Testing: The McCruncher from McDonald’s

Testing at McDonald’s in the Tuscaloosa area of Alabama… the McCruncher.

The McCruncher is a Dollar Menu test item that features white cheddar, onion straws and chipotle ranch sauce.  Thanks to @Daniel_Hill from The Southern Table for the info and pics.  Take a look:

47 comments on “Testing: The McCruncher from McDonald’s

  1. Andy says:

    Honestly the idea is good but it looks disgusting.

  2. Natalie says:

    This looks pretty good. I don’t remember McD’s offering onion straws on a burger before, I’m surprised they would introduce them on a dollar menu burger instead of an Angus burger or another pricier option.

  3. Mandy says:

    That looks so gross! I actually thought the promo pic looked a little interesting, until I saw the ACTUAL sandwich pic. Does it taste as bad as it looks?? lol

  4. Tracy says:

    Is it me or does that look nothing like the hamburger on the sign? Where are the onion straws?

  5. Nick says:

    At least it’s not yet another overpriced McDouble derivative.

  6. xericwit says:

    White cheddar sounds good.
    McD’s ad dept may have oversold it a little compared to reality. Disparity is expected (particularly on the $1 menu) but it looks McMushy.

  7. Matt says:

    Doesn’t look very crunchy in that picture. McSoggy looks to be more apt

    • Allokago says:

      My thought exactly. I know advertising is supposed to make the food look more appealing than it really is, but talk about a letdown.

  8. Mike F. says:

    Even for advertising to real deal, that is a STARK difference.

  9. Manavee says:

    The promo pic and the description look great!

    The picture of the actual product? Eh….. not so much.

  10. alison says:

    It’s not like the picture

  11. Rachel* says:

    This is at the Mcdonald’s downtown! I saw it last week but I was confused as to what was on it. Guess I’ll try one tomorrow after class.

  12. Jon says:

    Interesting that its on the Dollar Menu. Maybe McyD’s is taking a page out of Taco Bell’s playbook. Introduce a new item at a promo price, bump it up when a new product hits, and if it continues to sell keep it or phase it out.

  13. Adam says:

    here in Texas they a grilled onion cheddar burger for a $1. Meat, White Cheddar, Carmalized Grilled onions and mayo. Ill take a pic next time I go.

  14. Rusty Shackleford says:

    That actually sounds pretty good. Too bad it’s not a double patty like the mcdouble though. Hardly sounds like enough ingredients to justify paying even a dollar.

    • Seth mancey says:

      They are phazing out the mcdouble. The Mcdonalds near my university is testing the McCruncher, and it is pretty good, despite its appearance. When it hit the menu, the mcDouble went to 1.60.

  15. Daniel n says:

    Sounds good but picture looks lame.

  16. Jay says:

    I know that real fast food never looks like the advertised picture, but this is an all time low. What is that mess?! McCruncher looks super McSoggy.

  17. ChrisSh says:

    For a buck? Yes please! Probably not as good as it should be, but worth a buck to try…

  18. SkippyMom says:

    It looks like they managed a 1/10 of the onion straws on poor Daniel’s sandwich. Good thing it is only a buck, but I would complain a wee bit to get more straws. I would want a little crunch that it looks like it would do if you got the one in the picture.

    I never thought I would see the day that Micky D’s would have onion rings/straws. Wow!

    Thanks Daniel. I will keep a lookout.

  19. Joe Cool says:

    Sounds interesting, worth trying for $1.

  20. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I know fast food never looks like the promo pics, but they didn’t even try on this one. Where is the “crunch”?

  21. Patrick says:

    Looks pretty good, except for the sauce: that looks disgusting. Not a big fan of chipotle or ranch anyways. It also needs way more onion straws, like in the picture, but as a whole, it doesn’t look half bad.

  22. Edamame says:

    Interesting. Even with the absence of apparent (soggy)onion straws, if the chipotle ranch sauce is decent enough it could become a really tasty $1 buy I think.

  23. Jim says:

    I would like to see the sauce on the side of the bun that touches the burger. Leave the onion straws dry.

  24. kikurage says:

    Where are onion straws? The sauce looks paints.

