GG Giveaway: Sonic Gift Card

20 bucks worth of Sonic can go a long way.  I’ve got a gift card that deserves a good home.  Who wants it?Rattle off your $20 Sonic order in the comments for a chance to win.  Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich and a Holiday Mint Shake would make a good start. I will draw a winner this weekend.  Good luck!

127 comments on “GG Giveaway: Sonic Gift Card

  1. Dom says:

    Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito

  2. andrew fitz says:

    A Chicken Club Toaster, Double Bacon Cheeseburger, Chili Cheese Fries, a Strawberry Limeade, and Cheesecake Bites.

  3. Jay Two says:


    TO GO!

  4. Breakfast Burrito, tots, and some variety of beverage.

  5. john says:

    I would just try all their shake.. It would give me a good excuse to make the trip!

  6. arjun says:

    tots and a chili dog :drool:

  7. jefe says:

    cheese covered tots, bacon double cheeseburgers and cherry limeade

  8. Marc Goldberg says:

    $20 worth of tots… If I’m gonna die, I wanna die stuffed full of TOTS!

  9. Kaylin says:

    I’d probably buy 20 of those dollar menu banana splits….I love those things!

  10. Eva says:

    chili cheese fries, popcorn chicken, oreo blast, bacon cheeseburger mmmmmmmmmmm

  11. PE says:

    Banana shake, bacon double cheeseburger.

  12. Alex says:

    A breakfast burrito and tots.

  13. Chris says:

    Large vanilla+large onion rings=:)

  14. My Order? I think it’s going to be over $20.
    Sonic Jr Deluxe burger with bacon, a grilled cheese, and one of those Crispy asiago chicken sandwiches. Then add tots, mozzerella sticks, a cherry creamslush, an orange creamslush, and a caramel milkshake. That should cover it. And I have to drive about an hour to get to my nearest Sonic, so we’re talking about a labor of love here.

  15. Kat says:

    Love their shakes!

  16. KL says:

    Dinner for two!!
    2 Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwiches
    2 Large Tots
    2 Route 44 Cherry Limeades
    1 Mozzarella Stix
    2 Medium Shakes, one pineapple, one caramel
    I think I spent too much.. 🙂

  17. RJ says:

    Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich, Chili Cheese Tots, and a Butternut Finger Sonic Blast.

    Not sound like Heaven to me. Wow!

  18. Robert says:

    Piles of chilie cheese tots!!!!

  19. Aaron says:

    Supersonic Bacon Double Chee
    Large Tots
    Extra Long Chili Cheese Coney
    Cherry Limeade & a shake.

  20. Bonnie says:

    cheeseburger, chili cheese tots, 2 hotdogs, onion rings, watermelon slush. yum.

  21. Michael says:

    I’ll take a chili cheese fry and two footlong chili dogs, please!

  22. adam says:

    I would load up on Pumpkin pie shakes and malts!

  23. Santiago c says:

    All I need from sonic are shakes burritos and tots. Any quantities and combinations of these that equal $20 are $20 well spent. Sonic is very underrated in my opinion.

  24. Todd says:

    Two Chicago Dogs, Large Tots, and a Chocolate Shake.

  25. kb241 says:

    Its been a while since I’ve had Sonic (the one close to me closed). I always loved their strawberry slushes, so at least 10 of those. Also I’d throw in some tots and a couple of extra long cheese coneys.

  26. Kristina Meier says:

    every shake! starting with the chocolate mint!

  27. Jennifer says:

    Some tots and a chocolate mint holiday shake

  28. Jessica O. says:

    Breakfast burrito and cheese-covered tots!

  29. Elieen says:

    Jr double cheeseburger, cheese tots.Snickers sonic blast & cheesecake bites for desert…of course =P

  30. SavedbyJesus says:

    Happy Hour 🙂
    2 Ocean Water’s
    2 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
    2 Chili Cheese Tots
    & 1 order of Cheesecake bites please 🙂

  31. Natron44 says:

    Supersonic cheeseburger with tots and a RT44 cherry limeade. Awesome.

