Arby’s Gift Card Giveaway

I’ve got 5 Arby’s gift cards worth $5 a piece to give away.  Leave a comment with the name of an Arby’s sandwich you’d get with a gift card… perhaps the Grand Turkey Club?  I’ll draw 5 winners by Monday.  Good luck!

147 comments on “Arby’s Gift Card Giveaway

  1. I think I’d get the Ruben, to be honest. I like their Market Fresh sammiches!

  2. Bill says:

    Anything with roast beef

  3. CK says:

    Roast Turkey Classic

  4. CE says:

    Grand Turkey Club

  5. Brandon says:

    The ol’ beef & cheddar

  6. Jessica says:

    I’d get the Turkey Club!

  7. Tom S Brandt says:

    Chicken Cordon Bleu (my brothers favorite)
    Not on the menu, but they will make it for you

  8. kagai says:

    A couple of cheddar melts.

  9. PE says:

    I’d also try the Grand Turkey Club.

  10. Jenna says:

    I would either get 3 value chicken sammies with added cravin sauce and a value fry, or just a chicken bacon cravin sammich <3 I am obsessed with that sauce and I haven't had it in soooo long. o.O

  11. Emily says:

    Turkey Classic

  12. James says:

    Beef N’ Cheddar Max!

  13. Raymonster says:

    Hey Grand Turkey Club! You lookin’ mighty fine tonight! How’s about we hook up and I eat you?

  14. Sheila says:

    I’d get either the Market Fresh Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon sandwich, or the Market Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwich (they still have it around where I am, the last time I checked). Or maybe the Three Cheese and Bacon Ultimate Angus.

  15. Jd says:

    Yup turkey club!

  16. Mike DeSantis says:

    Beef and cheddar

  17. megan says:

    turkey and cheddar classic

  18. adam says:

    Need to try the turkey club!

  19. KTK says:

    I haven’t had Arby’s in a while, so I’d have to stick with the classic roast beef and curly fries.

  20. Marc Goldberg says:

    I love the traditional Roast Beef. Sometimes the classics are still the best!

  21. Andy W says:

    Five $1 beef and cheddars sounds good

  22. Steve LeVine says:

    Bacon beef and cheddar

  23. SL says:

    Shroom & swiss sounds good!!

  24. Justin ST says:

    Honey Mustard and Bacon Chicken, crispy please!

  25. Scrape says:

    I love their chicken bacon swiss sangwich.

  26. Kat says:

    Roast Chicken Club.

  27. squibby says:

    The Grand Turkey Club

  28. Jill McHale says:

    Love the roast beef!

  29. Daniel n says:

    The new turkey with cheddar sauce

  30. Manavee says:

    Arby-Q, if I could ever find one in Illinois that sells one.

  31. JF says:

    Never been much of a fan of roast beef, but for free I’d try one of the new Turkey sandwhiches (and splurge for a side of their curly fries)!

  32. Sascha says:

    One of the Angus sandwiches, either the 3 cheese and bacon, or the Philly. The Angus beef tastes much better than the regular line.

  33. Jessica Olson says:

    Beef ‘n Chedder!

  34. michelle says:

    beef and cheddar!

  35. Michael Cordello says:

    Philly Ultimate Angus

  36. Alyssa says:

    beef and cheddar forever!

  37. mike says:

    Im with Kat roast chicken club

  38. Russ C. says:

    I’m partial to the Reuben Market Fresh Sandwich.

  39. Corey says:

    French dip and swiss is calling my name…

  40. Chris C says:

    Reuben, or bacon beef & cheddar. Loaded potato bites are a must.

  41. Nasir says:

    beef ‘n cheddar for sure

  42. Dante says:

    ITs dat beef n cheddar its duhhh bomb!

  43. D$$ says:

    I use the coupons that generally come every other week or so to get a 2 for $4 Cravin’ Chicken (fried) and Chicken, Bacon, Swiss (also fried…ALWAYS fried). That gift card would be handy to get those, and add toward the loaded potato bites. Yeah!

  44. Briteeni says:

    I’d put it towards the ultimate angus 3-cheese and bacon. Nummy! 🙂

  45. Cecil says:

    Grand Turkey Club 😀

  46. gina says:

    Ultimate Angus Philly!!!

