Spotted in Atlanta: McDonald’s Mighty Wings

McDonald’s is testing bone-in chicken wings in Atlanta.  Spotted by GrubGrade reader Ari… McDonald’s Mighty Wings.  Mighty Wings are available in 3, 5 and 10 piece portions.  According to the menu board shown below, the 3-piece is $3.29, 5-piece is $4.99 and the 10-piece is $8.99.  I’m hoping these wings are big enough to match the roughly $1.00/per wing price.  Have you tried McDonald’s Mighty Wings yet?  How do they compare to KFC’s Hot Wings or Popeyes Spicy Cajun Wings?

McDonald's Mighty Wings

49 comments on “Spotted in Atlanta: McDonald’s Mighty Wings

  1. Justin ST says:

    That’s way overpriced. Like I’ve said before, McDonald’s needs to start focusing on quality and not jamming their menu full of as many items as they can. Dump McCafe, dump the ridiculous smoothies and drinks, improve the dessert options, improve the fries, improve the quality of the hamburger meat and cooking method, add topping options and sauce options. That’s what people care about.

    • Robert says:

      Dump McCafe? Bite your tongue.

      I think it’s hilarious that you’re giving *McDonald’s*, the most successful chain ever, instructions on what people care about. Hilarious.

      • Robert says:

        But this does look like a bad item at a terrible price. It won’t last.

      • MP says:

        Actually I agree with Justin. McDonald’s burgers are horrid. McD compensates its weaknesses by offering other tempting options. Starbucks comes along & everybody is now suddenly drinking expensive coffee so what does McD do? Starts offering said coffee.

        I used to love the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Big Mac, the Filet-o-Fish & the 99 cent double cheeseburger when it had two slices of cheese. But then the meat got weird on the QP (mushy; would change flavor from start to finish), way too much bread & lettuce on the BM, FoF breading started varying in breading thickness (and probably warehouse distributors), and honestly, the cheese overpowered the meat & was the real star of the DCB. Throw in the variations of older & colder meat, overseasoning & chewy fish filets and it was a real hit-and-miss affair.

        Nobody ever said McDonald’s wasn’t smart – but nobody ever said their customers were smart, either. Popular doesn’t always mean “good”.

    • Todd says:

      Justin…i take it you DON’T like McDonalds then? LOL. I have never done it, but from reading GrubGrade it seems that you do have topping and sauce options.

    • chrislad says:

      Improve the fries? Never heard that complaint about McDonalds before.

      Topping options and sauce options that’s what people care about? BK pushes the “have it your way”, hasn’t seemed to have helped them much. I think people care about quick, cheap, and reliable food. You can always ask for one of the half-dozen sauces they carry.

      The Chicken Selects are way over priced yet have remained as a menu item.

      I agree with you that these wings are overpriced and lower quality that can be gotten otherwhere but I don’t think thats sufficent to be unpopular.

  2. erik says:

    Why would I buy small fast food naked wings for $1 ea when I can get bigger bbq wings from a sports bar for $.50 ea?

    • Fanny says:

      Exactly. I don’t understand how these fast food companies keep falling into these same mistakes by trying to be what they’re not. You’re McDonald’s. Start acting like McDonald’s and focus on being a better McDonald’s. You’re not Starbuck’s or a sport’s bar. Taco Bell, you’re not Chipotle. Wienerschnitzel, you’re not Mexican. Burger King, you’re not edible.

      • Justin ST says:

        @Fanny, Grubgrade post of the year. Beautiful.

      • TJ says:

        The comments section on this site is starting to turn into GrubHate, we love to complain. I have to admit your post is very funny, although I don’t completely agree with you. Some chains can handle variety pretty well. Jack in the Box and Sonic’s are a couple examples. I don’t know too many people who complain about Jack in the Box, a burger chain, selling egg rolls, tacos, breakfast, etc. all day.

        I know you didn’t mention those 2 chains, but I even disagree a little with the examples you mentioned. How does the Cantina menu at Taco Bell detract from the other items they sell? I’ll probably never get anything from there, but when I went to taco bell yesterday, the taco I got was the same as it always is. I don’t really see why selling coffee is such a problem either.

        These wings are admittedly tough to defend, but I’m the type of person that likes to try novelty stuff. I guess McDonald’s makes some money off idiots like me 😛

        • Justin ST says:

          Look please, if you want to live in a dictatorship, here’s a ticket to North Korea.

          • TJ says:

            I can see why you’re already there since apparently your opinion is the only “correct one”. If you read my whole post I said hers was funny, I was just expressing my opinion too.

  3. Noodlez says:

    I can’t see drive thru people much liking the idea of trying to get a quick meal but having to deal with a bone.