  32. squibby says:

    A couple orders of tots, cheesecake bites, mozz sticks, 2 cheeseburgers, and 2 caramel shakes.

  33. Tyler M says:

    Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster, fries, and a chocolate shake

  34. JF says:

    Always up for free grub! Love their shakes, so probably would waste it all on shakes.

  35. Andy says:

    Asiago chicken sandwich, footlong coney, chili cheese tots and a grape slush!!!

  36. chris b says:

    route 44 ocean water
    footlong chili cheese coney
    large tots
    butterfinger blast

    and i’ll probably see if I can buy the roller skates off of someone there too

  37. krysttie says:

    I would go to happy hour for about 15 days straight and get a slush.

  38. Jack Percival says:

    cherr lemonade and 3 hotdoggs

  39. April C. says:

    I hope I don’t get stoned for this but….I’ve never been! I only recently have one around me so I am eager to try! I hear the shakes are aaaaamazing.

  40. Greg says:

    2 Ham Breakfast Burritos, order of Mozzarella Sticks, Cheesecake Bites, Holiday Mint Shake, Route 44 Root Beer with Vanilla….Sonic heaven!

  41. Heidi says:

    Grilled chicken wrap, cheese tots & a diet cherry limeade. Get in my belly!

  42. Russ C. says:

    I’ll have the Chicago Dog, Tater Tots, and a Strawberry Limeade, please.

  43. Rachel says:

    Let’s see, I’d probably get like 3 orders of tots, popcorn chicken, cheese sticks, and the rest would be various drink combinations!

  44. Stephen Z. says:

    Supersonic breakfast burrito,some shake, and a lot of tots!

  45. shirosynth says:

    $20 of chicago dogs, here I come!

  46. Lap says:

    Footlong chilidog w tots

  47. Jessica says:

    Cheese tots. Breakfast Burrito. More Cheese Tots. Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich. Cherry Limeade.

  48. Abby says:

    My husband and I would get: bacon cheeseburger toaster, supersonic double, a holiday shake and some chili cheese tots 😀

  49. Anthony R. says:

    Would get dinner for me and the wife!
    Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Meal
    Chicken Club Toaster Meal
    Side of Mozz. Sticks
    2 Shakes

  50. Elm88 says:

    breakfast burrito and cherry coke!

  51. Jessica says:

    Route 44 Cranberry Limeaide, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Large Tater Tots with Cheese, Chicago Style Hot Dog, a bag of ice to take home ( I LOVE Sonic’s ice!!), a banana split with extra chocolate & nuts

  52. jenne says:

    1 holiday mint shake
    1 large chili cheese tots
    1 large popcorn chicken
    1 order of ched-r-peppers

  53. Dante says:

    honestly, i went to sonic today and had a chicago hot dog that was disgusting, i had ocean water which was do-able, the cheesecake bites were stupid. But for a free 20 dollar gift card to sonic… hell ill just eat the tots thats the only thing thats decent there.

  54. Jenna says:

    Since this is the time for giving, I would take my two best friends (who are almost as broke as me) to Sonic (during happy hour) and get us all drinks, tots, and burgers or a main of some sort. I would love to try the new asiago chicken, but I would probably stick to getting a few things off the value menu. =)

  55. Nick O. says:

    French Toast Sticks, Lg Strawberry Limeade, Hot Fudge Caramel Shake, and a bunch of those Fritos Chili Cheese Burritos…

  56. Jennifer says:

    bacon cheeseburger…TOTS (I really miss the sweet potato tots!)….cherry limeade…banana caramel shake…banana caramel shake….banana caramel shake…banana caramel shake…well you get the point LOL

  57. Philip says:

    Tots, Cherry Limeade, Popcorn Chicken, Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster

  58. kendra says:

    tots. lots and lots of tater tots. 🙂

  59. Rey says:

    I never win anything but I love sonic so…Holiday mint shake, chili cheese tots, xl chili cheese coney, grape limeade, bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos and stuffed jalapenos!

