MAGNUM Mini Giveaway

MAGNUM® Ice Cream has a new line of smaller frozen treats called MAGNUM® Mini.  Have you tried them yet?  It’s the rich Belgian chocolate ice cream bars you may already be familiar with, but in a smaller size.

Here is some info to get you up to speed.

  • The MAGNUM® Mini Classic bar features silky vanilla bean ice cream dipped in a thick layer of Belgian milk chocolate.
  • The MAGNUM® Mini Almond bar features smooth vanilla bean ice cream enrobed in a luscious Belgian milk chocolate with crunchy almonds.

I’ve got 15 freebies to unload.  For each winner who wins their own “Mini” moment they’ll receive a free product coupon valued up to a maximum of $6.99. This coupon can be used at all major retailers where MAGNUM is sold.  How do you get a chance to win?  Show these old links some love… MAGNUM Classic Ice Cream Bar ReviewMAGNUM Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar Review… so shameless.  But really, leave a comment on this post describing your favorite mini moment of the last week.  My favorite mini moment happened to be when I realized some really incredibly annoying neighbors were moving out of the neighborhood 🙂 .   Actually, that was a favorite major moment for me, but whatever.

If I like your answer, I will choose you.  This isn’t a random drawing.  I will accept entries until 11:59pm est, tomorrow May 2nd.  I will reveal the 15 winners on Thursday, May 3rd.  Good luck!

114 comments on “MAGNUM Mini Giveaway

  1. Roy Heintzelman says:

    My favorite mini-moment was when I finally realized what was making that strange knocking sound that seemed to come from different parts of the house at different times. Birds were pecking at the windows! How strange.

  2. My favorite mini moment is when I finally realized that I’m getting a day off from work this week and will be able to see a Cubs game in the process. Really looking forward to it.

  3. Daisy Gutierrez says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I found out that Starbucks happy hour was coming back can’t wait! 😀

  4. Patrick says:

    Nothing much happened last week for me, but my favorite mini moment that occurred not too long ago was the moment where my friends literally invaded my house, kidnapped me into their car, just so we can all eat breakfast at Denny’s.

  5. Jd says:

    Problem child i teach got expelled ( i mean oh no the youth). 🙂

  6. Lap says:

    Uh…probably when I saw that enormous rat.

  7. Dannielle says:

    Trying La Granja for the first time, excellent food.

  8. Chris says:

    My mini moment – When I thought I was going to have to settle for a sandwich for dinner but spotted the sweet, sweet pepperoni graphic of a frozen pizza peeking at me from the back of the freezer. I dined like a king that night. A Jack’s pizza king.

  9. Libby says:

    Going to wegmans and having my mom pay for it all 🙂

  10. Kristi says:

    My favorite mini moment was at a family wedding over the weekend, when I looked down the church pew to see most of my family occuppying an entire row and part of another! Was good to see them, as I haven’t seen several of them since Christmas. We got to laugh, eat, and play games together at the reception. A good time!

  11. adam says:

    Relatives that moved out of Ohio to live in Arizona about 8 years ago just came back last week so I’m going to go see them soon.

  12. Caroline says:

    My favorite mini moment was today, when a co-worker asked me if my ex-boss realizes she is no longer my boss. tee hee….

  13. MeganM says:

    My favorite mini-moment was when I was lesson planning and realized there are only 11 school days left this year! Goodbye students, hello summer.

  14. Justin says:

    When the Angels finally won a game.

  15. Jenna Z says:

    I’ve been having a mini moment all day, well since lunch that is. I ate at my desk here at work and had the MOST fragrant, juicy orange ever. The peel in the garbage is making this office smell like a tropical paradise!!

  16. beatrice s says:

    Best mini moment of last week was hitting the lottery twice for 41 dollars. Yay extra bill money.

  17. Amy says:

    My favorite is when the person in front of me at a drive-through paid for my order! I was so shocked, I didn’t think to pay for the person behind me, but will soon!

  18. Eagles409 says:

    My mini moment was when my boss said he wouldn’t be at work on Thursday or Friday.

  19. Heidi Stephens says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I noticed a large, ugly, greyish frog living in my Yarrow plant. At least something likes the plant…

  20. Lily Sheng says:

    My mini moment comes when I realized I was the first in my class to turn in the online assignment!