  4. hortae says:

    I take it you haven’t bothered to try anything on the mccafe menu, justin

    • Justin ST says:

      Ditto for just about everyone that regularly goes to McDonald’s!

      • chrislad says:

        You must not go to McDonalds a lot either. From both personal experience and business news it is clear that McCafes are great sellers. They don’t keep expanding the options because all the previous items fail to sell.

        You say McDonalds should act like McDonalds. They’ve always been known for affordable, good coffee. They simply expanded into an area where they had strength. A natural progession matching the taste changes of consumers.

  5. Andi says:

    That’s a sad price. I think even if they were the best wings in the world, I’d still go to the shady wing shop a few doors down and get wings at that price.

  6. Jon says:

    I worked at a Mcdonald’s in my teenage years, and i remember these running for a short time. This was in NE PA and about 10 years ago. From what i remember they were spiced and pretty terrible.

    • T.J. says:

      I remember seeing these around the same time in CT. In fact, wasn’t this the McDonald’s product purchased by the customer who found the infamous fried chicken head in 2000?

  7. Jessica says:

    I’ve seen these at my local Atlanta, but I’m way too afraid to try them.

  8. JF says:

    Wow! The prices seem to be insane. Unless they are unusally large Wings, there is no way to justify their prices.

    I love the idea of a FF / Drive Through offering wings, but would never pay that.

    Heck, I’d call Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John’s, etc. and just order wings, pay the delivery fee and give them a tip. A lot more for a lot less.

    I appreciate their try, but this really seems to be rediculous.

    Oh, and you can go to any local bar or restaurant – including the likes of Chili’s, Applebee’s, etc (no matter where you are located) and get wings much cheaper. The convenience I like, but their upscale price kills it. Unless they drastically drop their prices, this is an epic fail.

  9. alexg says:

    I travel a lot and have seen these in Malaysia, China, and in the Philippine McDonalds.

  10. Michael says:

    What is it with burger joints serving everything but these days? Are we goIng to see taco joints serving burgers? KFC serving pizza? Find your focus people! Look at Five Guys; only one product, but done well!

  11. […] McDonald’s sells chicken in so many ways. There’s McNuggets, McBites, Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips, grilled chicken filets, crispy chicken filets, crispy chicken patties, and now in Atlanta they’re selling bone-in chicken wings. […]

  12. Jade says:

    McDonalds does them in Asia, but the difference being that the Asian McDonalds are actually good and fairly priced. I actually think this could be a good menu item – doesn’t require special equipment, wings are still pretty fast food standard – but that price is ridiculous. And agreed with Michael that burger places need to focus on their burgers first.

    A good value BK Topper type burger (with the superior McD standard of ingredients) seems like a good idea to me.

  13. Athena says:

    LMAO @Fanny. Burger King lol. Uh yeah I’m not excited to say, “Hey Guys! Lets get some wings…from McDonalds.

  14. Mike says:

    Mighty Wings used to be sold in Chicago twice a year for the longest time, usually just after McRibs, though haven’t seen them in probably 7-8 years now up here. They were always pretty decent meatier wings with a bit of spice to them. Of course with the advent of wing based sports bars, theirs taste about the same but as has been mentioned are half the price, probably a big reason why McDonalds hasn’t sold Mighty Wings around these parts in ages.

  15. Mike says:

    I agree with most comments McDs has lost its way burgers are the worst. Someone mentioned dump McCafe I agree and until recently I managed a McDs McCafe has been a flop selling about 10% of original projections. McDs keeps adding items because they dont seem to know how to make a good burger anymore. In the late 90s cooking procedures were changed and basically destroyed food taste that and the fact that most items are now pre-made and pre-cooked doesnt allow for good taste or quality.I believe McDs has allowed all these new burger chains a huge oppurtunity because of there lack of focus on what made them a household name.

    • Justin ST says:

      Honestly, I noticed that too. McDonald’s has gotten way too corporate, and needs to get back to what it really is, a fast food restaurant. They’ve let the yuppie morons ruin the place.

  16. Derrick says:

    I must be the only person in the world that loves Mighty Wings!

    I fell in love with them when they were a regular menu item in the late 80s/early 90s. Was upset when they were discontinued. I was ecstatic to find them here in the ATL, even if only for a short time.

    I just had the McD Fried Chicken in Fiji last month, they seem to use the same breading as the Mighty Wings, and therefore loved them too!

    Now, bring back the Cheddar Melt, McSteak Sandwich, and the Asian McNugget sauces!

  17. JF says:

    So looking back at this, and the photo of the menu, a few thoughts come to mind.