  60. Steven L says:

    -bacon cheeseburger
    -large popcorn chicken
    -corn dog
    -chicago dog
    -large fries with chili and cheese
    -large tots with chili and cheese
    -x-large limade

  61. Jeff says:

    Bacon egg and cheese toaster sandwich, cheese tots, and a strawberry shake.

  62. I predict this card as do most cards will be won by freeloaders that never comment or contribute anything to this site. Correct?

  63. Justin ST says:

    Lots of shakes and hot dogs man…

  64. Sheila says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich, so I’d get one of those. Definitely would have to get tots, mozzarella sticks, and maybe onion rings. A supersonic breakfast burrito and popcorn chicken would be nice to add, and I’d get a shake or blast for the sweet treat!

  65. Mark says:

    I think I would definately try the chocolate mint holiday shake, would also treat my 2 kids and wife to deserts from there as well.

  66. David says:

    Asiago sandwich, with bacon and then a large tater tots, also with bacon and cheese. Barq’s root beer for a drink. Dessert: Mocha Java Chiller and some French Toast sticks

  67. MR Gnarly says:

    Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich and a Holiday Mint Shake,with a couple of Chicago hot dogs for desert.

  68. Large Tots and Route 44 Diet Coke, Add Vanilla. All Day.

  69. Echo710 says:

    I would probably spend most of it on shakes too… would definitely try the holiday mint shake, although the pineapple, vanilla and banana varieties are my favorites. There would also be some “ched-r peppers” involved. And french toast sticks.

  70. Erik says:

    Chili dog to go please.

  71. Ljay says:

    Chili Pie and bacon dogs until I can’t walk

  72. JadeTora says:

    Various random milk-shakes followed likely by a Blog-post on our own Blog and vicious vomiting from over imbibing sugary crap.

  73. Quisicosa says:

    Supersonic Hickory Cheeseburger with Bacon, Corndog, ChiliCheese Tots and a Cherry Limeade. Oh, and I better bring my wife, too or I’ll never hear the end of it…

  74. Steve L says:

    As much bacon and eggs that they have!

  75. Stew says:

    As many orders of tater tots as I can get.

  76. Tiny2819 says:

    corn dogs for the win!

  77. Pilar Buford says:

    I love their breakfast burritos
    – Popcorn Chicken
    -and my fav Route 44 Canberry Lime
    but I would love to try their new holiday mint shake.

  78. Anne says:

    Steak fiesta breakfast burrito to warm up then American dog with large chili cheese tots with onion, mozzarella sticks, large creme cafe with English toffee for the road

  79. Brent says:

    Tots and Shakes.

  80. MP says:

    I would get 4 SuperSonic double cheeseburgers which would make for 4 delicious lunches.

  81. Jeff says:

    Supersonic bacon cheeseburger, onion rings, cherry limeade.

  82. Koni says:

    I’d get my favorite shake: hot fudge and banana. Also, a sonic bacon cheeseburger and fries!

  83. Whitney says:

    Strawberry limeaids and iced tea. Ad infinitum. Delicious!

  84. Nora says:

    I love the limeaid slushies!!

  85. Dave says:


  86. Dominic says:

    SuperSonic double cheeseburger, tots, and an ocean water

  87. Amanda says:

    I would get the 2-dog combo with a New York dog & a chilli dog. Add chilli cheese tots and a giant Dr. Pepper with cherry flavoring. Maybe a chocolate shake for dessert. As I don’t think that would quite hit $20, I’d have to grab a breakfast burrito the next day!

  88. pinkpizza01Eilish says:

    Endless Oreo blasts and French fries to dip in it!

  89. That holiday milkshake looks delicious! I like getting a green apple sprite and some corn dogs or chicken.

  90. Rob Johnson says:

    Tots for everyone in the neighborhood!!!

  91. John says:

    2 Chilli Dogs
    1 Fritto Chilli Cheese Buritto
    2 Cherry Limeades
    2 Ice Cream Cones

  92. Seronica G says:

    Chicken strips, fries, and coke

  93. jasmine says:

    cheesecake bites, vanilla dr. pepper, bacon chesseburger w/ grilled onions

  94. jasmine says:

    tots, cheesecake bites, vanilla dr. pepper, bacon chesseburger

  95. Jay Melo says:

    I take my mom out for ice cream once a week. Sonic is her favorite. So this would help out a lot. Thanks.

