50-cent Corn Dogs All Day at Sonic on Halloween

Wait out the “Frankenstorm” this Halloween with a promo on corn dogs.  Sonic is offering its Corn Dogs for 50-cents all day this Wednesday, October 31st.  How many corn dogs can you conquer?

The corndogpocalypse is upon us. Seek shelter at the closest SONIC and enjoy 50¢ corn dogs all day on Halloween.

3 comments on “50-cent Corn Dogs All Day at Sonic on Halloween

  1. jreednet says:


  2. Alex K. says:

    So THAT’S Sonic’s way of scaring customers. Interesting, interesting.

  3. Jenne says:

    My Sonic’s corndogs are icky…not crunchy..just…bleh… so not even for 50 cents…actually not even if they were free..

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