Ghost Peppers at Red Robin: New Fiery Ghost Style and Cry Baby Style Burgers

The ghost pepper is the latest ingredient to be used to “style” up your Tavern Double burgers at Red Robin.  Fiery Ghost Style and Cry Baby Style are available for the brave.  Check out this awesome review from Scott Roberts:

  • Cry Baby Style features crispy and sauteed onions and ghost pepper ketchup
  • Fiery Ghost Style features ghost pepper sauce and fried jalapenos

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4 comments on “Ghost Peppers at Red Robin: New Fiery Ghost Style and Cry Baby Style Burgers

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve tried both already. I agree with the review. The Cry Baby style has a less intense heat compared to the Fiery Ghost style. The Cry Baby is almost like a more intense jalapeno heat whereas the Fiery Ghost has a hotter profile. Neither was overwhelming to me. The crunch of the fresh jalapenos on the Fiery Ghost definitely add a dimension to the burger. Also left out of the review is that the tavern styles can be upgraded to the regular patty ($6.99 base tavern double/$8.59 regular patty).

  2. Jess says:

    Fiery ghost was what I was expecting the Burning Love burger to be.

    It was good, but not the burn I was looking for, even after swapping out the regular bun with jalapeno cornmeal. Next time I’ll ask for extra sauce.

    There was a slice of regular green pepper on mine, which I didn’t quite understand, but enjoyed. Maybe they ran out of fresh jalapenos, or mistakenly grabbed a green pepper. I’ll still ask for extra sauce.

  3. kikurage says:

    The naming of “Cry Baby Style” is very fun. Certainly, a baby may cry out to eat that’ spicy burger.

  4. sean373 says:

    had the fiery ghost burger the other day. Spicy, but bland as all hell. Id rather have the tang of pickled jalapenos

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