  96. Brandon says:

    About 30 strawberry limeades

  97. Ric Flair says:


    Ten cheeseburgers.

  98. 2 or 3 Chicago dogs, tots, cranberry limeade

  99. Ed Snider says:

    Never have had Sonic despite there being one 10 mins away. Twenty bucks would allow me to glutton out and try a variety of their offerings. Or I could not be a fatso and share with friends.

  100. cb says:

    I love sonic breakfast and their cherry lime aids. I would get 2 zesty cheesesteak burritos, 2 sausage croissants, french toast sticks, large tots, and a large oj.

  101. Ooh…a cranberry limeaid, cheesy tots, and some form of chicken sandwich. To start 🙂

  102. Keiko says:

    There are no Sonics in RI, but I drove w/ my boyfriend for two hours to get to one.
    Here’s what we got (and it was delicious…) –
    Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster
    Jumbo Popcorn Chicken
    Chili Cheese Fries
    A Shake 🙂

  103. AlexK says:

    Lots and lots of onion rings

  104. valerie says:

    Chili Cheese Tots, onion rings, and a Cherry Limeade

  105. kelly says:

    Chili Cheese Fries, a bacon cheeseburger, popcorn chicken and a few shakes (:

  106. chris says:

    2 chili cheese hot dogs, 2 grilled cheeses, lrg cheese tots, onion rings, crispy chicken sandwich,.and a hot fudge milkshake

  107. Lily Sheng says:

    Chili dog with potato tots, French Toast slices with dips, and deep fried cheesecake! Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Jason M says:

    Route 44 Cherry Limeade
    Large Tots
    Large Popcorn Chicken
    Corn Dog
    French Toast Sticks
    2 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
    Bacon Cheeseburger

  109. Sean says:

    Two Chicago dogs and some chili cheese tots.

  110. Candita says:

    mozzarella sticks, french fries, onion rings, cheesecake bites, and ocean water

  111. David says:

    2 Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwiches
    Lots of tots
    2 medium chocolate shakes
    Couple corn dogs

  112. Ashley says:

    Cherry cream slush
    Bacon cheeseburger
    Chili cheese tots

  113. Jesica says:

    Cherry Limeade, extra cherries and tots X however many visits will equal $20. That way I will be oh so happy more than once.

  114. Briteeni says:

    A couple of bacon double cheeseburgers, loaded fries and a route 44 strawberry real fruit slushie.. Yum!

  115. Linny says:

    Cheeseburger and tots, Reese’s blast!

  116. 2 cheese tots and 2 bacon burgers!

  117. snuff says:

    numerous cherry limeade slushes with extra cherry

  118. Chicago Dog, Tater Tots, Cherry Limeade.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  119. christine w says:

    the strawberry limeaid tater tots and a bacon burger

  120. jamie says:

    i’ll take 2 corn dogs, tater tots, enough ranch dressing to drown a dog, and a chocolate shake.

  121. Bj says:

    I usually get a breakfast burrito, chili cheese tots, and a chocolate malt. This is why Sonic is a twice a year event.

  122. Anthony says:

    OMG I love Sonic, I go there every other day. I get broke off of Sonic sometimes! Their hot dogs are soooo good. I would get 2 New York Dogs, 2 regular Chilly Cheese Coneys, and cheese tots. Sonic is the best.

  123. Jeff says:

    One of each of the hot dogs, one of each of the breakfast burritos, a triple order of tots with fry sauce, a banana chocolate shake, and cheesecake bites. And a Route 44 of the Strawberry Slush and Vanilla Coke to go.

  124. Stefanie Gladden says:

    i love tator tots, foot long hotdog w/chili and a chocolate milkshake!!!

  125. Brooke says:

    2 Chicago dogs and the jalapeno bite things! adametzb at yahoo dot com

  126. June L says:

    A large chili cheese tots, a super sonic cony, 2 burgers with cheese, and two ocean waters for me and my husband.

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