  25. Raiders757 says:

    Add some more onions straws for fuggs sake, and top it off with a little A1 Steak Sauce instead of that nasty looking ranch based sauce.

  26. Sam says:

    Totally agree with everyone else about the promo picture looking great and the actual picture looking terrible. Just surprised that nobody else suggested the McVomit…

  27. Daniel says:

    The best way I can describe the burger is: OK.

    The chipotle ranch sauce has a flavor that is more smoky than peppery to me. & the onions tend to soak it up rather quickly.

    All in all, it’s OK. I gave it a second chance today for a quick lunch on the road and the onions were actually pretty good. The crunchy sensation on a burger is a bit odd to me, but others might be more accustomed to it. I’d definitely recommend eating the McCruncher right away. You can see by the 15 minutes it took me to get home to take the pic that all the “crunch” had all but dissolved.

    • TJ says:

      I put potato chips or french fries in a burger sometimes, so I’d be one of those who is accustomed to the crunchy thing. Thanks for the update, I can understand why it would be one of those things you have to eat right when you get it. I feel the same way about a lot of Burger King and Taco Bell items too. I wonder if half the people who complain about the current state of the Whopper being mushy let it sit for more than a 5-10 minutes… that’s about how long it lasts in decent quality from my experience.

  28. Matt says:

    Yeah…looks McDisgusting.

  29. Ray J. says:

    Mccruncher looks MC messy. LOL

  30. Libby M says:

    This looks gross and the name doesn’t fit either. McDonalds is grasping at straws for this one.

  31. Bunny says:

    The is one sad, little burger.

  32. disgraceTHIS says:

    it seems like it would fit better with chicken, chicken not from mcdonald’s

  33. Peter says:

    It sounds good on paper; chipotle ranch and onion straws are a couple of my favorites. The picture doesn’t look so hot, but for a measly dollar I would absolutely give it a shot.

  34. jenne says:

    I’ve always wondered why the difference between the pictures of fast food and the real thing isn’t considered fraudulent advertising? If you want a real crunchy onion burger, try the ones at A&W, they have an abundance of crunchy onion straws on their burgers that advertise it.

  35. Sascha says:

    I agree with an earlier poster (Jim) regarding the fabrication of the sandwich. Put the sauce on the heel, then the burger, then the cheese and onions, and you wouldn’t have the problem of the onions sucking up the sauce and getting soggy.

    If I ever see it, I’ll definitely try it. Hoping the white cheddar will have a semblance of cheese.

  36. Tarawa says:

    I’ve tried the sandwich several times and it tastes good. The chipotle ranch sauce they put in has a little bit of a barbecue taste to it. The onion straw chips are crisper than the picture deplicts–more like cereal flakes. Make sure they melt the cheese when ordering–cold cheese robs from the other flavors.

  37. Miranda says:

    Totally saw this while driving to Birmingham! Definitely trying it…it’s only a dollar.

  38. Beth says:

    I tried this today b/c I love crunchy onions and it also looked like a yummy alternative to the regular dollar menu burger. I thought it was awesome. It doesn’t live up to the picture in the ad but it was still pretty good. I also didn’t tear mine apart to look inside, I just ate it. I hope it stays around.

  39. Matt says:

    Tried one tonight in Hoover,al. Again… Onion straws almost non existent, it’s basically a cheeseburger with a tangy sauce. Overall, not bad but not a good replacement for the mcdouble which is what it is . Good, but seems like a gimmick. Don’t let the ads with the pile of onion straws fool you. I have tried this sandwich 6 times recently expecting something different. The straw count is maybe 3 or 4 small onion straws ie not enough to make a difference but enough for McDonald’s to promote them with having them. Make sense? Save your money and keep ordering the mcchicken. I hope they bring back the Mcdouble back

  40. Conner Patton says:

    Saw this on our way through Foresdale, AL. The onions actually were a lot crispier than you might think. I wish the chipotle was stronger in the sauce-if you’re gonna use chipotle then use it-as well as a bigger burger. The white cheese was interesting. I would definitely add it to the menu, but consider revising these little details of the sandwich before doing so!

  41. BAMAREED says:

    The McCruncher is kick ass. Come to Birmingham and enjoy one for yourself.

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