New Big Melt Bacon Burger from Red Robin: Win a $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Starting on Tuesday, 2/21, Red Robin will have a new burger available for a limited time only.  This new creation is called the Big Melt Bacon Burger.  Want to possibly win a $25.00 Red Robin gift card?  Read on:

The Big Melt Bacon Burger is topped with four slices of applewood smoked bacon, Cheddar and Swiss cheese, mushrooms and onions sautéed in barbecue sauce, crisp lettuce and ranch dressing, and served on an onion bun. The burger is available for a limited time only, from Feb. 21 through April 29.

OK, it’s giveaway time GrubGraders.  A $25.00 Red Robin gift card is up for grabs to a commenter on this post.  The comment will be randomly picked, but to qualify, your comment must include how you’d spend $25.00 at Red Robin.  Winner will be chosen and revealed by Thursday, February 23rd.  Good luck!

158 comments on “New Big Melt Bacon Burger from Red Robin: Win a $25 Red Robin Gift Card

  1. Lee says:

    I would obviously get this new burger and a big ole slice of Red Robin’s Mud Pie too!

  2. 4X4, Animal Style says:

    (Read in iambic pentameter/like a Shakespearean actor. That is, stress the odd syllables of each line, whereas the even syllables are unstressed.)

    Tis’ the se’son of love all of whence there came
    Upon the date of Saint Valentine

    Alas I have no lover, woe is me
    To end the tears that streak upon my face
    And thus I ask Ryan of just one small plea:
    Give me that card; ‘twould not be a disgrace

    With this fine burger embodying bacon
    Alas! My heart may well yet be taken
    Whether in the Red Robin (perhaps not)
    A triple bypass is what I have got

    Thou seest that I have ardor now
    To bequeath my adin in Red Robin
    This burger, these fries, this dessert; all wow
    Such taste, all the way t’ Padmanabhan!

  3. Bj says:

    I’ve never been to Red Robin, so I would try a lot of different things! Definitely a burger and fries. Probably a chicken sandwich, too.

  4. Eric says:

    Never been to Red Robin but any I’d get a burger with smoked cheddar, barbecue sauce, bacon, and sauteed onions and a pint of domestic beer. I’m not picky.

  5. Gaius says:

    I would use it to try out all the appetizers with a couple of friends.

  6. Whitney says:

    I may get flack for this, but I love Red Robin’s Salads, so I’d get a big one… along with a side of bottomless fries. Yum.

  7. Stew says:

    I’d get some kind of bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce

  8. jrdunn says:

    eh this burger seems like a monstrosity but I’d get the spicy chicken sandwich burger its really good!

  9. Adam says:

    I’d get their Caprese Chicken Sandwich. Good stuff.

  10. Bensly says:

    I would have to get this new burger (You always have to try the new item on the menu), and endless rootbeer float and an order of onion rings.

  11. matt in the hatt says:

    i would take my wonderful fiancee out to dinner, cram my hole full of burgers/or cajun chicken sandwich and mai tais

  12. Manavee says:

    I would buy 3 onion ring towers and then play a game of ring toss with them.

  13. Bryan C says:

    After sounding about that burger, I’d like to try that. It sounds like it’s a combination of my favorites! I’d also likely take my family out with me. Thanks!

  14. James says:

    I would try something I never would have otherwise… like the Prime Rib Dip.

  15. I actually enjoy their Salmon burger. With an onion ring tower and a milkshake!

  16. Kate says:

    I’d definitely get a jump starter of onion rings and jalapenos, a burnin’ love burger with no mayo, and a chocolate milkshake!

  17. April says:

    I would treat my friend and I to dinner! She drives me to the airport all the time and is incredibly sweet. Must include the garlic fries!

  18. Michael Flory says:

    My wife loves bacon! So we’d probably get that burger and then one other burger…. and split the two between us!

  19. Ray says:

    I’d invite my favorite food blogger (Ryan) to a free dinner at Red Robin where I’d try to glean as much foodie knowledge as possible. Oh, and I’d get this burger with sweet potato fries and a Rookie Magic shake.

    I actually look forward to Red Robin’s limited time burgers. The Oktoberfest burger last year was stupendous!

