New Homestyle Chicken Strips from Burger King

Burger King Chicken Fries, meh.  Burger King Chicken “Tenders”, average at bestBurger King Chicken Strips?

Could this be the move to a more premium offering?  Not available everywhere, but spotted in the San Fran Bay area by GrubGrade reader Rachel:

Kinda pricy at $6.49 for a 5-piece small value meal. Not bad, but BK sauces suck.

Back in July 2011, we gave you a glimpse of a test market menu board from a BK in Michigan.  This menu board featured the Chef’s Choice Burger that went nationwide about 3 months later.  Could the nationwide release of Homestyle Chicken Strips be next?  We’ll keep you updated.

23 comments on “New Homestyle Chicken Strips from Burger King

  1. Alex says:

    Has anyone else seen the new BK menu they are testing anywhere near them. I saw it in South Paris, Maine last summer out of all the places to see it but I haven’t seen it anywhere since. There was a ton of different options on it. I’m hoping to try it again.

  2. Kat says:

    $6.49??! Does that meal include a couple dipping sauces?

  3. Matt says:

    The chicken strips are in providence too. They seem to be taking the place of the chicken fries. The strip’s aren’t bad but I found them a bit bland much like the new nuggets. I absolutely detest the new nuggets but the strips are somewhat passable.

    Two are also two new custom sauces for the strips. There may be more but I’m not sure. The ones I got were some kind of chipotle bbq and kung pao.

  4. TJ says:

    It looks like Burger King is following up imitating McD’s nuggets by imitating their chicken selects. That’s fine, but at that price I agree it’s kinda pricy.

  5. Rachel says:

    I agree on the blandness. I was hoping something a little more spicy. I’d be interested in the new sauces, but honestly Burger King has been going down hill and isn’t really the place to go for quality chicken.

  6. Justin ST says:

    I think the chicken strips are in Michigan too. I’ve seen them on the menu. I also have seen their new salads too on the menu.

  7. Teresa says:

    I work at BK and we have 2 secret new sauces coming out. 😉

  8. James says:

    If you like strips I recommend Wing Stop’s with Louisiana Rub. I tried that the other day and it was darn good, way better than their regular sauces.

  9. James says:

    They are in Jefferson City, Missouri. Haven’t tried yet.

  10. e says:

    saw these over at a BK in midtown NYC. 2 for $4 chicken sandwiches > everything else, though.

  11. James says:

    I come with news….

    So, I tried them today.

    They came in a large box like in the image above, but mine came with fries also in the box. The tenders were sitting on top of the fries. I am not sure if you can order them alone or not.

    Overall they reminded me a lot of Sonic’s chicken tenders. They were a similar size and texture to Sonic’s, but they definitely tasted better. Then again mine were also super fresh so that may have been why. I just used the normal sauce, no special sauces were advertised.

    Most of the pieces were a good size, but one was pretty small in comparison. If I ended up getting a 3 piece and all were the size of the smaller, I’d feel like I wasted my money. In closing, I felt like I got my moneys worth and would purchase again. They beat the hell outta the tenders.

  12. Marie says:

    The mere mention of chicken tenders from BK reminds me of when they first came out with them in the late 80’s. They were small tenders in actual “tender” shape unlike the king shape and regular nugget shape of late. They were delicious back then unlike the unremarkable taste they have now.

  13. Greg B says:

    I’ve noticed here in (Columbus, Ohio) the chicken fries say “sold out” for weeks on the menu boards. Could be paving the way for the new strips?

  14. Shane says:

    I am kind of dismayed that the chicken fries are no longer available. The strips are alright, but lack the spiciness that the fries had, and which I absolutely loved.

  15. VTer says:

    Strips are at the Berlin VT Burger King now. They’re all right but the ends contain little chicken and primarily consist of crunchy (read almost tooth breakingly hard) breading. The order I got also seemed to have a high amount of chicken tendons/veins which was a little off putting. This particular BK has gotten in the habbit of saving packaging and throwing the fries right on in with the chicken as well (at least on the small order). Believe they were a buck cheaper too, but I was hungry and didn’t look at the price.

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