Yet Another Chicken Tender: New KFC Dip’ems

This was posted as a “Sneak Peak” on the KFC Facebook page so it looks like this new item should be in restaurants very soon.  It’s another style of chicken tender… KFC Dip’ems.  KFC Extra Crispy Dip’ems feature 3 new dipping sauces (look familiar?).  I can’t tell exactly what the 3 new sauces are based on the commercial, but the nutrition guide on the KFC website shows 6 sauces (KFC Signature Sauce, Spicy Chipotle, Sweet and Sour, Honey Mustard, Creamy Ranch, Honey BBQ).  Update: The Sauces… NEW Creamy Buffalo, NEW Orange Ginger, NEW Bacon Ranch and KFC favorites, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard and Creamy Ranch. Availability in a party perfect bucket of 20 tenders and all six sauces or in a combo with three tenders, a choice of two sauces, a side, a biscuit and a medium drink for $5.

Check out a sneak peek of our new KFC Dip ‘Ems, Extra Crispy Tenders with six dipping sauces.

25 comments on “Yet Another Chicken Tender: New KFC Dip’ems

  1. Richard says:

    IMO the chicken just looks like the pieces of chicken from the chicken little’s as a separate item.

  2. Justin ST says:

    What’s so new about these? Has KFC run out of ideas?

    I would personally love to see them go the El Pollo route. I don’t have them in my area. I love their stuff. I don’t know why they got rid of the Twister. They lost so much business from me because of that. That thing is perfect. The last time I had one was in London.

  3. Tyler M says:

    From reading comments on their page, 2 of them are Bacon Ranch and Orange Ginger.

  4. 4x4, Animal Style says:

    New Sauces that I can tell, thanks to the ad: Fiesta Ranch, which sounds like a rip of Popeye’s similarly named sauce, Blackened Ranch. Additionally, creamy Buffalo; that’s new how? It’s been on Buffalo Snackers before.

    Strangely, of the 6 sauces they show at the 21 second mark of the ad are: Honey BBQ, Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Fiesta Ranch, Signature Sauce, and Creamy Buffalo. By my count, that’s only 2 new sauces, if you can even argue Buffalo as new. Chipotle seems gone in favor of Fiesta Ranch.

    • Justin ST says:

      Nope, they are Bacon Ranch, Orange Ginger and Creamy Buffalo. The rest are old sauces.

    • Rick says:

      Their buffalo used to be thin and incredibly hot (no flavor). Hopefully there’s more butter in this so its somewhere in between old recipe and BK buffalo

  5. Sascha says:

    Perfect time to bring back the Parmesan Garlic sauce, that was near perfection.

    I wonder if they’ll reasonably price a 20 piece bucket in the $7-$9 range, might be worth it at that, but only at that price.

  6. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Our local KFC prices 3 tenders at just over $4 so 20 of them for $7-9 doesnt seem likely. However, their current combo deal, 3 tenders, 2 sauces, a side, a biscuit, and a drink all for $5 seems like a good deal.

  7. Brandon says:

    I am officially dipped and stripped out, you guys.

    KFC-ya later.

    Random nugget joke.

  8. Rick says:

    I really really really want these to be good. This might be KFC’s last shot at keeping me around (except for the double down when I haven’t eaten all day). Signature sauce is sort of a shot at Zaxby’s sauce and is good on the sandwich..

  9. JF says:

    I rarely eat at KFC. Last time was probably close to 2 years ago and I got their big box (whatever it was called). It did have a chicken tender. So did they stop making these and reintroduced them (or using the same, as others have reference, the chicken from the new chicken littles)?

    I just don’t see how this is new if it’s something they already offered, unless they changed something about it. It just seems like, as always, they are following the lead of their competitors and trying to introduce something (notso)new because they are just not innovative.

    I will pass on this. If I want chicken, I’ll hit up Popeyes.

    But thanks for the news, and as others have stated, still not clear what is so new about their recycled sauces.

  10. MP says:

    Look KFC, you can call it whatever you want & and pull every other trick in the book to copy Popeye’s Dip’n Chick’n & make all the clever commercials & sauces you want, but until you start using a decent amount of Original recipe herbs & spices, your chicken will be remain remarkably generic & completely forgettable.

  11. I think restaurants are officially out of ideas.

  12. kikurage says:

    There is no novelty and interesting in this new campaign.  I have a deja vu.

  13. Danny says:

    To those – like me – hoping they’d be relative cheap, think again. Someone was hoping they’d be in the $7-9 range.. I was hoping for the $10-12 range. When I get there to order, I look at the menu and see $19.99. Seriously? $1 per piece? Yeah right, who the hell is gonna pay $20 for those?

  14. Bill says:

    Had these today, a lot of breading. Had the bacon ranch dipping sauce, not bad not great. Bottom line $5.00 was not a bad deal good size strips, just wish they had more meat to them. Also I am not sure about why they served a biscuit with the meal, this meal does not need more carbs.

  15. Rick says:

    Tried it last night. No change in the chicken (I got 3 healthy pieces, not small and long like Popeyes but thicker). The lady at the counter refused to acknowledge what signature sauce was so I got BBQ and creamy buffalo. Chicken was hot (for once) but greasy as hell, I still felt it in the morning. BBQ was standard, the creamy buffalo was thicker than BK buffalo as I predicted, but they still can’t get the flavor right. Heat, no flavor. Decent consistency and interesting neon orange color. BTW, a hot KFC biscuit is very serviceable, but nowhere near a popeyes/bojangles biscuit. Popeyes is still the one seed but if I’m craving chicken 2 days in a row, I was reminded that KFC strips are still good.

    • I agree. By some miracle I stumbled onto a KFC near work in Ellicot City, MD where the place is busy enough that the food is actually hot (I’ve gone 3 different days this week, once for lunch, twice for dinner, so it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence) and I was very pleasantly surprised that when fresh the Extra Crispy tenders hold up very well in the world of chicken strips. I’m a big BBQ fan and like KFC’s version so I didn’t try any of the other sauces, but I consider the $5 combo to be a very good value for the amount of food. The three chicken tenders were moderately long, thicker than I would have expected, and the breading only overwhelmed the chicken at a few thin edges. Combine that with mac & cheese that for once wasn’t dried out and the biscuit (which I agree is lacking compared to Popeyes) and it was a great meal. And believe me, I did not expect to be referring to anything from KFC as great after my experiences with the stores closer to home. I’m actually going to go back and try some things I passed off as crap before from this particular one. Some of the stuff might be passable if served hot for once.

  16. Sukanya says:


  17. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Really liked the bacon ranch sauce. So of course, it has been pulled already :/

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