How Many Chicken Wings Can One Bear Eat?

I’ve got this buddy Bear… maybe you’ve heard of him?  Well this clown thinks he can eat like 50 hot wings in an hour. If you love GrubGrade then you should love Bear because he’s part of the family.  Please consider helping him out and contribute to this worthy cause.  From ShakesBear:

Cable Car City Pub & Cafe is holding their First Annual (Inaugural) Chicken Wing Eating Contest on Sunday February 26th at 4pm. It’s an hour long contest. How many hot wings can you eat in 60 minutes? The first place winner gets a trophy and a gift pack, all others get gift packs.

This is what I really like about this contest, ALL proceeds from the sponsorships go to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital!!! Every dime I raise goes to charity. I’m shooting to raise over $1,500 for them.

2 comments on “How Many Chicken Wings Can One Bear Eat?

  1. Alex says:

    In one sitting over the course of 80 minutes I ate 68 chicken wings. No BS.

  2. Eric says:

    My buddy who is a power lifter supposedly ate 73 on AYCE wing night, but I wasn’t there to verify the size of the wings.

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