New Tuscan Chicken Melt from Subway and BOGO Offer for October

Hey it’s the “New” Tuscan Chicken Melt from Subway… but we reviewed it back in 2009.  Anyways, it’s the latest featured item on the Subway menu.  It’s available as a footlong at $6.00 for a limited time.

All the flavors of Tuscany in the palm of your hand. This delicious sub is loaded with tender, juicy chicken tossed in zesty herb seasoning, then fresh toasted with melty cheese on your choice of bread. It’s topped with a tasty balsamic vinaigrette. With just 8 grams of fat on a 6” sub, it’s healthy and tastes great. Or, try it as a $6 FOOTLONG™ Special.

Also to go along with the promotional “new” sub at Subway comes an October BOGO deal.  Buy one 6″ sub and drink and get another 6″ sub for free when purchased before 9am.

Last and least… Meatball Marinara is the Featured $5 Footlong for October.

We take Italian style meatballs, drench them in mangialicious marinara sauce, and then serve ‘em on your favorite freshly baked bread with your choice of crisp veggies. Buon appetito!

9 comments on “New Tuscan Chicken Melt from Subway and BOGO Offer for October

  1. Macho Man Randy Savage says:

    They raised the effing prices of the five dollar footlong?! Im never going to subway ever again. I can get a far more superior sub at jimmy johns for about the same price!

  2. maxchain says:

    Remember when you could just go and get a Meatball for five bucks anytime? And it wasn’t a big deal?

  3. Christine says:

    Yeah, I thought the meatball sub was an “everyday value” deal. Weird

  4. Daniel Fletcher says:

    Uhhh…. $5 Footlong costs $5… Are you that bad at math?

  5. Steven says:

    The Tuscan chicken sub is $6 but the $5 footlong is still there, the meatball sub. Either way I don’t care for subway as their sandwiches taste like bland nothingness to me.

  6. CivPro says:

    Again, it depends on how wealthy of a neighborhood your subway is located at. Many of the up scale subways bumped meatball and chicken breast to 5.50 or 5.75 along with the spicy Italian. Cold Cut Combo was one of the few to remain at 5$. Still, I found a Subway that was doing the Meatball at 4$ for a footlong on a regular basis, Many subways have a “5$ after 5 program” where if you show up after 5 and bring a friend both of your footlongs are 5$ even pricey ones like the subway club.

  7. Chris says:

    I tried this today, it wasn’t terrible for a $6 footlong.

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