55-cent Burger King Whopper Deal Part Two: December 13-16

Did you miss out on last the Whopper deal last week?  Here’s another chance as Burger King is bringing back the 55-cent Whopper deal for another round.  From Thursday, December 13 through Sunday, December 16, with any Whopper purchase you get the Original Whopper for 55-cents.Burger King Whopper 55

4 comments on “55-cent Burger King Whopper Deal Part Two: December 13-16

  1. Briteeni says:

    This is such a horrible deal that they are shoving it down our throats for a second go round. With all the cheesy promotions they’re airing on tv, I’m pretty sure the offset of this bargain is no where near covering what was invested in their advertisements. That’s what happens when a company promotes a deal that is already easily accessible in damn near every1s mailbox. (Buy 1 whooper, get 1 FREE). Do better burger king.

    • MP says:

      At my crummy Burger King, they don’t ever have Buy 1 Get 1 Free Whopper or Original Chicken Sandwich deals, and coupons are increasingly rare, too. But still, that deal comes out to $1.87 a piece which is what the Whopper should go for anyway. A Wendy’s Double Stack is $1.79.

  2. Burger King is such a crappy company. Used one of their coupons for the BOGO Whopper Jr. which has the photo of the Wisconsin one on it. The restaurant tried to fudge the numbers and screw me on it trying to charge almost what the full price of it would be.

    Filed a complaint, the second one against that restaurant in 6 months. Yet to hear back from BK or the restaurant in both cases. McDonald’s on the other hand, gets back to you within days, every single time.

  3. Brian says:

    If I pay for both Whoppers, could they promise not to serve me either of them? Also, I get Burger King coupons all the time in the mail for BOGO Whoppers, so it’s not that impressive of a disgusting deal.

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