New Big Tex Tender Sandwich from Church’s Chicken

The latest chicken sandwich to join the Church’s lineup is a limited-time offering called the Big Tex Tender Sandwich. A chicken tender sandwich on thick Texas toast.  Now available for $2.49 at participating restaurants.  I miss the Minis.  🙁

11 comments on “New Big Tex Tender Sandwich from Church’s Chicken

  1. Aaron says:

    They had these at my Church’s awhile ago and then they took them away! They were pretty good too. Go with the spicy version, definitely.

  2. Kevin says:

    new chicken little’s big boxier cousin

  3. Kevin says:

    new chicken little’s big boxy cousin

  4. sherm says:

    Did you get rid of all your reviewers? Haven’t seen anything from Ejax, Chefprotoss or any of the others in over a month. I know Adam left to start his own blog, but what gives with the other contributors? It seems like the fast food news is pretty up-to-date, but the reviews are few and far between.

  5. Bill says:

    Sounds like Zakby’s to me

  6. ljay says:

    I miss Church’s spicy chicken wings. Best fried chicken wings in the business imo.

    Ho hum on that sandwich.

  7. JF says:

    The closest Church’s to me is about 20 miles or so. One day I will try them, but too far just to get something. And in the rare occasion I am close, I usually eat somewhere else, thus never stopped there.

    Looking forward to a review and would love to know what people think about Church’s vs. Popeye’s (love Popeye’s)… Wondering if I am missing something.

    • rondoman says:

      20 miles is far?

      • Bubbs says:

        Depends on your environment. In many dense urban areas it can take an hour to travel 20 miles.

        In response to JF, I like Popeye’s chicken far more than Church’s (great spicy flavor in the fried breading), but Church’s has something really special that will bring me in: those super delicious honey-butter glazed biscuits. Also the fact that the Church’s near me is one of those combined Church’s / White Castle makes them tough to resist. Sliders, wings, and biscuits make for a great guilty pleasure pig-out.

        • ljay says:

          We need a Church’s / White Castle. Love it when I’m on the road and I see one of those.

          Add in a LOCAL Popeye’s, a Culver’s, and a Jack in the Box and my fast-food life would probably be complete.

    • JF says:

      Just to grab fast food, it is to me. A restaurant, great Pizza or Chinese would be no problem for me. If I were in the general area for other reasons, would give them a try. But as there’s nothing much around the closest Church’s for me, I woulnd’t make the drive just to give them a try.

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