Subway Five Dollar Footlong for March 2012: Jalapeno Tuna

The featured Five Dollar Footlong at Subway for March is the Jalapeno Tuna.  6″ worth will set you back 470 calories and 24 grams of fat (as shown).

Explore a new world of flavor when our tasterrific tuna meets spicy jalapeños to leave your taste buds tingling! This March only, it joins our many every day $5 FOOTLONGS™.

I guess this goes well with the season of Lent, but all good observers would be smart to abstain from this monstrosity.  I can’t imagine eating an entire footlong of this.  Anyone interested?

27 comments on “Subway Five Dollar Footlong for March 2012: Jalapeno Tuna

  1. Steve says:

    This is a menu item? They do realize anyone could order this at any time by saying “put jalapenos on it” right? The monthly specials are generally pretty decent but this is just laughable.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Exactly the first thing I though of too, you can get this anytime. And I guarantee if I go in and ask for a jap tuna sandwich, they are still going to ask if I want the japs by the time I get to the end of the line.

      • Lindsay says:

        I agree. Sometimes their featured menu item is pretty neat, but putting their tuna on a sammie and adding jalopenos is not even making an effort!

    • Bob says:

      You see Steve, the tuna is not a five dollar footlong regularly. So adding the Tuna with jalapenos to the five dollar footlongs in march is what? Not laughable. In some Subways, if you say “i want the jalapeno tuna with no jalapenos”, they will charge you regular footlong price…so you should go shove a footlong steak with creamy cheese in your mouth on that.

  2. Mitchery says:

    Nothing like jalapeños covered in mayonnaise for lunch.

  3. Ryan says:

    Yup, I’m pretty sure every “featured footlong” introduces nothing new. It’s just a suggested combination of ingredients with a new name attached.

  4. Manavee says:

    Yes, you can always get jalapenos on it. I don’t mind this particular sub that much as a suggestion….but about a year ago or so their featured sub was the “Turkey Melt” which was turkey with cheese on it. Now, I can maybe understand people not realizing that Subway has jalapenos and thus it being a good idea for Subway to “suggest” it with their sub of the month. But who doesn’t know you can put cheese on your sub?!?! I mean, they ask you every time, “What kind of cheese do you want?”

  5. Chefprotoss says:

    Eeveryone already said what I want to say better so I’ll say this instead: where is my damn falafel Subway?!

  6. Bekah says:

    That is disgusting. The picture is disgusting. The idea of jalapeno’s on tuna is disgusting.

    Falafel on the other hand would be fabulous! And I would dig a taziki sauce option.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Jeez, have an open mind. The thought of japs on tuna almost makes the tuna bearable to eat.

      Falafel = awful.

    • Cynthia says:

      I so agree with you. While I like tuna and jalapeno’s individually, just the thought of them together makes me ill.

      • Joe Cool says:

        Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs, Tuna + Japs…feeling ill yet?

    • Bob says:

      Falafel is disgusting, and taziki sauce? Who are you kidding lady? It’s tzatziki sauce. You think that would be good on a tuna? Now That’s nasty.

  7. JCPGA says:

    Been making this sandwich at my local Subway for years now, 6 inch never foot long. I even add bacon, spinach, and hot sauce to mine. How about the new Italian subs? Anyone try them yet?

  8. Marky says:

    Oh boy.. With the marketing and market share Subway has in the market, This is not a good “marriage” Jalepenos are AOK, but with tuna??? Who was thinking of this…….With the lenten season, why not stick to a good ole’ tuna sub???? My thoughts…….

  9. Roger says:

    Hey, also just saw a commercial adding the $5 footlong seafood sensation for a limited time. Over here by Indy. I think that one tends to be a regional offering.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      I just Googled that sub… I’d never heard of or seen it before. It looks weird but I’d try it at least once.

      • Manavee says:

        It’s gross. Trust me.

        Quizno’s lobster and seafood salad isn’t half bad actually, as they butter up the bread before they send it into the toaster.

        • Hamranhansenhansen says:

          You may not like it, but he should try it anyway because he may end up liking it a lot. Tuna and jalapeño is a great combination.

  10. Lucky says:

    I miss my Orchard Chicken Salad… 🙁

  11. ChrisSh says:

    I just had one of these tonight and loved it. Got it with a whole bunch of veggies and provolone. I added sriracha sauce at home as well. Like I said, I thought it was awesome, but I have been known to make sandwiches that are just tuna/mustard/sriracha between two slices of bread, so I’m pretty much the target market.

  12. Chicago says:

    they have falafel at the subway in Chicago. I believe the one off McClurg Ct.

  13. Ann Morrison says:

    What is May five dollar footlong

  14. Hamranhansenhansen says:

    Yes, you can add jalapeño by asking for it, but people don’t generally do that because they don’t realize how incredibly awesome jalapeños are with tuna salad. It’s good to spread the word because it doesn’t sound as good as it tastes.

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