Chipotle Gift Card Winners

Lots of great comments on the Chipotle gift card giveaway and I can only choose two winners:

  • Comment #67 – Mike N. – “I’ve been all about steak lately so I’d go with a steak bowl with rice,pinto beans, corn/green, cheese and lettuce. Guacamole of course and maybe a quesadilla.”
  • Comment #104 – NayNay20 – “With $15 I’m ordering my secret menu favorite: the Quesarito with carnitas. A couple of orders of guacamole to round things out nicely.”

ChipotleI chose Mike N. because his comment caught my eye for the almost exact way I’ve been feeling lately too.  I can’t seem to pass up on steak these days and the combo of rice, pinto, corn + green tomatillo, cheese, lettuce and 2 guacs sounds like he’s reading my mind.  I picked NayNay20 because of the mention of the Quesorito secret menu item.  A bunch of comments mentioned the Quesarito and I’ve always wanted to try it so I chose a random one mentioning that item and NayNay20 was the winner.  Email me, GrubGrade at Gmail dot com… I’ll ship out your prize.  Hope you enjoy the $15 gift cards.  Happy Holidays!!!  Thanks everyone!

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