  20. DeBo says:

    I’d probably take my girlfriend since she never finishes any of her food it would be like a double meal for me, score.

  21. Jenn says:

    I would take my Dad out to dinner. I love Red Robin, but he LOVES Red Robin. I’d get their bruschetta chicken sandwich, and he’d get their burger with bleu cheese. And oh, the fries!

  22. Dekes says:

    I’d go with a huge stack of onion rings and that Big Melt Burger… probably a couple of beers to wash it all down!

  23. Brad says:

    I would eat that bacon burger, and get all boozy

  24. Levin says:

    mmm… mid rare mushroom & swiss and some beers!

  25. PJH says:

    Burnin’ Love Burger with extra jalapeños! And of course whatever my dinner guests wants as well.

  26. Eric says:

    Towering Onion Rings, Cheeseburger Con Queso, and a Burnin’ Love Burger.

    Note: I have never eaten at Red Robin! The nearest is about 45 minutes away so I’ll need to try a lot…

  27. Marky says:

    That burger looks great!! But I just love the basic cheeseburger at Red Robin’s with extra pickles of course!! Gotta love those fries..

  28. Mami2jcn says:

    I would get their clam chowder to start, followed by a Royal Red Robin Burger.

  29. Fah Fah Fah says:

    Me and my girl would be grubbing on two of those bad boys, a tower of onion rings, and probably two Cokes (and many, many refills).

  30. Raiders757 says:

    I would have to stick with my norm and get my make your own burger menu option. Onion straws, bacon, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, ketchup. Nothing more needed than that, other a beer. After that, I’ll let my wife spend the rest on what she wants.

  31. Robert says:

    I just found out I have one of these fairly close by and was thinking of talking the wife into giving it a try. Seeing that big melt bacon burger has sealed the deal. A 25$ gift card would be spent on that and a nice sampling of whatever else is on the menu and a salad for the wife. Silly wife.

  32. Alan says:

    This burger with the Towering Onion Rings

  33. Helldog says:

    Whiskey River BBQ Burger is the only burger needed.

  34. Matt says:

    I’d spend it on a burger.

  35. Lindsay says:

    I’ve never been to Red Robin, but I’ve heard you can order a burger with an egg on it. I’m very interested in that, so I would give that a try! My husband loves plain old cheeseburgers with ketchup so I know he’d order that. I’m the adventurous one. 🙂

  36. Katie says:

    I’ve never eaten at Red Robin, so I would use it to try one of their burgers since that’s what they seem to be known for!

  37. well versed says:

    Clucks and fries! Seasoned with their wonderful seasoning!

  38. amlippa says:

    The Oktoberfest burger with the Pretzel bun! Delicious!

  39. Nicki says:

    My order is always the same…
    Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger with Cheddar
    Bottomless Steak Fries
    Mountain High Mudd Pie
    Diet Coke
    So Divine

  40. Dan says:

    I’d grab this burger, a beer or 2, and an app

  41. Carter says:

    Id buy as many bacon-covered things I could.

  42. Ryan says:

    I’d take a friend out to Red Robin and I’d nom on this burger and then we’d see a movie. Red Robin really is a great place to hang out, endless fries, awesome sauces, all around great place to go.

  43. LivLaughEat says:

    I’d try this new burger and get the onion ring tower and the mud pie. I’d even let the husband order whatever he wants.

  44. MeanieJ says:

    I would treat my family to a round of burgers…so fancy.

  45. Jill N. says:

    Red Robin has the best chocolate milkshakes I’ve ever tasted. Between the milkshakes and onion rings, I don’t usually save enough room for a burger!

  46. Bekah says:

    Onion rings and fried clam strips! Oh, and something with alcohol of course. 🙂

  47. Jasmine says:

    I’ve been dying to go here w/ my 5 yo goddaughter so i can wing her off that McD’s mess. I would buy her meal then let her pick what i would eat just so she would have an interesting experience. No matter what she chose I would have to eat it. I would definitely have to make sure i ordered their garlic fries for sure and top our dinner off w/ dessert!

  48. Jeff says:

    I would get this new burger and maybe try out a Royal burger some other time.

