Arby’s Jamocha Cream Pie Available for a Limited Time

Oh my, how new is this?  I think I’m about 2 weeks late on it, but it’s worth mentioning considering I’m playing major catch-up today.  The Jamocha Cream Pie from Arby’s looks pretty tasty.  Any Jamocha Shake fans out there? The Jamocha Cream Pie has 300 calories and 17 grams of fat per slice.

Need a Jamocha fix? Try our Jamocha Cream Pie. It’s heavenly, any way you slice it.

6 comments on “Arby’s Jamocha Cream Pie Available for a Limited Time

  1. Arby's says:

    Thanks, Ryan. The Jamocha Cream Pie has been in stores since January and will be available until the end of April. 🙂

  2. Manavee says:

    I tried this a month or so ago and thought it was really good.

  3. jali says:

    oh my goodness…want this now!

  4. […] Market Fresh Reuben. I find that a little weird considering they could be running a BOGO on the Jamocha Cream Pie, or anything else on the menu for that matter, because nothing at Arby’s is even remotely […]

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