Papa John’s Heart-Shaped Pizza

Once again, nothing says “I Love You” more than grub.  Tis the season of Valentine heart shaped food.  Papa John’s has made it an annual tradition to offer up heart-shaped pizza and here it is for another season.

13 comments on “Papa John’s Heart-Shaped Pizza

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    If no one knows, they don’t cut the pizza. I got it as a gag gift a couple years ago. Oddly enough, my girlfriend actually thought it was sweet.

  2. ljay says:

    The wife purchased one of these yesterday while she was out. Now, coming from a household where we make pizza from scratch often, I tried a slice of this (and their thin crust in the past) and I really don’t have anything negative to say. It’s not great pizza but it’s cheap and it’s fresher then anything else you order takeout.

    The big problem with pizza takeout/delivery, is that the crust starts to break down as soon as you close the lid of the box.

    Since they run $5 and $6 specials all month long, if I was looking for a cheap pizza, this would be my choice over Little Caesers every day of the week.

    • ljay says:

      Well, I see that my meds and poor reading comprehension got the better of me on this one. I saw the heart shaped pizza and assumed it was Papa Murphys and not Papa Johns.

      To clarify, it’s the cook at home aspect that makes the difference.

    • Thomas says:

      This pizza ($15) is cheap?

      I can understand you saying buy one of their $6 thin-crusts, but not this $15 gimmick.

      • ljay says:

        I see that meds and poor reading comprehension got the better of you too. 😉

        I clarified in my follow up post that I was talking about Papa Murphys and not Papa Johns. It was my error brought on by medications from suffering a broken leg 2 weeks ago. That’s my story anyway.

      • Nick says:

        It’s $15 for the pizza and a “cinna pie,” or $20 for two hear-shaped pizza. Not sure if you can buy one by itself, but the combo deals work out to about $10/pizza.

  3. Kat says:

    Nothing says I love you like a cheap artery clogging meal.

  4. JF says:

    You can buy just the Pizza and it’s only $7.

  5. Anne Sutton says:

    Actually my family ordered the heart-shaped pizza tonight. It was definitely more roundish than heart shaped. The crust was a little burnt. It’s sad that it’s only available in thin crust because we prefer a little thicker crust. This crust is more cracker like in consistency. However, we could tailor it to put a different topping on each half. The special came with a cinnapie. Actually they let us choose if we wanted an apple pie or cinnapie. The apple pie actually overshadowed the heart-shaped pizza. Is the heart-shaped pizza supposed to come with the standard garlic dipping sauce??? Ours did not. Maybe they figured that couples on Valentine’s don’t want a lot of garlic!

    • JF says:

      That’s odd. I picked up just the Pizza on Saturday (thus how I knew the price) and it was their regular crust (thick), not the thing delite crust. Not sure if they make them with different crusts, or stores do them differently, but they used the normal crust as the shop I got it from.

      It does not come with any sauce. Just the pizza or the combo/special.

      As for the shapre, after it cooks it looks more like a heart than it does prior to cooking. They made mine from scratch when I ordered it. They took their regular (round crust) and used a metal cutter in the shapre of a heart to trim / shape the crust.

      As far as burning, the notes say to cook 12 to 18 minutes. I’ve had their pizza before and cook it for 15 minutes. Never had a burned crust. Since you bake it yourself, maybe the temperature was too high (I think it bakes at 350) or it was cooked too long?

      • Thomas says:

        Wrong chain. It sounds like you are also talking about Papa Murphys, not Papa Johns.

        • ljay says:

          Yeah, either I screwed this entire thread up by my own confusion early on or these pizza guys need to do something different so we can tell one chain from another 😉

          You’re not alone JF.

  6. kikurage says:

    What taste is that heart shaped pizza?
    Cheese? Salami? Tomato?
    I think “Sweet”.

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