  49. Jennifer C. says:

    I would take my family out to dinner! Definitely have to try the yummy burgers

  50. andreas de freitas says:

    If I won 25 bucks I would go there for the first time and bring my brothers.

  51. Justin Cle says:

    I love their guac and bacon burger and also their mac and cheese is delicious, so I will definitely be stocking up on both of those!

  52. Rob says:

    I’d probably go with my friends and get this along and enjoy their bottomless fries

  53. Miggy says:

    I would go alone and indulge in gluttony and try everything at Red Robin I’ve always wanted to try (mac and cheese, dessert, etc.) And can’t forget the bottomless steak fries. GrubGrade rocks!

  54. Jeff says:

    A couple of burgers and onion rings!

  55. mjb says:

    I’ve found at Red Robin that basic is best. The best burger I’ve ever had there was the basic cheeseburger my wife always orders. i always try to find outrageuos toppings and then think hers is better. So if I win I will spend it on a couple of basic cheeseburgers and an onion ring tower.

  56. Derek says:

    “I would like as many Big Melt Bacon Burgers you can put on this card!” Then I would devour everything!

  57. Jim says:

    There is a Red Robin in Knoxville, TN that I have never been too. The $25 gift card would be spent on a burger and definitely onion rings. And add a dessert in there too. Or maybe I’ll just close my eyes and point at the menu.

  58. Nick Rovo says:

    I’d definitely spend some of the gift card on the new burger minus the ranch sauce.

  59. Dan says:

    Give it to the homeless couple that hang around Red Robin.

  60. Julie L says:

    baja shrimp tacos-next time my husband goes to his chiro we can eat out there thanks

  61. Ray J. says:

    never been to RR but would like give it a try.

  62. @graciHas says:

    crap that looks good! i’d love to try that along with some onion rings and a beer or 2!

  63. tiny2819 says:

    i’ve been dying to try the mac and cheese, and this burger sounds tasty too.. though i don’t think i’d want the mushrooms.. i’d love to be able to take the boyfriend out to red robin because he lives in WV while i live in OHIO, we barely see each other and there are no RR where he lives.

  64. Andrew Wiskow says:

    This new burger looks delicious! Of course, while on a U.S. Navy ship out at sea, just about anything looks delicious. 😉

    If I got a gift card, I’d use it to take my family out to eat at Red Robin following my return from deployment this summer.

  65. Brian Whitehead says:

    Banzai Burger and lots of Fries…

  66. Gaby says:

    I would spend $25 at Red Robin by taking my aunt out for a nice burger and salad. I would be contributing to her french fry habit, but, I figure the bottomless fries is worth the $25!

  67. SmoledMan says:

    Ah another “taste worth dying for”. I’m sure Red Robin wants ya’ll to come down and buy a million of these!

  68. Mark says:

    Definitely a Banzai burger.

  69. Noodlez says:

    Got to have some Towering Onion Rings, Then it’s a toss up over the A.1. Peppercorn Burger or the new Big Melt Bacon Burger. Maybe some sort of adult drink to wash it all down also.

  70. M86 says:

    I haven’t been to Red Robin in a while… but after looking at their website, I’d probably give the Prime Chophouse Burger a try, and I’d bring a friend with, of course.

  71. Andrew Matthews says:

    I would definitely get the Whiskey River BBQ Burger, the onion ring tower, a big basket of the steak fries, and a chocolate shake.

  72. Ashley says:

    I LOVE their plain burger and of course the endless fries are awesome alone!

  73. Lap says:

    I’ve never been there, but I’m getting the burger with the highest chance of giving me a heart attack.

  74. Amy says:

    I would buy the bottomless french fries for the tables surrounding me so that everyone could eat as many as they wanted.


  75. Alex says:

    I’d go for burger!

  76. caseymcsmith says:

    My sister is 10 years old and 17 years younger than me and lives 100 miles away from me. She lives on a farm that is 30+ miles away from “civilization.” I took to Red Robin for Christmas this year and she confessed she’d only been to a sit down restaurant exactly three times. I thought it was so/so, but for her, it was ambrosia. I would love to have the opportunity to take her out for the 4th time! lol

  77. Mark says:

    I’d for sure spend it on Whiskey River BBQ burgers for the girlfriend and I

  78. Chris says:

    I’d surely try this new burger. Sounds great. And a tower of onion rings to go along with it. And a bottomless Freckled Lemonade.

