New at Wienerschnitzel: Footlongs

Today Wienerschnitzel introduced something we should all be ashamed to order at a fast food drive-thru… New Footlongs..  Still, I’d still pull my hat down low and order a Footlong Chili Cheese Dog (and maybe a Wienerschnitzel Corn Dog too).  Available for a limited time.

11 comments on “New at Wienerschnitzel: Footlongs

  1. SmoledMan says:

    Looks yummy for my tummy! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. kikurage says:

    It is difficult to eat this with one hand. My hands become dirty by chili sauce or mustard.

  3. Bob Smith says:

    I’ll definitely have to try this, to see if the foot-long dog is a higher quality dog. Wienerschnitzel’s chili isn’t great chili, but it’s great hot-dog chili.

    Wienerschnitzel normally puts a whole slice of cheese under their regular chili-cheese dog, which is the best way to do it. A foot-long should be about 3-4 slices. If that trivial bit of crosshatched cheese is how they’re doing the foot-long chili-cheese dogs that’s a huge demerit.

  4. Biff McGee says:

    Something nostalgic and enchanting about Weinerschnitzel… The fact I can spell it correctly proves my devotion. Such a simple, yet delicious decadence. A soothing reminder of simplicity and consistency in a time of ever changing recipes. My heart, my mind and my palate will always find home with you. Chili cheese dog, mustard dog and corn dogs… FOREVER!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Just more to love, but I have to agree with Bob, the chili-cheese footlongs better have the slices of cheese.

  6. jenne says:

    now if they would just do a footlong corn dog… or my fave from my local ballpark… a bacon wrapped corn dog!

  7. Mikey D says:

    12″, juicy, and I can put it in my mouth…yes please!!

  8. Bob Smith says:

    I tried one yesterday. They do use shredded cheese rather than slices, but they use a lot more than is shown in the picture above. Unfortunately, since it’s on top it doesn’t melt like slices under the dog do. The dog itself appears to be just a longer version of their regular dog, and tastes about the same. No special handling is required despite its length. The foot-long has a less favorable chili-dog ratio than their regular chili cheese dogs. It’s priced at about twice what a regular chili-cheese dog costs.

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