  21. Santiago C says:

    My favorite mini moment was reading this post about Magnum minis while eating a mini Magnum (no… really) and the comments on people’s favorite mini moments posted in order to win free Magnum minis.

  22. Brandy says:

    Favorite mini moment was talking to my friend about cooking for her party this weekend 🙂

  23. Bob says:

    My Favorite mini moment will be when I am eating Free Mini Magnums in the future because YOU ROCK!

  24. Tony says:

    My favorite mini moment was when in all my classes for 2 days straight we watched a movie or talked. 😀

  25. CP3 says:

    My favorite mini moment was today when I decided to start up my exercise program today and then happen to do a quick check on grade grub and see that there is some delicious looking ice cream on the front page!

  26. Jessica says:

    My favorite mini moment was when Skyrim got voice commands on xbox…

    It’s been a slow few weeks =]

  27. Amy says:

    Having huge pieces of hail fall from black storm clouds and realizing that my car is safe in the parking garage.

  28. Hungry Guy says:

    My fav mini moment was when i got 2 nice button pins 😛

  29. bmtyson says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I took my final final exam for the year and realized that I am already half way done with college!

  30. Royal says:

    My favourite mini moment was walking into work for a nine hour shift, opening my freezer door, and seeing a maximum of two hours worth of products to throw.

    I’m pretty sure I stocked some Magnum Minis that day!

  31. Jessie R. says:

    Falling to the ground doesn’t seem like it should be anyone’s favorite anything, but this week it was mine. I tripped on a sidewalk curb, and as I slowly plummeted face forward, I made the unconscious decision to yell “AUGHHHH!” Charlie Brown style. I can’t explain why that’s what I prioritized over trying to find my balance or any other practical falling-down action. But my last thoughts before I landed were, “Why did I just yell like that?” I’m laughing out loud now just thinking about it. So I suppose my favorite mini moment is learning that I instinctively yell like a cartoon character.

  32. jessica s. says:

    My favorite “mini” moment was checking my mail box today and finding that the check to pay me for the exam I proctored six months ago finally came in! WoOt! and it’s my birthday this week, so double WoOt!

  33. Anne Sutton says:

    I just finished a pregnancy that included a lot of Ben and Jerry’s straight from the pint…and quite a few Magnums as well. Unfortunately my twins came early at 28 weeks and were tiny. My week started with sudden surgery on my baby boy for NEC. All week he has been very sedated. My mini moment came when he grasped my index finger with his “mini” hand which let me know he was going to be alright.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Running my 1st Half-Marathon with 2 days notice in 2:08!
    Whoo hoo!

  35. Adam says:

    My favorite mini moment is discovering how well sauteed green beans, bacon and shallots hold as leftovers.

  36. Raiders757 says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I realized I still had a forgotten box of Tastykake Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes in the cupboard.

  37. Stephen says:

    My favorite mini moment from the last week?…Definitely Andrew Bynum of the LA Lakers posting a triple double with blocks in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs…and I was born and raised in Chicago, weird huh?

  38. JadeTora says:

    My mini moment is that this week my husband was pulling out of his parking spot in the parking lot, without thinking I rushed up from behind hoping to catch him off guard at the window and instead ended up getting hit and thrown to the ground by the car.

    At first it scared the crap out of him but after he figured out I was fine we were laughing about it.

    Cars don’t hit me, I hit cars! ….Sort of

  39. Steven says:

    My mini moment was realizing that with 15 chances to win on this giveaway, my odds are so much better than anything else I have entered lately! 🙂

  40. Nick Rovo says:

    My mini moment this week was when I found out my professor lost all our papers and was sick of people not showing up to the class so everyone who was there got A’s while the others had to resubmit their papers and in some cases had to rewrite them. Okay maybe that was a major moment.

  41. Libby M says:

    My favorite mini moment of last week was Friday at 5pm when I got to leave my workplace and have 2 days of peace and quiet until Monday 8am! And I got my tax refunds too! I’m going to help the economy and spend it.

  42. John says:

    My favorite mini moment happened when I was running late for my Final exam in Computer Science and when I got to class (18 minutes late) class had been cancelled and the exam was push back 2 days. Saved my butt and ended up getting an A in the class!!!

  43. Adde says:

    My mini moment was when D Rose got hurt in the playoffs and I knew it was over :'(

  44. simon says:

    my favorite mini moment of this week actually just happened yesterday. I found out a manager at my place of employment was leaving. Considering I like all of them except one, who would’ve thought the one I hated was the one who was leaving? It turned an otherwise mundane day into a moment worth smiling about!

