Half Price Breakfast Burritos at Sonic on Black Friday

What are your plans for Black Friday?  Sonic has a 1/2 price deal on breakfast burritos all day.  Take advantage!

9 comments on “Half Price Breakfast Burritos at Sonic on Black Friday

  1. raiders757 says:

    Plans for Black Friday? I’m going to sit my ear end at home and drink all the leftover booze and beer from the celebration we are throwing our house this Thursday. No way I’m taking part in that idiot convention known as Black Friday. You have to be a certain kind of crazy to want to even take part in that sort of madness.

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      Well, aren’t you edgy? Going against the grain, man. With all of that leftover booze in you, you still wouldn’t be able to take on a soccer mom vying for a flatscreen sale? Perhaps you read too much Grubgrade and should cut down on the fast food, champ?

    • fiddlestix says:

      So what does your comment have to do with Sonic’s 1/2 priced breakfast burritos?

      Don’t think anybody really cares if you do black Friday at home or online.

      • Manavee says:

        Well, Ryan did ask what everyone’s plans for Black Friday were.

        I BET YOU WORK FOR SONIC, DON’T YOU?!?!?!?!? Sorry, I was just trying to join in on the random Grub grade commentator sniping.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          My plans for Black Friday will include trolling GG for stuff to bitch about. I also agree that Raiders sucks. I can’t believe he dared to stay on topic. Couple that with the fact that he drinks and I think it might be time for the banhammer. While we’re at it, opinions are stupid. All comments should be limited to “Yes”, “No” or emoticons.

    • Can I come over and hang with you? Idiot convention, I could not say it any better.

      • raiders757 says:

        Sure, C’mon by. We still have more booze and left over grub than any of us here can handle alone. Just don’t mind my wife. She doesn’t like to be bothered when she’s engrossed in an epic ‘Skyrim’ marathon.

  2. raiders757 says:

    @ Fiddlestix: The article begins with the question “What are your plans for Black Friday”? Now fiddle on down the road, because nobody cares about your or your opinion either. Cheers, and have a nice day.

    @ Walt: Not “edgy” at all, nor am I going against any sort of “Grain”, as the majority of America stays home on Black Friday. When comparing the numbers against the size of the population, Black Friday shoppers are the exception, not the rule. Most of us like to point and laugh at them. …and as for the soccer moms and flat screens. I’m not stupid enough to buy the crappy TVs they pawn off on Black Friday. That’s what they’re there for, clueless soccer moms and suckers looking for a bargain over quality. Perhaps you assume too much as well. I enjoy Grubgrade, and it doesn’t take long to browse the site every day or two, so my time spent here is minimal. I enjoy food and cooking at home, mind you. I honestly don’t each all that much fast food anymore. If I need to cut down on anything, it’s this response to you. Good day, and stay thirsty my friend.

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