  47. Elis B. says:

    Three Cheese & Bacon

  48. Laura says:

    Beef and cheddar, no red sauce! yummy

  49. Raphael says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I would also load up on the Beef and cheddar sandwiches! Wait a minute, no I’m not!! They are quite tasty!

  50. Lindsey says:

    I would get their Market Fresh Turkey Reuben!

  51. Michael says:

    Yummy old beef n cheddar!

  52. Echo710 says:

    Never mind the sandwiches; I want a jamocha shake!

  53. CB says:

    Actually ive been wanting to try their new turkey so i would get the grand turkey club with no tomatoes!

  54. Todd says:

    I would try the new Turkey and Cheddar

  55. Rob says:

    Beef and Cheddar, love those things.

  56. Phaet says:

    A Turkey Classic would surely hit the spot!

  57. bmtyson says:

    Beef and Cheddar FTW!

  58. Stew says:

    Beef and cheddar

  59. Tanner says:

    I would drive around until I could find one that still has the fried Chicken Cordon Bleu!

  60. Marianne says:

    I’d like to try the Grand Turkey Club … or my old stand-by … the Beef-n-Cheddar

  61. Brent says:

    Gotta say Beef and Cheddar.

  62. tehbull says:

    Chicken…..Bacon…..Swiss. All day. Every day. If it was socially acceptable and easy to do, i would be 24/7 fulltime.

  63. MP says:

    Beef n Cheddar – the old standard & all-time favorite.

  64. Marisa says:

    Regular ol’ Roast Beef,

  65. April says:

    old school, but BIG MONTANA

  66. Kayleigh says:

    I love the three cheese and bacon ultimate Angus, so if I would win I would have to get that!

  67. Adam says:

    Angus 3 Cheese + Bacon

  68. Jennifer says:

    Beef and cheddar!

  69. Chuck says:

    I’ll take a shroom & swiss or a market fresh turkey, bacon, ranch!

  70. Justin says:

    I would get a cheddar bacon roastburger. Damn I’m hungry now.

  71. Holly says:

    I definitely need to try the Grand Turkey Club!

  72. pete says:

    turkey club looks good

  73. oaksusu says:

    five dollar foot long special 😀

  74. Brent says:

    Beef and Cheddar, for sure.

  75. PJH says:

    Ruben with horsey sauce!

  76. Mike N. says:

    I have yet to try their new “Ultimate Angus” so that’s what I’d go for!

  77. Nothing beats the Beef n Cheddar.

  78. Stephen says:

    Turkey ‘n Cheddar Classic

  79. Christine says:

    Market Fresh BLT!!!!!! Simply the best 🙂

  80. Eric says:

    Grand Turkey Club for me!

  81. BenHungry says:

    I’m a huge (figuratively & literally) fan of the Three Cheese & Bacon Ultimate Angus. I’d enjoy a Grand Turkey Club though. Second thought better just give me the whole menu…

  82. Zac says:

    Beef n Cheddar!

  83. Philip says:

    Had the turkey already. Would get a Beef N’ Cheddar.

  84. Aaron says:

    Angus 3 Cheese and bacon. Exactly $5 I believe.

  85. Lz says:

    arby’s roast beef!

  86. Shannon says:

    Roast Chicken Club

  87. Kaylin says:

    Just the Turkey Classic for me. 🙂

  88. Kat says:

    The Super Roast Beef, love that sauce and the added tomato!

  89. raiders757 says:

    The Big Roast Beef. There’s no better reason to go to Arby’s than that. Yum!!

  90. Mikey F Baby says:

    Beef ‘n’ Cheddar

  91. TR says:

    Roast Beef of course.

  92. Shannon says:

    I’d get the french dip sub. yum!

  93. Aimee says:

    Plain turkey and some curly fries…yum!!!

  94. Lost Angeles says:

    I suppose I will accept one of your $5 gift cards.

  95. Dante says:

    beef n chedda beef n chedda beef n chedda!

  96. snuff says:

    bring back the italian sub!

