Cantina Bell Menu Coming To Taco Bell Nationwide on July 5th

The Cantina Bell Menu from Taco Bell that has been in test phases earlier this year will now being going national.  Thursday July 5th marks the day.  Who’s interested?  via NRN:

Dishes on the menu include a burrito or bowl option with chicken, steak or vegetables, including upgraded ingredients that had not previously been available at Taco Bell. Among them: whole black beans cooked with Garcia’s spice blend; cilantro-spiked rice; all-white-meat chicken in an herb-and-citrus marinade; roasted corn salsa; Hass avocado guacamole; creamy cilantro dressing; romaine lettuce and pico de gallo — options more typically found at fast-casual Mexican concepts such as Chipotle Mexican Grill.  Recommended pricing for the new Taco Bell items, however, will remain under $5, the company said.

28 comments on “Cantina Bell Menu Coming To Taco Bell Nationwide on July 5th

  1. Ed H says:

    Guacamole = YES!
    Everything else = Meh.

  2. TK says:

    Taco Bell is coming out with vegetable options and NEW INGREDIENTS?! Has Hell frozen over?! Finally! Something different…this is exciting.

  3. chris says:

    Hopefully this means a revamp of the steak they have…for like…the 3rd time…maybe it will be tolerable this time around.

  4. Chris W says:

    I am excite.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m intrigued … but I’d still much rather see the BEEFY CRUNCH BURRITO AS A PERMANENT MENU ITEM!!!

  6. shana says:

    Exciting…makes me think of the wonderful El Pollo Loco!

  7. Justin says:

    Something that has always thrown me off was taco bell had zero traditional mexican flavor anywhere on the menu, some pico and cilantro will go a long way to making things taste fresh. Also with 8 or so new ingredients that’s enough for roughly 50 new combos of the same ingredients layered slightly different.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      Let’s not be silly. Beans, rice, tortillas, cheese, and jalapenos are all a part of “traditional Mexican flavor”. And Taco bell has had Pico de Gallo for quite a while now. They call it “Fiesta Salsa”.

      People always hate on the Bell for “not being Mexican”, while the closest thing they’ve had is the local “authentic” Tex-Mex joint.

  8. Kevin says:

    Can they just introduce new ingredients without creating some name for it like cantina? Seems like it’ll just make the items harder to catch on.

  9. Bob says:

    Beefy Nacho Burrito >>> Beefy Crunch

  10. Justin ST says:

    I’d wait and see before getting excited folks.

  11. Mehu says:

    I think I am too spoiled by Chipotle. I have a feeling this will disappoint

  12. Brian says:

    I think Chipotle is overrated. If I can get these options for around $5, I will definitely give them a try. I’ve always rooted for Taco Bell, although I almost never go there.

    • Justin ST says:

      Roberto’s Taco Shop blows Chipotle and Qdoba out of the water. To speak their names is heresy to me.

      • Mikey D says:

        Well…not everyone has a Roberto’s Taco Shop in their area, honestly I’ve never even heard of the place.

        • Justin ST says:

          It’s only in Vegas and Southern California, but it’s pretty much what Qdoba and Chipotle SHOULD be, at a much better value. I even saw a big MMA magazine talk about it in an issue, so clearly, I’m not crazy.

          • Mikey D says:

            Didn’t say you were crazy, but I hate MMA with a passion so I would never see that ad.

  13. SmoledMan says:

    This actually looks like a healthy menu item!

  14. SPM79 says:

    Taco Bell was never meant to be a Mexican restaurant, it was always fast food Southern California style American tacos. I would actually prefer that they go all out American SoCal/TexMex” a la Del Taco and add fries and such to the menu. Let’s call the place for what it is, I don’t think they are at the price point or the food quality scale to be trying this type of food.

    • Justin ST says:

      Canada might be up your alley, but their Taco Bells are downright awful, if not just primitive. If you’re ever up there, go in and look at their menu. It’s astoundingly simple, but not in a good way.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      This times 1000. Taco John’s does a pretty good job of this, with their taco burger, potato oles, chili, buffalo wings, crunchy chicken, etc.

      I always get a kick out of people who swear by Chipotle or Qdoba as their favorite “Mexican Food”.

  15. Mandy says:

    I’m positive they will look NOTHING like the pictures….I’d try it though….but only if its 3am and Chipotle is closed. lol

    • Mikey D says:

      You could say that about any food in promotional pictures. And I’m still trying to figure out what you are laughing about in your post…

  16. somesteve says:

    guacamole looks good at least.

  17. maxchain says:

    Burger King has put the fear of mass fast food lettuce into me. How does/will Taco Bell’s hold up when it’s the foundation and not merely a topping?

  18. kikurage says:

    I think the combination of rice and avocado is not good. This will make me disappointed.

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