  45. Kails says:

    My favorite mini moment of the week is my Wednesday…I get to enjoy a girls’ lunch out with my boyfriend’s sister and mom. Just the thing to get through the middle of the week 🙂

  46. TheWarden says:

    Favorite mini moment, huh… Well, now that I think about it, I do remember coming home to scrounge around the cupboard thinking I don’t have anything in there.

    Lo and behold! Behind some box of outdated something or other, was a can of Spam.

    With bacon.

    Yes, Spam with Bacon.

    So saltily delicious.

  47. Lindsey says:

    My favorite mini moment of the week happened earlier today when I went grocery shopping for picnic essentials for the weekend. I had placed 2 packs of beer on the bottom of my shopping cart and while unloading my purchases I went to hoist them up onto the belt but the cashier told me to just leave them there and he would scan it after he bagged everything else. Well needless to say, he forgot and buried my precious beer under about a thousand bags of groceries. Upon unloading my cart and realizing I had a unusually low receipt, I accepted the fact that god wanted me to drink and he wanted me to do it freely.

  48. Christiane says:

    My favorite mini moment was having Chardonnay and skittles for dinner last night.

  49. Super Eric says:

    Favorite mini-moment for me was getting my thesis signed off this week! Woo!

  50. SkippyMom says:

    Discovering, after a month of doing 2 loads of laundry a day, I was washing our clothes and linens with just fabric softener. No detergent, just a double dose of fabric softner. [I didn’t know Gain made fabric softener. Honest.]

    No wonder everyone kept saying “The laundry always smells so much better when Mom does it.”


  51. Amy says:

    I just finished my first week of working at a new job (after 3 TOUGH years of being unemployed!) and my boyfriend greeted me at the door in an apron (nothing else) shaking me a martini and had drawn me a nice warm bath!

  52. Melissa Foon says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I found out I get an extra day to my weekend this week 😀

  53. Clevegal42 says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I walked into work and found a baseball ticket on my desk that I won strictly for my performance and positive attitude and not just luck. Yay for seeing something positive from busting my hump!

    My second favorite mini moment? Free grub and beer in the loge at the game!

  54. Jesica says:

    My favorite mini moment of the last week was starting to read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 with my class. It was one of my favorites as a kid and I am loving how much they are loving it.

  55. Erica Williams says:

    My mini moment was when I finally got a tooth pulled that’s been me for months. When I give a big smile I look like a hockey player but at least I can eat cold stuff with out being in pain. Eating hot grapes and microwaving ice cream got old pretty fast to say the least.

  56. Theorbo says:

    Ok so i have ton of mini moments but my latest was when I realized that my pet snake had gotten lose from his enclosure and the first place I checked was the opened box of PB Cheerios! Fortunately he wasn’t in my cereal! That would have been good/bad, depending on how you look at it.

    Ok, and about these magnum minis, man do they look good!

  57. sara says:

    when we had mini baked by melissa cupcakes at work!

  58. Jill N. says:

    Mine was when I arrived at work the other day to find that the ducklings in the courtyard hatched. Now there’s a mama duck and 11 babies. (And yes, I did say courtyard. She comes back every year to expand her family. We can’t figure out if she’s the smartest duck ever–no other animals to worry about, or the dumbest–no pond! In any case, we build the family a little “escape route” when the babies get old enough, straight to the pond across the street. She keeps coming back, so it must work for her!)

  59. John says:

    My favorite mini moment is when my co workers bought me cupcakes and a card for my birthday (which is tomorrow) and they gave me my birthday off!

  60. Paolo Palao says:

    My favorite mini moment was seeing Coldplay in between their set and the encore in the hallway of the arena that their show was in, and them waving and smiling at me and the other people I was with. Okay, so that was pretty major haha

  61. Steven J says:

    My favorite mini moment was last week when after going 4 weeks without any type of carbs and fried food, I finally devoured 3/4 lb cheeseburger with Bacon, Mayo, Catsup, and extra pickles. Then a big bowl of fries from Slaters 50/50. It was soo delicious. Can’t wait for another 4 weeks.

