The 8-Pound StrasBurger at Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals pitching hype-machine known as Stephen Strasburg now has an 8-pound burger named after him.  The StrasBurger.  Not to be confused with this lightweight hotdog-topped burger.  The StrasBurger will be available at the Red Porch Restaurant at Nationals Park starting in April.  I wish I had a pic 🙁

via TheWashingtonPost:

Weighing eight pounds total (including toppings), the StrasBurger is a monstrous all beef burger (combination of ground brisket, chuck and short ribs). The burger is served on a large burger bun with our secret sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, pickle chips and served with a cone basket of fresh cut fries and a pitcher of your choice of soft drink. This signature dish is the perfect entrée to share at this affordably-priced family restaurant.

7 comments on “The 8-Pound StrasBurger at Nationals Park

  1. Dustin says:

    8 POUNDS?!?! Good lord. You’d have to share it with an entire office building.

  2. Manavee says:

    Sounds Tommyjohnerific.

  3. TheWarden says:

    With the price of ball park food, this burger can be yours for only $888 and….

    88 cents.

  4. John Kruk says:

    I’ll have 2 of these.

  5. somesteve says:

    excessive and headline worthy- something the Nationals do need.

  6. […] burger…? I’m not so sure.  A pounder hot dog seems like a light snack next to the Strasburger.  At the Captain Morgan Club at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, the one pound/two foot long […]

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