Pepsi NEXT: Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla

The people at Pepsi sent me the latest Pepsi NEXT products:  Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango and Pepsi NEXT Cherry Vanilla.  Pepsi NEXT is soda that delivers “real cola taste with 60 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi”.  Adding some fruity flavors for summertime is the next step for Pepsi.  The first mainstream mango-flavored cola had me very curious in testing the new products out.  If you’ve had a chance to sample the goods, let us know your impressions in the comments.

The Paradise Mango is a bit too artificial tasting, which is to be expected when you’re talking soda I guess.  The sweetness works just OK and I give it credit for being something different than the norm.  More of a mango-ey aftertaste than anything else, but I could see this drink being more popular as a cocktail mixer.  The Cherry Vanilla flavor is nothing new and if you’ve had the flavor before, you won’t be surprised much with it.  At 60 calories per can, Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla are worthy additions to the Pepsi NEXT lineup that will give you some satisfaction between the regular stuff and diet offerings.

3 comments on “Pepsi NEXT: Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla

  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    My comment from the other thread:

    I tried a bottle of each and liked them both. The Paradise Mango Pepsi NEXT is reminiscent of the old Pepsi Summer Mix. The other reminded me of every other Cherry Vanilla flavor on the market.

    I hope they stick around.

  2. Daniel Fletcher says:

    Bought a 2 liter of the Cherry Vanilla. Didn’t work warm, but when cold from the fridge tastes more just like you’d expect a Cherry Vanilla Pepsi to taste just like Zach said. That’s good though as unlike the regular Pepsi Next (Which I like also) I wouldn’t be able to tell I was drinking a half diet soda. I normally can’t stand diet sodas because of the after taste.

  3. melisa says:

    do you guys know why there is no cherry vanilla coke anymore? loved it so much. is this like that? might make me very happy. Thanks!

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