BBQ Bacon Wrapstar from KFC

Our neighbors to the north better share this.  Check out the KFC Canada version on the Taco Bell Crunchwrap.  It’s the BBQ Bacon Wrapstar.

Two mini breast filets, BBQ sauce, sizzling bacon, crunchy tostada, ranch sauce and cheese – toasted to seal the flavour.

27 comments on “BBQ Bacon Wrapstar from KFC

  1. Peter says:

    Is it sad that I think this looks/sounds delicious? Who am I kidding, of course it is. #noshame

  2. holly says:

    This must have been invented at one of those KFC/Taco Bell hybrid stores…

  3. Ed H says:

    It looks good.

    As an aside, it is a shame that the Crunchwrap at Taco Bell is never very crunchy any more. When it first came out it was great but after several disappointing visits I have stopped ordering it. They have that last-nights-left-over-microwaved-Taco-Bell taste and mouth feel.

    • ljay says:

      Agree. I prefer the Taco John version.

      This looks interesting but I don’t like bbq sauce on anything but…

      bbq. Yeah.

      Yeah, I’m old school on bbq sauce.

      And as much as I do enjoy a kfc chicken breast from time to time, I prefer to order the chik-fil-a regular or spicy breast sans bun. A couple of those and your favorite side makes a fine meal. You can buy them by the sack full if you have the cash and a sack.

      (I probably don’t have to say this but ranch dressing doesn’t belong on anything. anything.)

      • Ed H says:

        I get my chicken fix from anywhere but KFC, they lost the magic a long time ago. Their chicken tastes boiled not fried.

        • Raiders757 says:

          I have to agree with Ed. KFC just doesn’t “do it” for me anymore and hasn’t for quite some time.

          I also have to agree with ljay when It comes to ranch dressing as well, but who am I to tell anyone what they can put on their food? It’s only a problem when it’s put on mine. What I don’t get is why it’s added to this item when there’s already BBQ sauce on it. Fast food BBQ sauce completely blows no matter the joint you get it from, but is it so bad that you have to add even more saucy nastiness to it? Does anyone even remember the old Schoolhouse Rock style PSA “Don’t Drown Your Food”?

  4. Crysta says:

    So… it’s a crunchwrap. With fried chicken in it. Hmmmm.

    Time to convince my husband to go to KFC for lunch, lol.

  5. Jade says:

    We have those in the UK too, sometimes in a salsa version instead of bbq bacon. We don’t have Taco Bell though…swap? :p

  6. Booker T says:

    Oh mah goodness!

  7. Marc says:

    Don’t know why, but every time I sound out that product name in my head I hear the Emperor, “Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL BBQ Bacon Wrapstar!”

  8. Blake says:

    I find it sad that KFC menus around the world look simply fantastic compared to the USA setup. Even the USA website pales in comparison to other countries.

    • Rick says:

      I don’t know if they’ve actually SAID it or not, but it’s clear their focus is on new markets with the KFC brand. Very little innovation in the US market since the double down. Several around Washington DC have been closing up shop and the ones that are still open have gone downhill in quality. I don’t think they’ll let the brand die stateside but it’s clearly not their money maker.

    • Michael says:

      The grass is always greener. Here in Canada we may (temporarily) have this monstrosity, but our menu is otherwise pretty basic. We don’t have grilled chicken, the Doublicious, biscuits, and a bunch of other stuff… and the prices are also much higher. So don’t envy us.

    • Raiders757 says:

      KFC has lost their way, and in reality, they need to downsize the menu and concentrate on what they used to do really well, sell tasty fried chicken. All this fancy pants crap is nothing more than marketing schemes, and it has pretty much ruined a lot of fast service brands right along with KFC. What’s wrong with sticking to what you do best? KFC needs to go back to being Kentucky Fried Chicken again, and ditch the B.S. Their chicken pretty much sucks these days, so it’s time they circle the wagons and get back to basics.

  9. Bill says:

    The Canadian menu looks a lot better than the American menu,

    I would eat those fries with gravy.

    • Marie says:

      KFC had great fries back in the late 80’s and looked very similar to the ones pictured there that they offer now in Canada.

      I remember the fries in the 80s tasted kind of similar to the wedges but 10x better taste.

  10. I tried this version, it is the 3rd incarnation of the wrapstar I believe, but it is not very good. I am a big fan of the forty creek BBQ sauce normally, but it does not blend well with the ranch dressing. The bacon as per normal is pretty much overwhelmed. The last wrap star, with salsa and pepper mayo, was far better.

  11. hiy says:

    this looks funny. also ranch is great

  12. Jon says:

    Outside of ordering the Double Down once as a “you only live once” thing, I haven’t ordered from a KFC in years. If I’m doing fried chicken I go either to Popeyes or Publix.

  13. JF says:

    I actually liked their spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme and was surprised they took spicy chicken off their menu. While I didn’t think it was all that spicy, I preferred the taste to the beef or regular chicken.

    I wish they would bring that back. This does look interesting, but unless they used Popeye’s chicken, I never cared too much for KFC.

  14. KTK says:

    Gee, you’d almost think KFC and Taco Bell were owned by the same company. Haha. It’d be interesting to try this out though.

    • SmoledMan says:

      Food is food. As long as it fills you up who cares? I sure don’t apply purity tests to fast food brands.

  15. maxchain says:

    That’s insane, and I want one.

  16. Mark says:

    This sounded good until I hit the word “ranch.” I HATE this fad that everything with BBQ sauce now needs to have ranch.

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