New California Classic from Wawa

Put avocado spread on anything and it automatically becomes “California”.  The California Classic is the new featured Classic Hoagie at Wawa.  Honey smoked turkey, avocado spread and bacon are the main players in this sandwich currently sporting a $4.79 price tag.  The Classic size is 10″, but you can get the California in a Junior (4″) or Shorti (6″) too of course.  Available for a limited time.

7 comments on “New California Classic from Wawa

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    Wawa is usually surprisingly awesome. I should investigate… This could be awful though, then again Wawa’s turkey pwns… As do their jalapenos… Yes, this comment is just me verbalizing my internal thoughts.

  2. Brad says:

    WaWa is the greatest store on earth

  3. MrGinghamShirts says:

    I wonder if this will end up as part of their HoagieFest promotion later this summer. 2.99 shortis is a win for everyone!

  4. Crysta says:

    That looks REALLY good. I’m assuming the “avocado spread” is either guacamole or some kind of avocado-mayonnaise hybrid, but avocado, turkey, and bacon sounds kind of magical.

  5. PlatyTheConqueror says:

    Off-topic, but – interesting story about Wawa’s taking a Mom-and-Pop convenience store owner to court for trademark infringement…. the store owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Haaf was called HAHA’s (a play on their names), located in the strip mall they own called Haafville. Wawa claimed the name was too similar to theirs, it went to court and an appeal in federal court, and their lawyers successfully forced HAHA’s to change the name of their store.

  6. Colin says:

    Wawa or Sheetz. Go.

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