Mini Corn Dogs at Jack in the Box

Mini Corn Dogs are the lastest menu addition at Jack in the Box. via RestaurantNews.  A&W has Corn Dog Nuggets that were quite forgettable.  I’m still a sucker for mini food.

Now available for a limited time at participating restaurants, Jack in the Box is serving its Mini Corn Dogs in a 5-piece order, with each bite-sized pup fried to a golden brown.

11 comments on “Mini Corn Dogs at Jack in the Box

  1. wenkie says:

    It just occurred to me that if the fast food giants more accurately understood whats hot in the foodie world – they could have a new market

    AE: I watched MasterChef tonight, and it was a fruit tart battle – what if fast food had the winning tart on sale for the next week?

    • Ricko says:

      It doesn’t work like that in Big Fast Food. Adding new items to the menus of large fast food companies takes a rather long time. By time the transition is made, the current fad or whatever will have passed or died down.

      • wenkie says:

        Hrm I didn’t think of that – I suppose this concept would only be feasible with a smaller eatery, maybe a higher end place that is locally owned and operated.

  2. kikurage says:

    Looks good and quite. It is only 1 minute to eat them up.

  3. JadeTora says:

    …Why would you go to a Fast Food place when you could buy these in big boxes from the local Grocers and just heat them up in a Microwave?

    This confounds me..

    • Rick says:

      The grocery store also has frozen french fries, chicken strips, and sodas. Why not get these?

      • TJ says:

        Good point, it’s all about convenience with things like this. Schwann’s delivery service carries the same pork egg rolls as Jitb for a slightly cheaper price. They won’t come to your house and deep fry them for you though. I’ve had both, and Jitb simply cooks them better than I do in the microwave.

        I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to buy frozen chicken strips, egg rolls, mini corn dogs etc… But there’s nothing wrong with a fast food place having them available too.

  4. Erin says:

    That doesn’t even look like food to me. Gross.

  5. Athena says:

    It’s all about convenience (hope I spelled that right haha). I was craving French fries so much I went and bought some frozen.

    Soda prices are killing me!! $2.19 for a fountain drink?? What’s up with that??

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