New Mozzarella Chicken Supreme from Wendy’s

This one flew under my radar this week and I only see mention of it on the Wendy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Check out the new Mozzarella Chicken Supreme from Wendy’s: a homestyle chicken fillet, two slices of mozzarella, and creamy parmesan sauce.  I did catch the TV spot today during the LSU/Ole Miss game, but online I could only track down this version en espanol.  Mira:

19 comments on “New Mozzarella Chicken Supreme from Wendy’s

  1. Raposin says:

    My mom just had that tonight. She said it wasn’t that good.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    If I could do spicy rather than homestyle I might buy one.

  3. CJ says:

    Sounds like a pretty boring LTO

  4. Alex K. says:

    Seems very “meh” … I wish Wendy’s would bring back that burger they had in … 2004? I don’t remember it too well, but it had some sort of special sauce on it with jalapenos. It was actually spicy, unlike most fast food “spicy” items.

    • A says:

      WIld Mountain? They had a spicy chicken version and it was absolutely tremendous.

    • Rick says:

      That was delicious. Not sure if it was wild mountain but it was something with red onion, lettuce, tomato, good sauce, and I don’t remember pickled jalapenos but I could be wrong. Was great.

  5. It was very “meh”…Live in NJ and can get so much better moz and parm sandwiches from any local pizzeria or Italian restaurant.

  6. Klee says:

    No bacon!? Fail

  7. Dan L. says:

    You mean the spicy baconator?

  8. Raiders757 says:

    Creamy Parmesan Sauce, for me, translates to Mayo with Parmesan flavoring, which then translates to “no thank you”. It would be much more appealing if it had a Parmesan red sauce instead, but I guess that wouldn’t be all that creative or original. Probably a lot better than this version though. At least for me it would be.

    • SmoledMan says:

      The reason fast food chains go with these creamy-based sauces vs tomato is that they’re dirt cheap. They just figure pile fat on fat on fat and the typical semi-obese fast food patron doesn’t give a damn.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    This appears to be a repeat from 2005.

  10. Raposin says:

    I miss when you could get a meal for 3 dollars. Jr. Bacon cheeseburger and biggie fries and a biggie drink. But that was in 2001.

  11. Bill says:

    Had the spicy version today, not a bad sandwich

  12. Rick says:

    I had it today. Sandwich got better as it went along because the cheese got a chance to melt. Parm sauce was good on it, walking in I envisioned myself sprinkling black pepper on it but I didn’t think it was necessary after a few bites. Definitely very salty, powered through a “small” coke from them while eating. I don’t usually eat the homestyle chicken sandwich, and it definitely had a different breading than the spicy chicken sandwich, but I still liked it. I’m also happy that they’re not advertising it as spicy/grilled/homestyle, make a sandwich for one kind of chicken and stick with it. It makes the food taste better if they do it right for one sandwich and it lowers the chance of them screwing something else up with my meal.

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Bleh, wish they’d release something other than chicken sandwiches with a different cheese or small-sizing pre-existing menu items.

  14. Umm, no. When it does not even look appealing in the photos then you have a real problem.

  15. SmoledMan says:

    I can imagine this sandwich is a sodium bomb.

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