BBQ Sliders from White Castle

Summertime = Put BBQ sauce on everything. White Castle is underway with promotions for a line of 3 BBQ sliders available starting today until Labor Day. What looks good to you? The New Original BBQ Slider looks tasty and should be available always. 

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Slider – A slow-cooked pulled pork with a sweet/tangy BBQ sauce.
  • New BBQ Bacon Chicken Slider – 100% white meat chicken breast with Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce plus a slice of hickory smoked bacon.
  • New Original BBQ Slider – 100% all-beef patty, steam-grilled and topped with Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce and crispy fried onions.

5 comments on “BBQ Sliders from White Castle

  1. JF says:

    Their frozen burgers are pretty good. I wish White Castle or Kristal would venture more out West (Colorado).

    If I had the money, I’d open a White Castle right but a local college. I think it would be a money maker… especially late night.

    Looking forward to hearing reviews / comments on how this is.

    Whenever I got back East (NY) I usually hit White Castle at least once.

    • Slider says:

      “If I had the money, I’d open a White Castle right but a local college.”

      White Castle does not franchise, the stores are all company owned. Probably the reason why they are not national.

  2. Bill says:

    We so need a review on these gut bombs

  3. Matt says:

    Thw first things available at white castle that dont look awful

  4. kikurage says:

    3 BBQ new burgers look good, but this promotion IMG is little small, so I do not check ingredients carefully and do not gaze it.

  5. Marty Tompkins says:

    I love these sliders. I hope that I could eat them everyday…or once a day.

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