5-Strip Ultimate BLT from Arby’s

For a limited time at participating locations, Arby’s is featuring its Market Fresh sandwich for bacon lovers… The 5-Strip Ultimate BLTI reviewed the Ultimate BLT back in 2009 and the emphasis on 5 strips of bacon is the only thing that is sticking out to me as new.

FIVE Strips of thick cut pepper bacon with green leaf lettuce, ripe tomatoes and mayo on toasted thick cut honey wheat bread make this deli classic and will leave you smiling all day long.  Also available on our whole grain flatbread wrap.

17 comments on “5-Strip Ultimate BLT from Arby’s

  1. Todd says:

    The bread is too thick on the market fresh line.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    I would consider such a sandwich, but for the fact that fast-food bacon is always undercooked and thus excessively fatty and chewy.

  3. Sascha says:

    You know, FIVE strips of bacon on a sandwich that features bread as thick and hearty as Arby’s doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I’d base an ad campaign about. 8-10 strips, and then we’ll talk.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Hope to see this locally.. Big fan of BLTs, and it would be nice to get something different than roast beef at Arby’s. The gf raves about the market fresh sandwiches, but this is the only one that piques my interest.

  5. kikurage says:

    Picture is good,good,good. I may be deceived ultimately.

  6. ljay says:

    I agree with all 5 comments above except Bob. The bacon is decent on this sandwich and surprisingly, even Arby’s can’t screw up a BLT, the king of sandwiches.

    I will enjoy one or perhaps even two of these this weekend.

    • Manavee says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa. The Reuben is the king of all sandwiches. Pay some respect to the King, please.

      • ljay says:

        HA! As I’ve said many times here before. The blt is king. The reuben is the kings hand.

        Both are amazing sandwiches and to my taste are equally amazing and clearly the top two in the sandwich world (with a good italian grinder coming in 3rd).

        But the blt gets the nod simply on it’s ability to transform itself. You can add almost anything to a blt and it’s still a great sandwich…burger, chicken, choice luncheon meat, etc.

  7. Crysta says:

    Mmmm, bacon. I agree with Todd though; the Market Fresh bread is too thick.

  8. Justin ST says:

    Never been fond of BLT’s.

  9. rondoman says:

    The bread should be thinner, and toasted.

    BLT’s on untoasted bread is a FAIL.

    Wonder if they toast it, but the description sounds as if its not.

  10. lz says:

    I used to like their Ultimate BLT, including the thickness of the bread, until they started using “toasted” bread. But they didn’t toast it onsite. It was pre-toasted-at-the-factory bread that just ended up tasting and feeling like you were eating stale bread. The bacon is really good though. It was always crisp.

  11. KTK says:

    The thing about a BLT is that it’s not difficult at all to just make the thing at home. They’re especially good with home-grown or farmer’s market tomatoes.

    • ljay says:

      Ok, back to agree with all the posts (except Justin of course).

      I DID have two of these yesterday. Some observations:

      1) The bread is a little thicker then I remembered it to be but it was a decent quality bread. It was not toasted and that would have been nice but overall no real complaints about the bread.

      2) The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh. I almost always order my burgers and such without tomatoes because they always seem to be mushy and I can’t stomach a mushy tomato when I have two beautiful tomato plants right out my back door.

      3) When I placed my order, the Arby’s spokesperson manning the drive thru replied “Would you like to upgrade that to 10 pieces of bacon”?

      Pardon me?

      “Would you like to upgrade that to 10 pieces of bacon”?

      That threw me for a loop. I should have said on one but I didn’t…and I regretted that as i was biting into the second sandwich thinking about the potential of 10 pieces of bacon on a single sandwich.

      I’ll have to get back there next week for 1 sandwich with double bacon.

  12. Mark P says:

    Tried one of these the other day and it was honestly the worst BLT sandwich I ever had…The bread was dry-stale maybe? The tomatoes were yellowish tough and crunchy with no flavor plus one piece had the entire core of the tomato left in it….mmmm really good folks-got my roughage for the day (yuk). The whole sandwich was dry with very little mayo. Lettuce was crispy good and green which was a surprise. The bacon was good but needed more. I took a couple bites, looked at it, grimiest and was ready to return it and get my money back but I was really hungry so I ate it. Don’t plan on ever buying another one. Very disappointing and bad!

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