Wawa Hoagiefest Classic Summer 2012

Summertime means another round of Hoagiefest at Wawa.  This time, the lineup is huge and celebrates 0ver 30 classic hoagies:

Hoagiefest® is back and BIGGER and BETTER than ever! This summer, we’re featuring our entire Classic Hoagie® lineup for $4.79 each. That’s over 30 varieties to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Check out any of our Breakfast, Cold and Hot Classic Hoagie® varieties and pick your favorite!

3 comments on “Wawa Hoagiefest Classic Summer 2012

  1. Mike N. says:

    Sadly, no Wawa near me. And annoyingly, there’s no way on their website to show all their locations. That bugs me when company’s websites only let you search within a few miles of a certain address.

  2. Sean says:

    Basically, this ‘event’ is just a sale for Wawa’s classic hoagie size…
    Not very creative…

    I guess it’s better that the past few years where they were ripping off Peter Max’s artwork and using a John Lennon look-alike (BTW – Lennon was a vegetarian) in their advertisements for Hoagiefest.

    Kind of disappointing…

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