The Fry Lover’s Burger from Checkers & Rally’s

This has been out for about a week now, but I just came across it today.  I’m sure there are a lot of fans of Checkers/Rally’s seasoned fries out there.  How about fries in your cheeseburger?  The Fry Lover’s Burger is now available at participating Checkers/Rally’s locations.  Looks like a must-try for just a buck.

Now you can have the best of both worlds at the same time. The Fry Lover’s Burger is the perfect combination of meat and potatoes all on one bun. Made with a 100% beef, hand-seasoned hamburger patty, then topped with Checkers & Rally’s famous seasoned fries, a slice of American cheese, pickles, ketchup, mayo and mustard, and served on a toasted sesame seed bun … this burger is guaranteed to send your taste buds on a one-way trip to flavor heaven.

14 comments on “The Fry Lover’s Burger from Checkers & Rally’s

  1. Andi says:

    This is a pretty darn good deal. I’m just sad that Rally’s/Checkers moved out of my town after taking it over years ago.

  2. Beast says:

    Awesome! I love their Fries, but I tend to prefer to get 2 burgers rather than 1 burger and a fry. So this will be an awesome way of having both for the same price.

    That said, given the commercial for the Dollar Burgers, it doesn’t look like the Mushroom & Swiss made a return this time around. I loved getting a sack of those for a buck.

  3. Noodlez says:

    I so wish we had Rally’s/Checkers in Oklahoma. Got to try Rally’s out in Cali and wow it was pretty good I must say.

  4. Sascha says:

    I tried one last week, and didn’t come away too impressed, a rarity for me as I almost exclusively dine at Rally’s when I need fast food. But, I also distinctly remember there being lettuce on my burger, and remembering that it took away from the flavor of the fries. Looks like that lettuce wasn’t meant to be there.

    Personally, I’d go as simple as the burger, fries, ketchup and mayo, maybe some onions.

  5. kikurage says:

    Looks very good, and the name “Fry Lover’s Burger” is charming. Good sense.

  6. SmoledMan says:

    Wow, that’s exactly the kind of food we need in this obesity epidemic.

  7. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I had it, it was not bad and it was not great. I would prefer onion crisps than fried though or half and half.

  8. JF says:

    I think Checker’s was in NY before I moved away, but never tried them. I wish I did, and have it on my list when I go back.

    Like all the other places that people swear by (In N Out, Steak N Shake, Zaxby’s, etc) I do keep this on my list if they move here, or I am in a location where they are to give them a shot.

    Not sure I’m missing anything, but would like to figure that out for myself.

    Never thought of fries on a burger, but looking at their menu, I’m drooling.

  9. alexis says:

    i love the fry lovers its so good when I tryed it I was like omg i have to keep getting this buger

  10. weareclouds says:

    It is a delicious burger. I thought it would be weird and too starchy for me (like fried chicken sandwiches are) But, no. It was amazing. If you haven’t tried one of these yet. Seriously, do it.

  11. kenny says:


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