The Southwest Patty Melt from Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

A few weeks back, we brought you news of the latest spokesmodel to lay hands upon a new burger from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.  The Southwest Patty Melt has now been released in both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. locations.  Hungry?  750 calories and 54 grams of fat for the single.

A charbroiled beef patty, with sliced jalapenos, grilled onions, pepper-Jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce, all on grilled sourdough bread.

To check out the behind-the-scenes look at Kate Upton and the Southwest Patty Melt photoshoot click ahead.


17 comments on “The Southwest Patty Melt from Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    Sweet. Damn it though. I was going to grab steak and shake for a review in a couple hours and now I want this? What do I do?!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Can someone please explain, is beef really that fattening or is it additives on other items on the burger? If I get say, a 85/15 ratio and make a hamburger patty the size of the Southwest Patty Melt, will it have around 54 grams of fat?

    I love burgers on sourdough. 🙂

    • Chefprotoss says:

      There are 454 grams in a pound. Hardee’s beef is at least 80/20 lean to fat. One lb should be at least 90 grams of fat. Cut that by 1/3rd and add cheese and sauce and there ya go. Fat equals flavor.

      • Douglas says:

        “Fat equals flavor.”

        Please, just take the “chef” part of your name away and throw it into a dank basement, locking the door behind you.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          Why? Your tastebuds are genetically engineered to to find some tastes appealing and others atrocious. Bitter, for example usually tastes bad because a lot of bitter stuff can kill you or make you sick. Your body craves fat because along with needing it to survive, it used to be hard to come by, thus we are trained to crave fat more so than sour tastes. Dogs don’t chew on bones to clean their teeth, they instictively are trying to get to the marrow aka the fattiest part of a carcass. Marrow tastes awesome for a reason. Not trying to argue, but scientifically fat = flavor.

          • Manavee says:

            This is absolutely correct.

            Fat also has more energy per gram (9 kcal/gram) compared to carbohydrates or protein (4 kcal/gram each). We evolved in a time where food was scarce. We didn’t have Burger Kings and McDonalds around every corner. We evolved such that fat, being a compact source of energy, tasted good to us.

            For example, how good mashed potatoes taste is directly proportional to the amount of butter and sour cream you put in them. This is true up to infinity.

          • Manavee says:

            Sorry, that should read cream cheese not sour cream.

        • Jade says:

          Ever had really good, organic, grass-fed, outdoor reared meat? You can always taste the quality by how good the fat tastes. Lean meat is drier, less juicy and so has less taste. Not saying that there’s no use for lean meat, but lean meat for hamburgers is not a great idea.

      • Lindsay says:

        Thanks! I didn’t think about the mathematical aspect of calculating it per grams.

  3. Mmmm faaaattt says:

    Okay, who is this Douglas person? How do you not know that fat=flavor?! Why do you think restaurant meals typically taste better than home-cooked stuff? Just look up “mounting, butter, sauce,” or a typical calorie count/nutritional breakdown for a restaurant meal. Fat, followed by salt and other seasoning, takes food from edible to delectable.

  4. Scrape says:

    I must say, for a drive-thru fast food buger joint, Hardees lately has been the bomb. Since they had the buy-one-get-one coupon for their 1/4lb Little Thickburger, I’ve become addicted to them. The ingredients make it like a Whopper, only good. They have some decent coupons if you sign up for their FB page.

  5. phil says:

    What the hell is wrong with Hardees? I mean can’t they have one thing on their menu that isn’t overloaded with fat and calories? Even their turkey burger has 460 calories. A turkey patty of that size should only be around 150 calories.

    Has anyone ever tried The Six Dollar Thickburger?

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Hardee’s isn’t health food. They will be the first to tell you. I always interpret this argument as if you said “why can’t beer be as good for you as orange juice?”. They both have their place, but in no way are they comparable. I generally eat healthy. Really healthy, but I don’t see what that has to do with occasionally enjoying a giant hunk of fatty beef with melted cheese on a butter bun.
      Sorry, I can’t sleep and my insomnia may have led to this response =)

  6. Synesthesia says:

    I just got this. It is heavenly.

  7. Christian says:

    I had this today. They didn’t grill my onions, which would have made it better, but it was very good. Not spicy but rich, fattening goodness all around.

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