Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n Returns

Back for a limited time only at Popeyes… Rip’n Chick’n.

Try Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n – you’ve never seen or tasted anything like it before! We cut a plump, all white meat chicken breast into big strips, marinate it in four different peppers and Louisiana seasonings then hand batter and bread it in our signature coating and fry it up crispy.  We call it Rip’n Chick’n because you just rip it and dip it.  Get it right now with our Cajun fries, buttermilk biscuit and Ranch dipping sauce – all for only $3.99!

We have a FULL REVIEW of Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n from its run last year.

14 comments on “Popeyes Rip’n Chick’n Returns

  1. Chefprotoss says:


  2. Rick says:

    Both times I tried this last year I was unimpressed. It looks like someone with tiny hands put their hand palm-down on a chicken breast and cut an outline. Which is great because it looks cool, but I guess the “palm”? part was void of flavor and may have been a little on the rare side at a local Northern Virginia Popeyes. Will stick to the 3 strip combo and hope for a better LTO in late summer…

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Had this last year, it was pretty great. Then again, so is most stuff at Popeyes. Still can’t wait for them to put out the crawfish basket again though, hnnnnng.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      It’s gone?!

      • JF says:

        I know here (in Colorado) it was listed as an LTO. Not sure if that is for all areas or not. I don’t do fish, so never tried it and don’t miss it.

        And of course their website is pretty lacking as my local Popeye’s menu has items they don’t list on the web and/or don’t have items they list.

        It was only about 3 weeks ago I realized they had onion rings (and they were good)!

  4. kikurage says:

    In pics it looks good. But in real seeing, it may be grotesque.

  5. jenne says:

    I agree with your former suggestion of dipping it in their gravy… omg is there any better side gravy in the fast food world? Why is KFC’s so LAME compared to Popeye’s?

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      Dairy Queen has the best fast-food gravy. Dip your toast in it.

      • charlie says:

        I worked at a DQ nine years ago in high school and loved that gravy. It came in 3lb. bags of white powder with black pepper specks, added an equal volume of water and let it warm in a crockpot all day. The chicken strip basket with gravy was by far the most popular thing on the menu.

        The burgers were frozen and cooked to order because we were really busy because Six Flags – St. Louis was just down the road. They were actually pretty good, way better than McDonald’s, cooked on a flat-top griddle and decent beef. I witnessed a coworker doing some nasty things to them though; I hope DQ has improved its awful, awful franchise management since then.

  6. Sam Fu says:

    Rip’n Chicken, Wicked Chicken, Louisiana Tenders/Nuggets whatever…

    As long as it’s fried boneless chicken from Popeyes, it’s gonna be awesome

    My location doesn’t have Delta Sauce anymore though 🙁

  7. JF says:

    My favorite chicken was a local place back in Bethpage, NY called Pudgies. They eventually franchised and ultimately disappeared. I don’t think they ever got past NY/NJ.

    I know all you southerners will balk at it, but it was the best fried chicken I’d ever had… and miss it.

    Popeye’s is my current goto as I love their spicy chicken. I had this twice and while it’s nothing more than a gimmick on presentation, I’m looking forward to try it again.

    I agree about the ranch dipping sauce. The most I ever used ranch for was a salad dressing. I’d prefer a buffalo, honey mustard or BBQ dipping sauce (if I wanted a sauce). The gravy sounds great and will have to try that.

    Never heard of Delta Sauce, what exactly is it / does it taste like? Sounds interesting.

    • Sam Fu says:

      Delta Sauce is (was) a weezyana spicy mayo alternative, but I’m sure crack was also an ingredient as it was extremely addictive

  8. wenkie says:

    hahahaha it’s the freddy krueger chicken

  9. Jennifer says:

    Got this the other day and it was small and shriveled up. Not worth $1.

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