house… kind of sad, but it was later explained to me by my mom that this tradition came to be so that she could have a break from cooking once a week.

  227. Kara Yonts says:

    I also used to think all chicken nuggets were “McNuggets”! Ahh how McDonalds has imprinted their brand into my memory. My favorite McNuggets memory is of my grandparents taking me and my siblings to play at the Play House while I scarfed down McNuggets in between rounds.

  228. I don’t have any good McNugget memories. But I love the hot mustard sauce and wish they would bottle it and sell it.

  229. Tom H says:

    I’m rather NuggNuts would would love to win! I’d hook up some friends, too – promise.

  230. Lily Sheng says:

    My favorite memory is this: I usually love to dip my french fries in soft serve ice cream. One time I had to wait for the fries to cook but my McNuggets had already come out so I was dipping my chicken nuggets in my sundae. Everybody looked but it was finger licking good!

  231. Christian says:

    Finishing up my McNuggets in my Happy Meal and then going to play in the play land. I loved the little carousel. I remember not being able to reach the button but by the time I stopped going to play land, I could.

  232. Adam V says:

    Back in 1992 (Age 4), I still remember going through the McDonald’s drive-thru with my aunt and uncle and getting my Batman Returns-themed Happy Meal (before they were outlawed!). I was pretty stoked for my McNuggets, but even more stoked that I finally got the batmobile/batmissle toy! Victory!

  233. Sam says:

    Late night drunken mcnuggets.

  234. Mike N. says:

    Figuring out there was something other than McNuggets on the McDonalds menu was the day my childhood innocence was lost.

  235. Charles Thomas says:

    Coming back from a concert, hungover, grabbed a couple 20-piecers with a buddy, devoured them, naturally. About an hour later, headed down the freeway, still groggy, looked down to see the mess we left on our sweatshirts, and our band name was born….McNugget Dust. True story.

  236. Ronnie says:

    Was working at McD when they introduced them and we had to fill little sauce cups because we were sampling them for free and didn’t want to give out full sauce cups. I spent a whole Saturday shift filling damn sauce cups and sneaking nuggets like crazy in the walk in cooler. Was a great day I will never forget.

  237. Daisy G says:

    The only thing I crave from mcdonalds are mcnuggets!!! I remember back when they started calling them “all white meat mcnuggets”

  238. Andy says:

    Buying mcnuggets on my way home from school.

  239. stephen z says:

    st eating them is a good memory as long as they cook them right

  240. Oh bizam – McNuggets! M’fave! My favorite nugget memory is when I was nannying and I picked myself up some nuggs for lunch. The 7 year old boy watched in awe as I drizzled pure honey over them and dunked them in ketchup. “Is that good that way?” he asked. “Well, I like it,” I replied. Then he told me it seemed like something a Korean would eat….because it was weird.

    What a little racist.

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