  62. Cecil says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I discovered Pizza On A Stick. Yes it is exactly what it sounds like, and yes it is amazing. 😀

  63. Sascha says:

    My favorite mini moment was trading back into the first round, just ahead of the Giants, and nabbing Doug Martin.

  64. Tyler says:

    My favorite mini moment of this past week was when Friday afternoon rolled around at work and the deadline for a print publication I had been working on for the past few weeks had come and gone. What a relief! A cold beer (or two) tastes much better after such a period of hard work.

  65. HelloKT says:

    Would love to try it! Thank you.

  66. Elise says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I gave my boyfriend his birthday present- a nice Fossil watch. He showed his friends and now they think I’m “swag” (rich, apparently)… little do they know I paid for $50 of it using credit card reward points and Speedway reward points! Yay deception!!!

  67. Claire says:

    It being the second to last week of classes. HELLS YUUHHH. lol

  68. LT says:

    My favorite mini moment was realizing that Monday would be the last day I would be a student for the foreseeable future. Then finally trying on my graduation cap and gown and realizing how unforgivably dorky the entire outfit is, but that it still made me kind of giddy.

  69. Erin says:

    My favorite moment last week was a mixed bag. I learned my supervisor at work was leaving to take another job. She told me she recommended me for her position. It ultimately went to someone else, but it was an honor to be considered.

  70. TJ says:

    We’re pretty low on cash at the moment and my wife found some extra change. She insisted I use some of it to go buy a beer. Unexpected beer is the best tasting beer. 🙂

  71. Michael says:

    My mini moment was that a friend called me randomly in the week just to say hi. It sounds sort of sad, but it was a nice gesture that I appreciated.

  72. Brandon says:

    I don’t have a favorite mini-moment.. 🙁

  73. Rob S says:

    Favorite mini moment was class getting canceled

  74. Page T says:

    My favorite mini moment was realizing that Cinco de Mayo is this week and that I’m going to make sure to drink plenty of margaritas and relax.

  75. Nicki says:

    Favorite Mini Moment Was…

    Finding M&Ms on sale for 50 cents a bag while grocery shopping at Publix. Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

  76. Nunlovesjazz says:

    Local news anchor (male): “Wild Man Wednesday is next. Wild Man Bob shows us a huge rack.”

    Local news anchor (female) “Of antlers.”

  77. Ben says:

    It was my turn to make supper and I decided to make nachos: refried black beans layered with chips, covered with a mix of chorizo and ground beef, fresh ground cheddar then melted under the broiler. My mini moment was when my youngest son said ‘LET’S USE DORITOS!’. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it before… (My contribution was fresh cilantro on top. Not as exciting as my son, eh?)

  78. Lindsay says:

    My favorite mini moment of last week was my mother calling to chat, and telling me that she got so mad at my sister that she ate all of the marshmellows out of her Lucky Charms cereal box – then put the box back in the cuboard for my sister to discover! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  79. Stew says:

    My moment would be getting gas in my car at 8 cents a gallon less than I paid the previous time.

  80. Max C. says:

    My favorite mini moment from last week was getting promoted at my job. I’ve never been promoted before and it was really satisfying!

  81. Jen H. says:

    My favorite mini moment from last week was finally beating an insanely hard level on Rayman: Origins for Wii!

  82. DukeofPrunes says:

    My favorite mini-moment was when I received my bimonthly shipment from Candy Japan. It contained an incredible lemon candy amongst other things.

  83. Jeff says:

    Winning our first softball game this season (we stink!)

  84. holly says:

    two moments come to mind…

    getting in my car after Dad changed my oil for me and realizing that he also topped off the gas tank for me.

    getting to pick the first few strawberries of the season from my garden.

  85. Jenny says:

    I was finally able to convince the three-legged squirrel outside my place of work to accept pistachios from my hand!

  86. Shannon says:

    This last week I had so many mini moments. I got free tickets to the baseball game that we won, art museum, and a shirt that completely flatters me. My favorite was receiving an email from an acquaintance that I would never have expected to hear from.

  87. Priscilla says:

    My favorite mini moment is remembering that I actually have a “mute” button on my phone at work 🙂 Comes in very handy when I am trying to concentrate on other more important things during a teleconference – like watching funny videos!

  88. jason says:

    When I was tackled by a mini gang of mini men eating mini hotdogs and I said to myself why didn’t they offer me any…

  89. Josh says:

    My favorite mini moment was last week when I ordered a McDouble, and when I unwrapped it, and saw the mythical McTriple! God I love when McDonalds employees screw up in such beautiful ways!