  79. Doug says:

    I’d use it to get as many burgers and beers as allowable.

  80. Jessica says:

    I’ve never been to Red Robin – it was just recently that I found out that there is even one near me.

    But, I’d love to try one of the burgers (perhaps even the new one) and I hear that they have $4.99 bottomless root beer floats. So, definitely those two and whatever the heck else I have money for =]

  81. Ted says:

    I would take myself and a couple of friends out to Red Robin, I heard they have bottomless fries and that sounds yummy as well as the Big Melt Burger you have listed above.

  82. Jesica says:

    I would get the burger with the pineapple. I forget what the name of it is. And the bottomless rootbeer float mentioned by someone sounds tasty. Oh, and the onion ring appetizer – love the tower and love the dipping sauce!

  83. Lochlain says:

    I’d take my significant other out to dinner! Most likely try this burger and get a salad!

  84. Mary L. says:

    I would buy four Banzai burgers!

  85. Scott says:

    I would be a cheapskate and buy small burgers each time I go so I can eat as many bottomless fries as possible.

  86. Will says:

    I’d probably get the cheaper burgers to just eat endless fries.

  87. Jon says:

    Hook it up!

  88. Natalie says:

    If I had the gift card, I’d probably order this burger, provided I could order it without mushrooms because fungus is gross. Otherwise I’d order my go-to A1 peppercorn burger. I’d probably start with onion rings, because hey, I’m not buying.

  89. Francois says:

    Well, I’d obviously buy the burger and booze. Possibly a side salad, because when I’m drunk, eating a salad makes me giggle.

  90. Stephen Z. says:

    I would get that new big melt bacon burger, the gameday nachos, and some drink with alcohol in it 🙂

  91. Jen says:

    I’d spend the $25 on a burger, fries and shake 🙂

  92. Keri says:

    I’d spend $25 at Red Robin by getting the towering onion rings and the Whiskey River BBQ chicken wrap. Washing it down with the freckled lemonade.

  93. Brian V. says:


    Thanks for the chance!

  94. Natalie says:

    I would get the teriyaki burger and apple pie bites!

  95. Tony says:

    I’d take my sister,mom and her boyfriend to eat.

  96. Christine L says:

    I’d get a burger and apple pie bites.

  97. ratbuddy says:

    I’d get 3 bacon double cheeseburgers and as many fries as they’d let me have.

  98. Dustin Green says:

    I would totally mow down on a Banzai burger after an appetizer in the form of an onion ring stack and a couple of cervezas .

  99. Minh says:

    I would get 3 or 4 of these…. They look so good!

  100. Scott Hartnell says:

    Wow, lots of comments either the grubgrade readership’s on the rise or everybody’s a fan of Red Robin.

    Anyway, I’d try to be a fattie and knock out the 25 buck gift card in one trip. I’d have to go with the Burnin Love burger, a T.N.T. drink which sounds ridiculous based on its ingredients and then top it off with a mountain high mudd pie.

  101. Malcolm says:

    This new burger. That old burger. Oh and milkshake with a touch of alcohol. Almost there!

  102. spacemonkey1138 says:

    Dinner for me, husband and our two teens. We’ve never gone because it’s too expensive. I’d love to try it. Our son’s favorite food is bacon cheeseburgers so he would really enjoy this. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  103. ChrisSh says:

    I would get a couple of buddies and finally venture out to the only Red Robin within 100 miles of me. I would get the guacamole bacon burger , my two buddies could get whatever burgers they wanted, and I figure we have some left for fries. (they’re paying for gas though!)

  104. Cjcizzle says:

    I will buy as many fries and burgers as I can with $25 and make a cake shape out of all the items with a candle on top . Then Take a pic with the words “happy birthday to meeeee” captioned below. Then nom away growling at any hands that come near. “ITSSS RAININ RED…ROBIN BURGERS..ITS RAININ RED ..AMENNNN.

