Chipotle Gift Card Winner

Thanks for all the participation in the Chipotle gift card giveaway.  This wasn’t sponsored by Chipotle or anything, I just figured a giveaway was in order.  Lots of entries, probably our biggest yet.  Well over 200 comments, but only one winner. Congrats to…

  • Ike – Burrito bowl with chicken, pinto beans, lettuce, pico, spicy salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. Chips and guoc and Nantucket Nectar apple juice. The perfect order.

Pictured below is my go-to order… it’s close to Ike’s, but not quite exact (my apple juice is in the fridge, I get black beans).  I used a random number generator from to choose the winning comment.  Email me your info and I’ll ship out your prize.

2 comments on “Chipotle Gift Card Winner

  1. Cecil says:

    damn the luck. thanks for the giveaway, enjoy Ike!

  2. Brandon says:

    That looks so delicious! :3

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