    First, there are 4 price points (only 3 in the commentary) – so exactly what do they translate to? and what is that other 4th price point?

    I suspect based on area, prices will vary.

    But it’s not clear if the prices are just for the wings, or perhaps could they be part of some value meal (i.e. small fries and drink)?

    I just can’t see McDoanalds, or any other FF place thinking they can charge $1 per chicken wing. That is just too insane, so hoping maybe those are value meal prices.

    I know they did something similar a long time ago (yes, overall prices were cheaper then) but still can’t wrap my head around how they think they could charge that much. Or more important, why anyone would spend $1 per wing when there are so many other / cheaper alternatives.

    So has anyone actually seen or tried these and can validate the prices?

  18. Queen says:

    Someone reviewed them here…..Says that they are pretty good. They look rather large also.

  19. Bob Smith says:

    Serious Eats says “really freakin’ good”. Also, “almost-absurdly huge”.

  20. JF says:

    So has anyone here, actually ordered and tried these? I did se the youtube video and the wings did look a bit bigger than most places, but I am real curious to the size, taste and value.


    • Dan says:

      Yes. I have eaten these wings twice in two days (both times, the 5-pc combo for $6.99). I’m extremely impressed with the Mighty Wings.

      First off, the crunch. I’m normally not a fan of breaded wings unless they make their way into my Popeyes box. But these are VERY crispy breaded wings. They make a crunch sound when you bite into them. The breading is very well seasoned and the spice is quite salty, but not to the point of saying “OMG salt”. The heat – I usually order hot from just about anywhere, and these, while not on par with most HOT wings, will leave a solid, cayenne-peppery tingle on the mouth after killing the 5-pack. They need NO dipping sauce at all.

      The size – easily the largest fast food wings ever offered. They are larger than some wing places around Atlanta like Taco Mac. I am sometimes known to overeat (been known to easily knock out a Big Mac meal, upsized, with an apple pie, and even the snack size spicy Chicken McBites), and the 5 pack of wings plus medium fries filled me up very well. I wasn’t stuffed, but I felt like I was good for the next several hours. So I don’t find the $6.99 combo to be a bad deal at all. For the quality of the wings, I think it’s right where it needs to be. At $9.19, I could eat 10 wings, but I would be pretty stuffed – as if I had eaten $9 worth of food at a fast food joint. They’re that meaty.

      I really think this is their best offering possibly in decades. They are clearly aiming for more premium quality menu items, seeing as how the fast-casual segment is all the rage right now. I really hope the Mighty Wings stick around for while, but in the meantime, I’m thankful to live in Atlanta.

      • Marc says:

        I’m going to be in Atlanta in just under two weeks for a concert, and would love to stop by a McDonald’s while I’m there and give these a shot. Do all of the ones in the greater Atlanta area carry them, or is there one you could give me the address (or intersection) of?

        I’m already planning on an early dinner at The Vortex in Little 5 Points, but I have a feeling the four hour drive home is going to need some food too.


  21. G says:

    I let the marketing, the bill boards, the commercials get the best of me!

    I went to McD’s yesterday, didn’t want to pay over 3 bucks for only 3 wings, so I went to the 5 wing offering… still too much, and thought the best value would be to get the 5 peice combo for 6.89.

    Not worth it. The crunch/texture is good, I’m not going to lie. However, the wings are very very fatty. And, they taste like they are seasoned with chili powder, I thought I was eating Tex Mex wings.

    For 50 cents less you can get a 3 Whole wing combo( = to 6 mighty wings) from popeyes and actually get quality fried chicken.

    Save yourself the time, don’t be like me 🙁

  22. Amanda says:

    Apparently the price varies by restaurant. The restaurants here sent out promo mail cards with some decent coupons so I thought I might as well try them, and the 5 piece was $4.79. This is at least at the one in Sandy Springs @ Hammond and Roswell. They’re worth a try but I mean if you’re at Hammond and Roswell you should just keep driving and go to Clay’s Sports Cafe. But they’re not bad. I just wish it was easier to get sauce on them. Probably wouldn’t get them again without any sort of incentive for it like this time around though.

  23. Muppet Face says:

    Look, I just got finished eating these wings not more than 10 mins ago and they are GOOD. But, more important than that, they didnt give me gas. Are they Hooters wings? No.

    But, when you are hungry for wings these are alright.

  24. Ub says:

    McCafe is meant to be an option for a very good coffee drink at a much less price than over priced Starbucks and have been very successful with the product. Oh by the way, the machine McD uses cost about 3 grand more than Starbucks machine so I think McD is pretty serious about that venture. They knocked Starbucks into about a 20% sales decline the year they launched McCafe as well

  25. lee says:


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