  105. Rob Bolson says:

    I would visit my nearby Red Robin location and treat a friend to a delicious lunch or dinner to introduce them to the terrific offerings available at Red Robin.

  106. Elise says:

    Oh gosh where to start… Definitely some burgers, probably a banzai burger or the A1 peppercorn burger. Some freckled lemonade of course. Maybe some appetizers, mozz sticks or fried zucchini. Gotta love Red Robin… YUMMM!

  107. Davincivirus says:

    The newest burger they have with extra extra cheese extra extra bacon bottomless fries and a freckled pink lemonade

  108. Todd Neal says:

    I’d buy two of these new burgers, endless fries and somehow figure out how to roll myself out of the restaurant!

  109. Scott says:

    That bacony cheesy masterpiece would totally be on my plate with this gift card.

  110. lz says:

    Red Robin is one of the few places I regularly go out to eat anymore. Please help me eat out.

  111. Tung Diep says:

    2 1/2 Shroom burgers!

  112. Hungry Guy says:

    I’ll try this burger and get whichever appetizers that look good!

  113. Aaron says:

    I’d get a milk steak. Do they have milk steak?

    Otherwise I’ll just get a burger and shake.

  114. Justin ST says:

    Love Red Robin and anything teriyaki! Love the fries too, that’s what I’d buy!

  115. Vanessa says:

    I would get the ‘shroom Burger and fries, with tons of ketchup. I’d have to get a milkshake as well. I would take my “little brother” who is a soph at Virginia Tech. Go Holiest and go Red Robin!! 🙂 I hope I win!!

  116. Lindsey says:

    I would spend it on a Whiskey River Burger with extra onion rings and of course the botomless fries….

  117. Eric says:

    Having just been to Red Robin for the first time over my Winter Break from school, I would use this giftcard to pay back the person who bought me food the last time I was there.

  118. Nathan says:

    Well, $25 should be enough for me to get the Towering Onion Rings and that new Big Melt Bacon Burger for sure. I’d probably use the rest on that Mountain High Mudd Pie that always looks good that I never get.

  119. B.K. says:

    Bruschetta Chicken burger and freckled lemonade for sure!

  120. Al says:

    I’d get the Royal Red Robin burger, towering onion rings, the mountain high mud pie, and the absolut lemonade.

  121. Cecil says:

    since I have never been there I would try this burger, some towering onion rings, cheddar bacon skins and a screaming red zombie 😀 give me the ability to finally try all this tasty goodness please!

  122. Devino says:

    I went on my first date ever to Red Robin.

    I’ve been on a guacamole kick recently, so I’d probably get the Guacamole Bacon Burger. Then I’d top it off with a milkshake. Mmmmm.

  123. Rhi says:

    I’d take my dad out for this burger. I couldn’t handle it but I’m sure he would demolish it. Pass the onion ring tower and I’ll gladly use a gift card.

  124. Sam says:

    I’d get that burger, with fries, beer and dessert.

  125. I would end up going there with some friends. I would get a drink and a burger… maybe the new one.

  126. Mike says:

    I’d take my wife and a few friends to lunch and I think we would easily wipe out a $25 card.

  127. I’d get one of these new Big Melt Bacon Burger’s with a fried egg and tomatoes added. And fresh onion instead of sauteed.

  128. Sheila T says:

    I’d try this new burger, as well as the bottomless fries and onion rings as appetizer!

  129. LAMusing says:

    I’d get the Whiskey River BBQ Burger!

  130. Norma says:

    I’d take my daughter to lunch! we’d split some appetizers like the Towering Onion rings and Triple S Riblets

  131. Daniel H says:

    I have an 8 month old. Let’s call this one: “Mom and Dad finally have a date night.” 😀

  132. Valerie says:

    Guacamole Burger and Freckled Lemonade.

  133. Alison says:

    My go-to Red Robin order used to be a Whiskey River Barbecue Chicken Sandwich, but the last couple times I’ve been there have been pretty sub-par. I might give this new burger a chance. I would probably also have a mai tai… their tiki glasses are cute!

  134. Shanna says:

    I would get my favie- the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap and cheese sticks! They have the best cheese sticks anywhere.

