Chicken Tortilla Soup Returns to Chick-fil-A Menus on January 2nd

One of my favorites from earlier this year is making another limited time appearance at Chick-fil-A starting Wednesday, January 2nd.  From the Chick-fil-A Facebook page:

Unscramble the letters to see which menu item is making a comeback very soon! Careful, it bites back.

Yeah it’s Chicken Tortilla Soupan impressive 9.00/10 GrubGrade score.

Chickfila Chicken Tortilla Soup

12 comments on “Chicken Tortilla Soup Returns to Chick-fil-A Menus on January 2nd

  1. Kat B. says:

    I for one am really super excited to try it as I didn’t get a chance to the last go ’round. On a separate but soup related note, CFA’s Chicken Noodle soup is amazing beyond words…I know it is pretty hard to mess up such a classic, however CFA’s is among the best I have tried outside of homemade.

  2. Sheila says:

    The tortilla soup came back early in December around the Kansas City area, and I was excited to finally try it. I definitely like it and thought it had great flavor, but I wish it weren’t so pricey! I think it is $3.49 for the smallest size. I guess that might be similar to what other fast-food/fast-casual restaurants charge for soup, but it just seems a bit expensive to me. Or maybe I’m just too cheap! 🙂

  3. Ryan says:

    As much as I liked their food, after all that “stuff” that happened I no longer go there. Which sucks because that is making me drool.

  4. Danielle says:

    Same as Ryan, that soup is delicious, but I choose to no longer eat there.

  5. Heidi S. says:

    I’m in the Atlanta ‘burbs, and the local Chick-Fil-A never got rid of it, nor did the local Truett’s (owned by Chick-Fil-A). I’ve yet to try it, though…it seems a bit pricey.

  6. Kat B. says:

    I respect that people choose to no longer eat at CFA based on religous, or other views outside of food quality, etc. I believe in freedom of speech, and public opinion. However, I do not believe that by paying CFA for some delicous chicken in any way contributes to, or hinders those freedoms, so I will continue to visit CFA.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Actually it does contribute. The head of CFA stated that the company gives money to anti gay rights groups. The president of one of these groups stated that he wants to start a gay underground railroad where babies are taken back from gay couples that adopted them. While it is totally legal to support that, and to publicly state that you support that, it is a really stupid business move, and has really angered a lot of people who no longer wish to give them their money, as they might not want to contribute to that. Both sides are safely exercising their first amendment rights, and buying a sandwich really has nothing to do with that specifically. Just figured I’d throw that out there.

      • Ryan says:

        It’s the same with Papa John’s. I love their pizza, but when the CEO goes on TV and says he’ll cut hours because having Obama Care for his workers would cost 14 cents more a pizza (more recent number crunching has the cost at 8 cents) all the while promoting his 2 million free pizzas makes me not want to give him my money.

      • Chipster22 says:

        I agree with Chefprotoss that it is a stupid business move for companies to advocate for controversial issues. Nabisco with their Rainbow Oreo cookie picture on Facebook drove people away who support traditional marriage.

        Still it is their right to do so, but I wonder about the workers that have opposing views within the companies. It must be hard to work in a company that publicly voices an opinion you oppose.

  7. I don’t like the owner of Chick Fil A’s views and think he is a religious nutjob and a bigot, but I went on a road trip recently and had the opportunity to try them for the first time and I did. I found the food to be decent but not great. I have no idea what all the hype about them is. For the people that rave about it, my suggestion is that you get around more and try more food because if you are excited about Chick Fil A, then you are pretty sad.

    Chipotle was pretty terrible also and Whataburger may be the worst food I have ever had in my life. Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr was excellent though, highly recommend them. Though it is not fast food, if you get a chance, go to Cheddar’s, that place is awesome and the prices fantastic.

  8. Alex K. says:

    Shout out to anyone in Southeast Michigan — Go to Bad Brad’s BBQ in either Shelby Township or New Baltimore and order their Chicken Tortilla Soup … it’s some of the best soup I have ever eaten. Oh yeah, and their BBQ is in my top two.

  9. Jc says:

    The other day I got around to trying the tortilla soup and I thought it was quite delicious. Not sure if you’re supposed to get two of those bags of tortilla strips with a single order, but I used both in the smaller size bowl that I got. My soup was ridiculously hot and after adding those two small bags of tortilla strips and waiting for it to cool off enough to eat, the tortillas got nice and soft, almost to a noodle consistency, which was quite nice. I’m not a fan of crunchy soups. 🙂 I purchased my soup at their drive thru and for some reason I was given two straws and no spoon. All well, any other time I would have been ticked off by that, but fortunately I was prepared, as I keep one of those Light My Fire spork / knife utensils in my vehicle for such the occasion. I will definitely be ordering the tortilla soup again, hopefully the local Chic-Fil-A keeps it on their menu.

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