McDonald’s Free Coffee Week: September 23-29

McDonald’s will be kicking off their “Free Coffee Week” this Sunday which runs through September 29th. Free 12-oz coffees leading up to National Coffee Day on Saturday, September 29th. Participation varies.

No purchase necessary and you can pick up your free coffee in-store or via drive-thru. Is your local McDonald’s involved with this promotion?

2 comments on “McDonald’s Free Coffee Week: September 23-29

  1. kikurage says:

    Free coffee is helpful for my wallet. But, I will buy some another one.

  2. Lanis says:

    That’s a sweet promotion, but nope. Not at mine. I pulled into the drive-thru and asked if they were doing the free coffee week thing. After repeating myself twice and indicating that no, I did not ORDER a coffee yet, the woman finally snapped out of her braindead state and replied with the least pleasant “Uh, no. We don’t do that.” she could muster. I wish everyone else better luck!

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