The Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King is $1.04 This Weekend

Enjoy the Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King for just $1.04 this weekend, June 29th-July 1st.  Check out my review of the Original Chicken Sandwich from earlier this year.

10 comments on “The Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King is $1.04 This Weekend

  1. M86 says:

    I’m really surprised BK still has this one on their menu… And, really, $1.04 is about all it’s worth, if that.
    This was my go-to at BK while I was in high school… I still can’t believe I was hooked on these things. Even though I haven’t had one in about 7-8 years, nothing beats “nostalgia” even if it seems a bit nasty now!

  2. Crysta says:

    Those things are gross. Fell into the trap last time they ran a deal and ew. Just ew.

    Now if they put the TenderGrill or the TenderCrisp on sale I might actually go to BK…

  3. TJ says:

    I think this is a pretty good deal… I mean I probably wouldn’t pay more than about $1.50 for one usually, but this is more than 50% off their normal price here.

  4. Kevster says:

    The Tendergrill is easily the best thing on BK’s menu.

  5. kikurage says:

    A reasonable taste becomes a reasonable price.

  6. Alex says:

    BK’s REAL chicken is great. These? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………

  7. Sascha says:

    I wouldn’t even say this sandwich is better than the one on their dollar menu. I enjoyed the Club version a bit when they had it on promotion last year, but this is the absolute most I would pay for this sandwich. When fresh out of the fryer, it’s pretty good. Problem is, it goes to really bad within 3-5 minutes.

    • TJ says:

      Hmm, my BK is just around the corner from me, so I haven’t had the freshness problem. Not that I’ve had them very often, but I might get one at this price.

      As for comparing it to the dollar menu sandwich, this one’s definitely a little bigger in any case. If you prefer spicy chicken, then I could see liking the dollar menu spicy chick’n crisp thing more.

  8. George says:

    I had a couple of these last time they ran this promotion, and it was fairly gross. If I remember correctly, there is about a tablespoon of salt in each chicken patty. I’m someone who usually doesn’t mind a little extra saltiness, but it was even way overboard for me. I still eat at BK every so often, but it really isn’t that great and I’m almost always disappointed.

  9. MP says:

    Got two on Friday & saved $5.10 (regularly $3.59 each). As gross as always; both were dried out & almost black; very little mayo; some hard white lettuce chunks that tasted like dirt and sodium 1204mg X 2. I was starving before I got these yet I felt much, much worse afterwards. Never again.

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