New Royal Shakes at Dairy Queen

As if the Turtle Brownie Blizzard with Pecans and the Sweet Apple BBQ Grillburger weren’t enough… Dairy Queen is also releasing new flavors of Royal Shakes this month.  Take a look:

Just in time for Summer; NEW Royal™ Shakes are debuting this month at DQ®, including the much anticipated Oreo® flavor! Blending Oreo® cookies, milk and DQ® soft-serve topped with a silky whipped topping, these shakes are fit for a Queen, but delicious for all!

8 comments on “New Royal Shakes at Dairy Queen

  1. Alex says:

    So… they’re Blizzards, but drinkable. Wow. That’s.. revolutionary…

  2. tiny2819 says:

    Had the caramel cheesequake, it’s pretty tasty.. and yeah it’s pretty much just the blizzard mix ins put in a milkshake.. nothing special, but it’s nice to drink a blizzard

  3. shana says:

    Do you know where I can find the nutrition facts? I can’t find them on their website.

  4. Joey says:

    @shana: Calories and fat are in Small/Medium/Large
    Calories Fat
    OREO 620/840/1100 25/34/44
    Mint Chip 630/840/1090 32/43/55
    Caramel CheeseQuake 580/750/1000 22/29/36

    Anyway, this is really just a shake with the blizzard mix-ins, but it’s nice to have a drinkable blizzard.

  5. Sascha says:

    Thank god for happy hour, or I could be going broke on these.

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