  90. Cynthia says:

    Trying to be healther and lose some weight with a low carb plan, my best mini moment this last week was when I realized that I could make Chili and not have to subsist on turkey rollups alone!

  91. Adam M. says:

    My favorite mini-moment from this week is when I found out that my boss would be on vacation — meaning that I’ll get to spend more time on GG without having to look over my shoulder all the time! =D

  92. Nick O. says:

    My favorite mini moment last week was when I finally found the Limited Edition Heinz Ketchup w/ Basalmic Vinegar at the store after months of searching. Score!

  93. Gregg Boury says:


  94. Beth Trubey says:

    Accidently spilling an entire bottle of fingernail polish remover on my laptop keyboard and then finding out it still works!

  95. Michelle says:

    Finding out that my dad is eligible for a liver transplant! Not really a “mini moment” but a great one none the less!

  96. laniza says:

    My favorite mini moment of the week is having a heart to heart talk with my homeroom about a teacher who has been really sick lately. The youth do have a heart!!

  97. VanessaG says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I was eating lunch in our classroom with 5 of my first graders. I was finishing off my meal with some strawberries and all 5 kids said ” I love strawberries. I wish I had some…” So, it was hard(very selfish with my food) I gave them away. Then a little girl said, ” you know what? I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat chocolate.” Haha I may have been hungry still, but at least they made me laugh.

  98. Alicia J says:

    My favorite mini moment last week was seeing my baby’s heartbeat on the u/s screen for the first time!!

  99. Jess says:

    Mini moment. Hrm. I finally got to go to GogiBop, I was excited. I think I found out about them through this blog, looking for crazy foods to try on my trips out and about. It wasn’t even far off of our path, so we’ll likely be making it a somewhat regular pitstop.

    It was good. Reminded me of eating my friend’s kitchen in high school, frowning at the mushrooms her mom would try to get me to eat. Blech. Mushrooms.

  100. Sam says:

    Meeting a major deadline at work two days ago, which turned out to actually be today! That was my favorite non-so-major…mini moment of the week!

  101. Brandy Pearson says:

    when i passed Chem2 and realized i don’t have to retake it over the summer. WOOHOO

  102. merrycherry says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I though of an ex who I so deeply liked but had to break up with a month ago bc he ended up hurting me, and I ended up smiling because I realize that I am now okay with it. Life goes on 🙂

  103. chakrateeze says:

    My favorite mini-moment happened last weekend– I walked across the stage and now am officially a college grad!


  104. @graciHas says:

    My favorite mini moment of the last week was when I got “back together” with my ex girlfriend after 7 years. She also joked at target the other day that she wondered what her father would think if she brought home Magnum brand ice cream bars given the fact they share the name with a specialty contraceptive…true story

  105. Mal says:

    Walking out of the law school for the last time was my mini moment. After 20 straight years of school, I’m finally done!

  106. Rhi says:

    My favorite mini moment happened to be helping an elderly lady catch her cat. Yes, her cat escaped from her apartment. Gave me the chuckles but I couldn’t resist helping her out!

  107. Avery says:

    My favorite mini moment of last week was when I was at DFW airport and all I could think about was how amazing it is that man built that whole airport. I mean there are so many different entrances, gates, roads, etc. that it just blows my mind! Sometimes it’s just fun to think about all of the things that man has accomplished over time and really appreciate it.

  108. Margot says:

    My favorite mini moment this week was realizing the “Thundershirt” I bought for my dog who is afraid of thunder storms—really works!

  109. Jack L says:

    Finding out that the chicken chow mein from my neighborhood Chinese fix had a lot of chicken 🙂 Yay!

  110. MR Me says:

    My favorite mini moment was when bought a Ipod.

  111. Thistle says:

    Sleeping in on the weekend with my cat cuddled up next to me. 🙂

  112. Maria says:

    My favorite mini moment was when I learned that my average was raised 15 points in my history class! 🙂

  113. JadeTora says:

    My favourite mini-moment was baking biscuits (U.S. ‘cookies’) for my neighbors and hearing what they thought about them. I got rave reviews from them and my neighbors Father which made me feel all warm, fuzzy, and proud of myself. It’s so nice to do random nice things for people.

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