Taco Bell Offering XXL Steak Nachos for a Limited Time

Another to add to the XXL family… Today Taco Bell introduces XXL Steak Nachos for a limited time only at participating locations. The XXL Steak Nachos feature a triple portion of thick cut juicy steak (as compared to the 1.5 oz Steak Taco), melted cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo piled high on crunchy tortilla chips. Priced at $5.99 ($4.99 for beef or chicken).

32 comments on “Taco Bell Offering XXL Steak Nachos for a Limited Time

  1. Mike N. says:

    Six bucks for a single item at Taco Bell!? No thanks. Maybe if it were non-XXL sized/priced it’d be something to try. I’d rather have six of the 99 cent nachos. BUT, on the plus side, it’s nice to see the Bell pumping out some new non-Cantina stuff, just too bad it’s not another $1 burrito.

    • This doesn’t make any sense. Look at the size of that item. We are talking about steak, not ground beef (where half of the ingredients are “seasonings”). Honestly, sometimes I wonder if people who post on the internet are attempting to advertise a low IQ.

      If you go to Taco Bell for plain chips and cheese —- why would you not just make that at home? It’s like going out for a bowl of cereal.

  2. Branson says:

    Merely looking at this thing makes my bowels throb violently.

  3. Ljay says:

    As junk (drunk) food goes that looks pretty good actually.

  4. Mike N. says:

    Hey, any GrubGraders in Dayton? Taco Bell in Dayton, Ohio, is supposed to be testing a “smothered burrito” with red sauce that will cost $2.99 for beef, or $3.99 for chicken or steak.

  5. Michael says:

    That tray it’s in doesn’t exactly look really deep or worthy of the price tag!

  6. Jill McHale says:

    Yum! Gotta check this out!

  7. Justin ST says:

    Way too high. Should be 4 bucks. When you can get better quality product at Qdoba or Chipotle, they can forget it. Taco Bell and KFC are being run by corporate hacks.

    • DDD says:

      and you can get better mexican at your local taqueria vs the corporate hacks at Chipotle. Don’t fall for the jive.

      • Bubbsy says:

        That’s funny, there are so many anti-corporate chain snobs that don’t realize how ridiculous they sound in their hypocrisy. Same kind of people who go on Facebook with their MacBooks to rant about how WalMart is an evil greedy corporation.

      • Justin ST says:

        I love it how Steve Ells from Chipotle opened up a Southeast Asian place that charges, like what, $8 or more for inferior Banh Mi when every Vietnamese place sells it for $3? Idiot.

        • Bubbsy says:

          Your insecurity and immature desperation reek up your posts all over these discussion boards. So much name-calling and childish angst on these fast food discussion boards so often. I’ll bet people just *love* being around you.

  8. Griffin says:

    Lol you know if you eat this whole thing… which isn’t hard you will be consuming probably over 2,000 calories… most of which is fat and sodium. Talk about a gut bomb… you’d have to run on the treadmill for 2 days straight after this o.O

  9. Joe says:

    1160 calories and 61 grams of fat

  10. Sandy says:

    It needs Jalapenos!

  11. Justin ST says:

    Way too expensive.

  12. A co-worker ordered this today. It was definitely very very big. A lot bigger than I expected honestly. I’d buy it for the price.

  13. Nick says:

    The portion size is very generous. It’s quite a bit bigger than it looks in the pictures. I ordered the steak version, which was okay The steak and guac still have a bit of a strange consistency to them.. Next time I’ll get the ground beef instead ($1 cheaper) and add jalapenos.

  14. Lewis2 says:

    There was only 10 TINY pieces of steak on a tray of nachos that is at least a 10×5″… False advertising if you ask me.

  15. Neko says:

    I wish they made not so gigantic portions. I’m a female and can’t eat even half of what is portioned in this dish. Also while I love the cantina bell chicken burrito, again it’s too big for me to eat in one sitting. I can’t reheat it later as the food would be real soggy and gross. If I ever get the nachos, I just get the nachos supreme. I don’t want any more than that.

  16. royald says:

    I usually demolish Taco Bell, easily knocking out three-five menu items depending on their size. I wasn’t able to finish this at all though. It’s actually a good value, the plate is absurdly huge. I sprang for beef instead of steak though.

  17. Jen says:

    I got this yesterday and not only was it delicious, it was incredibly large. Three of us munched on it and got full. It has nacho cheese sauce and a shredded cheese mix. There actually wasn’t even enough chips for all of the toppings!

  18. […] Back in November 2012, Taco Bell released XXL Steak Nachos and here we are again for another round.  Like just about everything at Taco Bell, you can choose your protein and my local Taco Bell has XXL Nachos priced like this: Steak $6.19, Shredded Chicken $5.99, Beef $5.19.  The Steak XXL Nachos plate is featured with a “3X Steak” tag “Over 1 pound”… it’s described like this: […]

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