  97. Rob says:

    I would enjoy a gift card to this fine establishment from this fine website.

  98. Wayne Simmonds says:

    Combo the gift card with a BOGO coupon and there will be 3 cheese/bacon/angus sub for everyone.

  99. Jack Percival says:

    beef and cheddar

  100. Tom Plummer says:

    I really like the crispy chicken sandwich with curly fries. I’ll take it over Chic-Fil-A any day!

  101. Mell says:

    Turkey (boring, but great) + LOTs of curly fries!

  102. Dale says:

    Bacon Beef AND CHEDDAR!!!!

  103. I always get the medium roast beef combo with the stuffed jalapeños. Hell yeah.

  104. Dustin Van Deman says:

    I’d get the Grand Turkey Club!!

  105. Alaine Elise says:

    I’d get a JR Roast beef
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  106. chris simms says:

    I would get the Grand Turkey club and add cheddar sauce to it! Yummy 🙂

  107. Emily N. says:

    I’d get their Roast Beef Sandwich.

  108. Stephen Z. says:

    Turkey and cheddar and beef and cheddar….and a large jamocha shake.

  109. nick says:

    i actually like the grand turkey club, love all the mayo as well. even when i get the small combo i get like 1lb of curly fried which is great except for the one ketchup packet they give you.

  110. Tiffany B. says:

    What else but a mid Beef ‘n Cheddar? That red ranch sauce is simply to die for, and I am finding pools of saliva collect in my mouth at the mere thought.

  111. Todd says:

    BLT Marketfresh Sandwich

  112. AmyJ says:

    Would have to go with the usual favorite beef and cheddar with curly fries.

  113. kevin says:

    turkey club

  114. tcarolinep says:

    I’d like Grand Turkey Club

  115. Nicole says:

    bacon beef and cheddar, just to try something new- my regular is the reg beef and cheddar 😛

  116. Cate says:

    Good ole Beef n Cheddar for me, thanks!

  117. Rebeka says:

    Turkey club sans bacon, extra lettuce

  118. timothy h. says:

    Beef and Cheddars, at least 2 !!

  119. Todd says:

    Beef and Cheddar!

  120. when i worked there they had a crispy chicken cordon blue… it was my favorite!!

  121. kendradoss says:

    any marketfresh sandwich

  122. Elton says:

    Thanks for doing the contests, but every contest you do involves a restaurant that is not in my town (NYC) Can you do a national contest for chains so everyone can have a fair chance?

  123. Abby says:

    I really enjoy their reuben.

  124. Jason S. says:

    Deluxe Bacon Cheddar!

  125. Dave says:

    Deluxe bacon cheddar for sure!

  126. Jon says:

    Chicken Bacon swiss ftw!

  127. Tyler M says:

    Haven’t been to Arby’s in a while, maybe this would get me to go.

  128. Jessica says:

    I’d probably stick to an old favorite: beef n’ cheddar

  129. CS says:

    Turkey and Swiss

  130. Michael says:

    Most likely one of the Angus Subs.

  131. Scott says:

    Roast Beef n Cheddar

  132. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Triple Cheese Angus

  133. Lily Sheng says:

    I remember loving Arby’s chicken salad sandwich! It’s got grapes in it!

  134. Elise says:

    Beef n Cheddar or Arbys Melt… not really sure what the difference is, generally I just take my chances and hope for lots and lots of that cheesy sauce

  135. Stephy says:

    Beef, bacon, and cheddar!

  136. LivLaughEat says:

    I’m all for the classics – I’d get a regular roast beef sandwich. And a side of potato cakes to share with the toddler.

  137. Tyler Golding says:

    Bacon Beef and Cheddar. *drools*

  138. Brian Williams says:

    Always go with the classic – maybe boring but good!

  139. Ashley S says:

    I’d love to enter if its not too late. I love the medium roast beef sammich. Yum!

  140. Arian says:

    yeah, definitely the turkey club

  141. jason says:

    The grand turkey club for sure!

  142. Jesica says:

    I have been wanting to try one of the turkey sandwiches so maybe the turkey club.

  143. June L says:

    The beef and cheddar with lots of sauce <3

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