  135. katie says:

    hmmmm i would get this burger, or any burger with onion straws, and actually get a milkshake, the mint brownie one. i’d also use it to pay for my boyfran’s meal for our anniversary hehe ~~

  136. TJ says:

    The burgers are great, but I’d probably stick with the clucks and fries, and a long island iced tea.

  137. Sam says:

    A round of burgers for the whole family!

  138. Santiago says:

    Would love to nom a couple burgers. One for each fist, because theyre that good.

  139. Latonya R says:

    Depends on when this burger disappear, I can see me and my husband enjoying these bad boys and I just like eating bacon burgers in general (so a lot of bacon burgers to be ordered)

  140. L.S. says:

    A Banzai burger is a must, then of course I’d try this limited time Big Melt Bacon Burger. I’ll chip in a few dollars to get a Margarita also!

  141. Sean says:

    My younger brother has never been to Red Robin, much to my horror. I’d definitely treat him to dinner, and for my own order it would definitely be this Big Melt Bacon Burger, side of fries, and Mountain High Mudd Pie for great dessert justice.

    Maybe washed down with a Rookie Magic malt or a root beer float, depending on how the bill is adding up. 😛

  142. George says:

    Red Robin you make my GrubGrade reading hit my senses not only visually but with a hint of the awesome smell and taste of a big melt bacon burger. Do I hear bacon?

  143. Hiten B. says:

    with this $25, I would take my friends out to red robin and treat them to some burgers or appetizers & drinks. or if I was with one person, I would get them whatever they wanted. it would be the perfect way to repay my friends who paid for me before and helped me out. what better way to, then with a nice big hot and juicy burger?

  144. Joe says:

    I would lock up the gift card and wait patiently to use it until the Oktoberfest burger comes back in the Fall.

  145. Claire says:

    I’ve never been, but all of the burgers look mouthwatering.

  146. hj says:

    onion ring tower…2 onion ring towers.

  147. Kerri Wilson says:

    Whiskey River Chicken Wrap!

  148. LW says:

    Family dinner of burgers (4 people) and tons of freckled lemonade!

  149. Brad says:

    I’d definitely be trying this burger, along side a stack of onion rings and all the fries i could scarf down. And if there’s anything left on the card, I’d use the rest to do it again!

  150. Nicole says:

    I actually love their veggie burgers. I’d get that and pay for a friend’s meal.

  151. Scrape says:

    Hey now! $25 !!!! How cool is that. I’d walk down to my RR at the other end of my street and order up one of these things! It looks awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time in my RR. I wrote my grad school application in there; I’ve studied for exams in there; I’ve edited a magazine article in there. I go there (and some other places) to get some work done. Not to be an ass, I go after the dinner rush, like 7:30 or so on a weeknight and have the place to myself. The great servers and manager just kept bringin’ me fries and iced teas without asking until I finally had to tell them to stop. Haven’t been in a while, it’s expensive for me right now, and they haven’t had the $5.99 deal for a while. $25 would get me at least two, if not three dinners in there. Awesome!

  152. Melanie says:

    I’d start off with the towering onion rings appetizer, get a bonzai burger (with lots of unlimited fries dipped in ranch!) and end with the mint brownie shake!

  153. Jess says:

    Milkshakes. The last time I had a milkshake at RR, I ordered the kid-sized one, and it was still massive. There was no way I was ordering the “normal” one that came in two cups.

    I think they’ve made the kid-sized one “normal” now.

    I’d also order the spiciest burger they could muster… That burnin’ love one wasn’t it, even after swapping out the bread for the jalapeno bread.

  154. patti Mayonnaise Doug Mustard says:

    I would get a California chicken Burger. Something about guacamole & Bacon gives me a food porn high. I’d get a Mai Tai & top it off with a mountain high mud pie! Red Robin,yummy!

  155. Holly says:

    I’d definitely be investing in that burger, that’s for sure! Love their bottomless fries too!

  156. Sean says:

    A-1 Peppercorn Burger, Onion Ring Tower, Freckled Lemonade followed by the mountain high mud pie

  157. Jeremy V says:

    Bonzai burger, mmmmm! And my Red Robin lovin partner would most definatly have a Royal, loves that egg on it!

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