Dark Vador Burger features Black Bun

I just had to share this once I saw it over on Burger Business.  The Dark Vador Burger from a French fast food chain called Quick.

…the Quick chain on Jan. 31 will tie-in to the debut of the Star Wars series’ “The Phantom Menace” in 3D (on Feb. 8) with three double-patty themed burger LTOs. In addition to the Dark Vador, the menu includes a Jedi Burger and a regular-bun Dark Burger (tied to character Darth Maul).

Looks quite hideous to me.  Your thoughts?  So is this basically the burger version of the Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell? And why do they call it the Dark Vador and not Darth Vader?  Strange.

28 comments on “Dark Vador Burger features Black Bun

  1. mph says:

    And why do they call it the Dark Vador and not Darth Vader? Strange.

    It’s almost like it’s a whole different language.

  2. COBRA says:

    That is exceedingly repulsive.

  3. Keith says:

    This is crazy!! A black bun? It looks like it’s moldy – which is probably why it’s only in the French market (ah huh huh). I kid the French, and their Royale’s with cheese. What would make the bun black like that? Food coloring in the dough?

    But actually, here’s my biggest question – what are those marshmallow looking things on the Jedi burger??

    As hideous as they are, I want to try them – although I’m sure they’d wage a light saber duel in my intestines.

    • RC says:

      I am guessing that it might be Jicama.

      • Keith says:

        Interesting theory, I never would have guessed that – it certainly could be, but I wouldn’t think jicama is popular in France. I’m still Googling for an answer – other popular guesses are cheese curds and chopped egg (which both seem more like French ingredients). Maybe it’s Yoda’s poop?

        I did find one source that pronounces they are, in fact, cheese curds… but I’ll need more proof before I know for sure.

  4. Heather says:

    bread shouldn’t be black. O_O
    even rye and pumpernickel breads are just dark brown..

  5. Dave says:

    Those marshmallow looking things on the Jedi burger… Yoda’s teeth, perhaps??…

  6. Manavee says:

    I’m just happy they didn’t make a Chewbacca burger.

  7. COBRA says:

    Those definitely look like chopped up wampa… *cough* parts…

  8. Kat says:

    I literally can’t think of anything black that’s edible, and licorice is ross, so that doesn’t count.

    Even dark chocolate and midnight milky ways aren’t black, for a dark brown.

    No thanks!!

    • Raiders757 says:

      The only thing I can think of, are the golden nuggets of all BBQ, Burnt Ends.

      Not the ones that make it to the public in some road side joints, but the ones reserved for the pit masters themselves. When you get the privilege to try a “true” Burnt End, you will never view BBQ the same way again. It’s the sort of thing that will inspire you to practice the art of BBQing yourself in hopes that one day, you can be the pit master. It’s like “chasing the dragon”. The longer you do it, the better you get, but it will never be good enough for you.

      Oops, got a little side tracked. Sorry.

    • wrongway says:

      Oreos are black

  9. JF says:

    I saw this on BB as well. My first thought about the Vador burger was who would want to touch that. Still thinking the same thing. I never had the black jack taco, but had volcano tacos, and it’s just food coloring. But something about a black bun just kills it for me.

    I also remember from BB they offer the Vador burger with a regular bun, so maybe that would be more appetizing.

    As for the naming and why they don’t call it the Darth Vador, my initial thought would be trademark / royalties. But looking closely at the image, it does look like they have the ‘TM’ after Vador and Jedi.

    Anyway, doesn’t matter since it’s in France and I would never have one, and don’t think I would want one.

    Maybe if they fried up those Ewoks and covered them in buffalo sauce, I might be interested. 😉

  10. Lindsay says:

    For the sake of novelty, I want to try them! The black bun is odd, but the burger and toppings for the Darth Vador sammie look good. I really wish I knew what the heck was on the Jedi burger – almost looks like chopped up potatoes.

  11. Jon says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who immediately thought “Mold” when I saw that picture

  12. Lylat says:

    That looks so weird… lmao

  13. Keith says:

    Quick seems to be coming out looking like geniuses after this black bun thing went viral:


    You see, it doesn’t even matter if these burgers taste like dog turd – many of us never even heard of Quick before this thing and now it’s the talk of the town. Nice! Expect to see some more bizarre burger promotions, maybe even here in the US.

    Not much info out there on what the bizarre white topping on the Jedi burger is yet – many suspect it’s cheese curds, although the idea of it being marshmallows has not be totally discredited.

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  15. Mike says:


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