New Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s

Introduced late last week at Papa John’s, the new Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Boasting “More Zing Than A Wing”.  A large is $9.99 for a limited time.  This Buffalo Chicken Pizza has bacon too 🙂

25 comments on “New Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Papa John’s

  1. Dustin says:

    OOOOOH, I want this. Wonder how it compares to Ledo’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza, or IF it compares. 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    Doesn’t look too bad … I’ve had a decent number of Buffalo chicken pizzas, and most of them have been disappointing. This one using chicken tender strips intrigues me.

  3. Scrape says:

    It will be a while before I go back to Papa Johns. (BTW – Buffalo pizza is sacrilege). I got my free one from the whole Superbowl dealy, and it was an overcooked, dried out mess. It didn;t even taste good, and as we all know, nothing tastes better than free.

  4. JF says:

    Living in Colorado, I haven’t seen anyone offering a buffalo chicken pizza. Forget the chains (as I’d ignore them anyway), but just haven’t seen it.

    Two years ago back in NY, my family got some pizza, including a buffalo chicken pizza from a local chain. And it was…. AWESOME! It was like the perfect buffalo chicken wings, with some pizza crust.

    However while I like PJ’s over most chains, they are not great, and after getting their last special pizza (the 5 sausage one) and being more than disappointed, I’ll skip this.

    Unless other comments (from people who try and think it’s worth it) it’s just jumping on the bandwagon (years too late) and falling far below, I just can’t be bothered.

    So, will someone convince me otherwise?

  5. Mike says:

    I tried it. Not Papa John’s best pizza. Too salty, and needs more vegetables to balance out the overwhelming and clashing flavors of the ranch and the metallic tasting Buffalo sauce. It really didn’t give me a “chicken wing” flavor. It’s just kind of a nondescript semi-ranch taste with some tang on the backside.

    I won’t order it again, and I LOVE Papa John’s.

  6. Jeff D. says:

    I have worked in the pizza business since I was 15 (now 31). I have tried making buffalo chicken pizza myself and it almost never comes out great. It can be good, but not great. I did just try this pizza from Papa Johns, and it was just OK. The buffalo sauce is not flavorful enough for my taste.

    P.S. Blue cheese crumbles are a good choice when making a buffalo chicken pizza. =)

  7. rob says:

    Wonder how they can screw up buffalo sauce, even I can make it

    Frank’s Red Hot
    Some vinegar

  8. Patrick says:

    I’d personally leave out the ranch and onions. Those aside, this looks amazing.

  9. rondoman says:

    Papa Johns around me closed about a year ago, but no big deal.

    I used to love Papa Johns but sometime about 5 years ago they became overpriced crap.

    Their pizza isnt nearly as good as it used to be, and their prices seem to have skyrocketed.

    I’d choose Pizza Hut or Domino’s over them any day of the week.

  10. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    The addition of bacon and onions make it seem more like a buffalo chicken sandwich rather than wings. Also, they should use the buffalo sauce in place of the pizza sauce (rather than the ranch). The ranch should be served cold on the side. That’s how Pizza Ranch does it, and theirs is awesome.

  11. Jaime gomez says:

    Too salty. My father ate one slice and said no more plz lol, What ruins it is the ranch sauce! Dominos pizza has a similar topping but with less buffalo sauce and ranch. plus Idk why they had to add onions.

  12. Manavee says:

    I didn’t care for this either. I like Papa Johns because I like what they do with their sauce. When a Papa Johns pizza doesnt have the Papa John’s sauce, it just tastes like over processed garbage (like Domino’s and Pizza Hut).

  13. Bruce says:

    Tried it about a week ago…
    First off, it tastes good…I enjoyed the pizza, though it was certainly not was I was expecting.
    I’m relatively new to buffalo chicken pizza, but have tried MANY subs, wings, etc, that share the buffalo chicken name. The only other pizza I’ve had is Pizza Huts…which is good, I think, its the only pizza I get from pizzahut usually. It is what I’d expect a BC pizza to be, hot sauce in place of red sauce, cheese, and chicken, I usually add jalapenos or onions to it too to give a little more spice. Now PJs pizza, the sauce is creamy, ranch I’m guessing? You taste the bacon, it’s pleasant and not overwhelming, the chicken is good and plentiful, my problem is…from what I can gather, they take a squeeze bottle and spiral draw the hotsauce around the pizza…in other words, there’s not much of it, and frankly, the pizza isn’t very spicy at all, very little buffalo sauce taste…though there is a pronounced “tang” I heard the others mention, it almost tastes like mustard, it seems to be part of the ranch sauce…it’s not unpleasant, just unexpected. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza, but I’d still choose pizza hut’s version, cause I’m a hot sauce junkie.

  14. Steve from Buffalo says:

    I just saw the add for this, and as someone FROM Buffalo (all my life), I agree that calling this pizza Buffalo pizza is sacrilege! Real Buffalo chicken is served with blue cheese, not ranch, first off. Anyone who has ever ordered wings/fingers from Buffalo knows that! Using ranch is a method I hear many restaurants outside WNY use to cheap out, since blue cheese is generally more pricey. I’m sick of so many restaurants/companies taking the Buffalo name and slapping it on anything with hot sauce, and this is nothing more than that.

  15. M86 says:

    I just ordered this… I like it. I’m a sucker for anything “buffalo”… I used quotes so I don’t offend the uptight food snobs of this world.
    I would have liked a little more of the ranch sauce, and maybe get rid of the bacon, while adding more chicken and maybe some cheddar.

    • loved it says:

      I think instead of a garlic butter in the box it should be a buffalo sauce side but i loved the pizza and think the RANCH made it Blue cheese is nasty moldy cheese who wants moldy cheese?

  16. B.K. says:

    I had it last night and honestly thought it was the best chain pizza I remember having in a very long time.

  17. Jim E says:

    This is not a bad pizza but I certainly wouldn’t call it a buffalo chicken pizza. There was a barely any hot sauce on it. I ended up adding my own. I also ordered it with their grilled chicken instead of the breaded chicken. It’s worth a shot for $9.99. Just don’t expect the zing.

  18. Riley says:

    I ordered this last week. BEWARE! The single worst delivery pizza I have ever ordered. I normally enjoy trying new pizzas with different toppings, but this was just awful. Pre-cooked chicken strips, way too many onions, a very bland tasting white ranch sauce base, and virtually no heat in the hot sauce. What about this says BBQ chicken pizza? Normally I’d say try it for yourself if you don’t believe me, but in this case I’d just say pass.

  19. woody says:

    just had the b wing pizza from papa johns there was only 1 or 2 small pieces of chicken on each slice it would be much better if it was smothered in small pieces. thanks woody

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