Cheeseburger Lovers Deal at Dairy Queen

Ever since I tried the Sweet Apple BBQ Grillburger from Dairy Queen, the grub at DQ has been on my radar more than the desserts.  The latest promo is the Cheeseburger Lovers Deal and offers up a pretty good value.

Buddy up with the Cheeseburger Lovers Deal. Get two DQ®Cheeseburgers for $3 or two Double DQ Cheeseburgers for $4. The tab just got easier to nab! See your local DQ for details. At participating locations.

5 comments on “Cheeseburger Lovers Deal at Dairy Queen

  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I liked this deal better when 2 cheeseburgers were $2.22 and 2 doubles were $3.33.

    And when 2 cheeseburgers were $2.49 and 2 doubles were $3.49.

  2. Jake says:

    As said above, this deal has been around for a long time… just used to be 2.22/3.33 and 2.49/3.49…

  3. jenne says:

    I still haven’t tried the only DQ in’s in a dying mall that has a farmer’s market with a bunch of excellent food trucks….hard to look at DQ food with that around. Unless the burgers are really that good….

  4. MP says:

    I’ve never bought non-desserts at a DQ before. I don’t associate food with DQ. Are these any better than Wendy’s? I can get a Jr cheeseburger deluxe $1.19 & a Double Stack $1.79 or two Double Stacks for less. Eh I guess it’s worth trying once.

    • Jake says:

      I’ll admit, DQ burgers are some of my favorite to have. They’re no more special than other fast food, I guess, but sometimes they hit the spot for me perfectly. I’d suggest giving it a shot once.

  5. JF says:

    I only went to a DQ once, and it was for ice cream. I have seen reviews here, and elsewhere that seem to recommend their non ice cream items. One day I think I will give them a try, but just thinking of their name, other than ice cream, they never come to mind.

    Of course a 2.22 or 3.33, etc. deal is better, but times change, but still seems like a good deal compared to other places.

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