Hardee’s New Jalapeno Turkey Burger

The Jalapeno Turkey Burger is the latest promo item on the Hardee’s menu.  Here’s a coupon.

The Jalapeno Turkey Burger has landed. A charbroiled turkey patty loded with jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and spicy Santa Fe sauce, it’s sure to ignite your hunger.

Jalapeno Turkey Burger Hardee's

5 comments on “Hardee’s New Jalapeno Turkey Burger

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    This sounds awesome. Best food news in months, Ryan haha

    The coupon is weak though. Thanks for nothing Hardee’s…

  2. Ljay says:

    As much as I like hardee’s, I’m not a fan of their turkey burger but then, I really never got the whole turkey burger thing anyway. apart from not wanting to eat red meat, what’s the point..or is that the point? the overall stats of a comparable beef burger look about the same iirc.

  3. 3horseshoes says:

    i wonder when other fast food joints will join in and start a turkey burger trend.

  4. ChunkBunny says:

    I REALLY loved this when they first introduced it as a burger or chicken sandwich. I’m not too thrilled about the turkey burger. I have yet to get one from Hardee’s that was actually hot. They are always luke warm and tasteless. I love turkey, so I am not just a hater. They just need to add some spices and actually cook those things through.

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