New Garlic Bread Pizza from Pizza Hut

New at Pizza Hut… Garlic Bread Pizza.  Available for a limited time only.

Amazing has arrived! Garlic Bread Pizza – hot melted cheese and pizza toppings on thick buttery garlic bread. Why didn’t we think of this before?!?  Get nine slices of zesty Garlic Bread Pizza, topped with melted cheese and your choice of one topping for just $8.99.

10 comments on “New Garlic Bread Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Bill says:

    I might have to try this

  2. aryana says:

    I actually had this last year o.O

  3. Alex says:

    Yet another extremely lame gimmick by Pizza Hut. It reminds me a lot of KFC. There are only so many ways you can put chicken in a box. They’re really running out of ideas.

  4. maxchain says:

    They look like Bagel Bites.

  5. M86 says:

    Grubgrade, please review this, so I don’t go out and spend $8.99 that I’ll most likely end up regretting! 🙂

    I agree with the above commenter, Alex… This is pretty “gimmicky”.

    This reminds me of the Hershey’s Air Delight chocolate… They put air bubbles in a chocolate bar. It saves on chocolate (air costs nothing!), and can price it very close (if not the same) to the same regular chocolate bar without the air bubbles. The public is amazed by it, and buy it… and the business can generate a profit off of it, simply because they’re so large. Business 101!

  6. HawkEyeTS says:

    We got this just last night after seeing an e-mail about it. Funny thing was the store we ordered from apparently didn’t let at least a chunk of their staff know it exists, because when we picked it up I heard the woman boxing things up asking what it was (I thought at first someone had made themselves a weird off-menu dinner or something) and then starting boxing it up as a $10 dinner box. Then the cashier noticed what she was doing and explained what it was, and found the proper sized box for it.

    It’s pretty much exactly what you’d think by the picture. It’s their standard Pepperidge Farm style frozen garlic bread with a tiny bit of pizza sauce, cheese, and (if you get it) 4-5 pepperonis on each one. They bake them close enough together that the cheese melts off and forms a bit of a crust to hold it together in the box. In the end, it’s just expensive garlic bread with barely enough sauce to register and pepperonis on top. I’m honestly not sure if it comes with sauce to dip it in or not. I ordered a cup of breadstick sauce extra, and they ended up putting two in our box, but as I said, she began by boxing it up as a $10 dinner box, so it might have just been a mistake to put an extra one in, or it could come with one or two cups and I just didn’t get the one I paid for. The box certainly has room for two in it, but I don’t know, and the website doesn’t specify. It’s tasty enough, but I don’t know if I’ll be getting it again with it being so expensive for just being fancy garlic bread.

  7. Joe says:

    As above, yet another gimmick using crust not even close to being made by Pizza Hut. The crust arrives in store frozen and precut into individual slices. The box says it’s from some place in New York.

    Usual pizza hut toppings to choose from.

  8. Michael says:

    I tried these and won’t be getting them again.

    Mine had no sauce, were extremely greasy, and not crisp… pretty lame.

  9. Carla says:

    We tried this pizza yesterday and it was AMAZING!! Buttery slices of garlic bread topped with your favorite topping=amazeballs! I do recommend getting a side of dipping sauce to dunk it in, though. Love this product and will definitely order again.

  10. Michelle says:

    It looks yummy enough….but for the price, I will just borrow the idea and make it at home for way cheaper!! Now, if Pizza Hut hadn’t gone and got foolish by discontinuing the creamy, delicious butter garlic sauce they used to have, I would SOOOO be stopping in to order this new “pizza” with butter garlic sauce to dip it in!! If anyone has the recipe for the old butter garlic sauce, I would LOVE to have it!!

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