New Bacon Portabella Melt from Wendy’s Coming October 1st

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Chris in Minnesota for the heads-up on this one.  Looks like the locals there are already getting coupons in the mail for a soon to be released burger from Wendy’s called the Bacon Portabella Melt.  How exactly is it different from the Bacon Mushroom Melt?  Here’s a pic of the mailer:

Chris then did some extra research on the Bacon Portabella Melt and spotted more info from On the Mark.  Looks like October 1st is the release date for the rest of us.

It is made with a premium buttered toasted bun, portabella and cheese sauce blend, 3 strips of Applewood smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese and a large fresh beef patty.  The tagline for the new product is: “Go ahead, have a melt down.” Be on the look-out in a few weeks for this fantastic addition to the Wendy’s family!

25 comments on “New Bacon Portabella Melt from Wendy’s Coming October 1st

  1. I approve says:

    So it’s the return of the Bacon Mushroom Melt under a fancier name. Awesome.

  2. Chris W says:

    One of those coupons is free Chili Cheese Fries with any purchase. OM NOM NOM

  3. Roger H says:

    I got this yesterday. It tasted great!

  4. Bob says:

    In Virginia and DC. It isn’t the same as the mushroom melt. Similar but not the same. Not sure which I like more.

  5. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Saw this on the menu in La Crosse, WI 2 weeks ago.

  6. Noodlez says:

    Seeing the word “free” allot on that coupon sheet. I never seem to get Wendy’s coupons in the mail. Mailman must be hijacking them.
    Wish they would bring back the Smoky Bacon Cheeseburger.

  7. F. Michael says:

    With the quality that most Wendy’s are producing these days, I know the mushrooms are gonna be fresh and tasty. Love the bacon.

  8. MP says:

    I loved the Bacon Mushroom Melt, even with the old canned mushrooms. A divine salty treat. Going to be saving my receipts for the online survey & getting $2 off it. This thing was almost $5 many years ago the last time I saw & had it. I think it’s been at least since 2007; maybe longer.

    Wendy’s coupons, seem to come out once every 4-6 months. They get used up.

  9. […] just a smaller Baconator. And now Wendy’s will soon offer the Bacon Portabella Melt, which according to Grub Grade, sure sounds a little similar to Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom […]

  10. T.J. says:

    They’ve had these available here in central CT for about two weeks now. Sorry I can’t comment on the taste or quality. I passed on it because I’m not a shroom fan.

  11. Jarred says:

    I’ve spotted this on the menu down here in Florida. Perhaps I’ll try it out. I’ll take pictures if I do.

  12. Leah says:

    This is also available in New York. The combo was 6.99 and I did not enjoy this sandwich. I am not a fan of cheese sauce and that was in abundance on the sandwich. The mushrooms and bacon were overpowered. If I can get it without the cheese I’d try it again.

    • Robert says:

      If you’re not a fan of cheese sauce, you may want to avoid ordering items that feature cheese sauce.

      Can’t wait for the coupons! Wendy’s coupons are always good. Too bad I don’t see the $2 off any salad coupon here.

  13. Justin says:

    Not a canned mushroom. It’s a premium portabello frozen mushroom

    • ap says:

      no its not, portabellas are 6-8 inches in diameter and turn almost black when fried. those are white button mushrooms, much cheaper than portabellas. -real chef

  14. nuttyturnip says:

    I tried it a few weeks ago here in Fairfax, VA. Copious amount of mushrooms, and very tasty.

  15. Brian Abel says:

    I tried this twice. I got the double variety and it reminded me of the Baconator, but with liquid cheese and pretty decent mushrooms. The mushrooms were actually really good for fast food, thumbs up. I’ve never had the Bacon Mushroom Melt, so I couldn’t use it for comparison.

  16. 4x4, Animal Style says:

    Had this twice already, within the past week. Very tasty, almost in like a old-diner way. It’s very greasy (in an enjoyable way, not the ‘eww, grease!’ way), but the flavors are go together well; you taste the slight salt of bacon, the juicy meat, the salt of the cheese sauce. Notably, the mushrooms bring much more of a ‘buttery’ taste to them than the previous Bacon Mushroom Melt. Because of that, if you’ve ever been to Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack (all over NY, with some other locations), it tastes really kind of like their Shack Stack, which is an amazing burger, super buttery and gluttonous, but something you’re glad you ate after, with that warm feeling of happiness after. That, or it’s my arteries getting blocked! 🙂

    Another difference? You can get a double, as I’ve done for a buck extra a few times. One thing I feel obliged to mention is price; at my local Wendy’s, it’s about $7.59 for a small combo (that is, with the single, I believe $8)49 for the double). Absolutely insane for fast food, but the quality shows up, so at least there’s that redeeming quality, right? Also, I noticed an orange like sauce on mine, which wile it could be a mix of the cheese sauce and mushrooms, it tasted kind of like the In-n-Out Animal sauce. So, um, yeah, this is good. About Five Guys level, honestly, and it should with its pricetag*, but not quite In-n-Out.

    This is a horrible low Grubbing on the Go rating as a warning; messy wrapper both times, with the mushroom juices and cheese sauce the most likely inhabitants. Ryan, I dare you to wear white for the day of your review and post the results of your shirt after you eat this thing. That messy.

    That pricetag is notable- we had a bacon portabella black label burger before, I’m wondering if they just chose this one, rather than this one and the Spicy Santa Fe? It’s not entirely the same, but the general concepts remain, especially considering: Mushroom quality and that darned price.

    Outside chance I can snap some more for you, since I got this pre-release.

  17. Jeff in Middletucky says:

    It’s already available here; I had it a couple days ago, and it was pretty underwhelming. There was hardly any cheese sauce on the thing, and it was also seriously skimpy on the mushrooms.

    I’ll stick to the Baconator (double or triple) in future.

  18. alexg says:

    “portabella and cheese sauce blend, 3 strips of Applewood smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese”… So that’s Cheese Sauce with bacon in the middle and two additional slices of cheese on the other end. That’s a lot of Cheese!!

  19. Tried it just now, major failure. Overpriced and a weak bun, especially bun top. This should have a firmer bun with a bigger bun top preferably sesame seed. Will not get again. Tasted okay.

  20. MP says:

    Got my 2nd one yesterday. It was like eating a salt burger. I couldn’t taste the meat, the mushrooms or the cheeses. It was nice & moist & the bun held up, but that’s it. Sorry Wendy’s, but this is a dud. A whopping 1450mg of sodium! I will not be getting this again.

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