A Look at the Extra Value Menu at McDonald’s

More for less means more in your wallet.  The Extra Value Menu from McDonald’s features familiar favorites and a new spokesman that I just don’t get.

  • 20 Chicken McNuggets for $4.99 (the only price actually being advertised)

Everything else… prices may vary, but all items seem to run under 2 bucks.

  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Angus Deluxe Snack Wrap
  • Snack Size McFlurry
  • Iced Coffee
  • Ranch Snack Wrap

And here’s a look at the old man behind the new campaign for the Extra Value Menu at McDonald’s.  Click at your own risk.

19 comments on “A Look at the Extra Value Menu at McDonald’s

  1. somesteve says:

    I suppose McDonald’s is playing the “everyman” card. Take a normal schlub and have him sell your product.

  2. Manavee says:

    Hmmmmm. The King from Burger King gets dropped from their advertisements and then just a few months later this guy shows up. Could this be The King unmasked?

    I think so. And I think he was a little less creepy when he had that King mask on.

  3. KTK says:

    The best day to get McNuggets around here is on Monday “Nugget Night” where they have a 20pc for like $3.69. Even then, Wendy’s Spicy nuggets are better for $1 for 5. c:

    • TJ says:

      That’s pretty good, split it with a friend and you’re getting 10 mcnuggets for about $2, including the tax. A 6pc is about 3 bucks out here, and unfortunately we don’t have any unusual specials like that.

      Wendy’s and BK both do good $1 nugget/tender deals, but McNuggets are unique in their own way, and they’ve never had good deals for them where I live.

    • rondoman says:

      Nugget Nite around here is also Monday Nites but we have a 20 piece for $2.99 with a limit of 2.

      15 cents a piece is pretty good.

  4. Scrape says:

    From what I understand, there is no difference in pricing whatsoever, with two exceptions. The dollar menu is still the dollar menu, but small fries and small sodas are no longer a dollar. Instead, ice cream cones and pies are put in their place.

    Everything else was already on the menu in different places, McDs is just creating, rather, reorganizing the menu by price class rather than food type to make the’ value items’ easier to find. It is complimentary to the dollar menu, and McD’s hopes that value-minded consumers will opt for a slighly higher priced menu items instead of just sticking to the dollar menu. Long overdue, this.

  5. Jeff says:

    The local McDonalds here jacked 4pc McNuggets up to 1.79, took small fries, small drink, and the sundae off of the dollar menu, and jacked up most other prices except the McDouble. Not very happy with this new menu…

  6. Bill says:

    My McDonald’s is selling the quarter pounder with cheese for 389 now. Over 4 bucks with tax. Crazy. Wendy’s and BKs quarter pounders are 40 cents less.

  7. Lylat says:

    Ranch Snack Wrap is meh.

    Wendy’s have the better ones that i have ever eaten

  8. Lindsay says:

    Stupid ad campaign. I hope it goes bust.

  9. Kevin says:

    If it’s not a dollar menu, who cares.

  10. George says:

    Ever since fast food restaurants started raising prices about 6 months ago(Wendy’s was more like a year ago), I have eaten much less fast food. This is actually a good thing, because I enjoy it a lot more when having it only a couple times a month.

    I’ve found that McDonald’s is now the only place where I can get full for around $6 or so, and I usually only stop there for the $1 drinks anyways.

    • Royal says:

      If you can’t get full at Taco Bell for four bucks (2 dollar meal deal and two other value priced items), I’ll be truly shocked at the amount of food it takes to fill you.

  11. kikurage says:

    This campaign is not interesting.
    I bet this fail.

  12. Tyler says:

    Lol 4.99 for a 20 piece, up here in canada its $15 for a 20 piece.

  13. Alex K. says:

    Apparently a few of the LI McDonalds are bringing back the Hot and Spicy McChicken with this. YES YES YES YES

  14. Scott says:

    If anyone cares, I cruised this site before venturing out for fast-food, and based on the comments, went to McDonalds for their McDoubles, and went across the street to Wendy’s for their chicken nuggets. When I got to the drive through lane, they had an advert for a family sized nuggets. 50 nuggets for $10 (which, on their dollar menu, is the same price, or a few pennies more, than just buying 10 $1 5-piece spicy nuggets). Having a bucket of spicy chicken intrigued me, so I went with the fifty. So, Wendy’s is possibly the better deal (depending on the comparitive weight of the nuggets).

    The Wendy’s

  15. mc donald makes no sense says:

    I’m sorry McDonald’s, if I were really interested in nutritional value and taste and not knowing a thing about how much anything is going to cost, I would go to denny’s. Put some numbers I care about on the menu (Prices) and make them good, because if denny’s has all you can eat pancakes for 4$, I am sure as heck not buying your 5$ burger meal.

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