First Impressions: Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich and Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake from Sonic

I recently got a chance to try the Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich over at Sonic.  Some quick impressions: The first thing I noticed was that it was upside down.  All chicken patty was on top of everything, not below it.  I found that to be kind of disturbing.  I felt like I was in the Bizarro World.  The second thing I noticed was the minimal amount of Caesar dressing used.  The tomatoes, lettuce and chicken all looked really dry without it.  The most upsetting part of my order was that they forgot to put the slice of Asiago cheese on it!Quick rant continued; I literally hate the Sonic that I go to here in Houston.  They have the worse service I have ever experienced in my entire life.  They are slow, they always forget something and the staff is always rude.  End rant.Taste wise, the crispy Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich surprised me even with the missing cheese and the small amount of Caesar dressing.  The first couple of bites were a bit dry, however once I got into my third bite, the entire thing was bursting with flavor.  The tomatoes really helped with this.  The whole-grain ciabatta bread was toasted right and really good overall for this kind of sandwich.  I wouldn’t mind trying other sandwiches using the same bread.  I’ll probably pick this one up again when I can get to a Sonic that actually believes in service.  Maybe I can get one with cheese on it.  Until then, I’ll stick with my favorite fast food chicken sandwich which is the Chicken Bacon and Swiss from Arby’s.I didn’t find that this sandwich was worth what it cost.  A bit too pricey if you ask me.  It was $4.29 just for the sandwich.  I can pick up a better sandwich for the same price or less at some places.I also picked up the Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake.  A small set me back $2.69 and I felt that was too much, but it still was awesome.  The shake has little mint chips that thankfully make it up through the straw.  At first I didn’t know what the hell was going on.  I thought maybe the terrible staff was trying to kill me by putting shards of glass into my milkshake.  All in all it’s really good and worth picking up while on its limited-time run through the holiday season.

8 comments on “First Impressions: Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich and Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake from Sonic

  1. Manavee says:

    I tried this too, and my sandwich was also undersauced, so I agree with you there. However, I thought the chicken patty was lacking. It was small and just didn’t cut it when compared to Sonic’s fast food competitors. Honestly, the chicken patties that Wendy’s or even Burger King (the Tendergrill and Tendercrisp, not the original chicken patty which is disgusting) have are much juicier and flavorful, IMO.

    I thought the shake was really good as well. No “straw clog” with the shake at all despite all of the pieces of peppermint.

  2. Sheila says:

    Hmm…the first time I tried the New Asiago Caesar Chicken Sandwich at Sonic, they gave me the Classic Chicken Sandwich instead of the Asiago Caesar one. Thus, no cheese, and mayo instead of the Caesar sauce. Did this happen to you? I guess if you could taste the Caesar dressing, then it was probably just the Caesar sandwich without the cheese (like you said), but I was just wondering because of my “similar messed-up chicken sandwich order” experience.

    I thought the sandwich was all right. I did like the bread better, but I do agree with you that the price is too high to be a good value. And since I’m rather “cheap”, I probably won’t be getting it very often.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. kiki says:

    I also tried this and found it was lacking sauce, but somehow was also soggy at the same time. It was a decently edible sandwich but one I wouldn’t order again. Almost the exact same thing can be said of the mozzarella sandwich from Wendy’s except their’s wasn’t soggy at least. The shake looks good though.

  4. Klee says:

    Wendy has a hell of a spicy ck sand!

  5. rummble says:

    I’ve never been impressed with Sonic. There drink prices are way to high and the food is just mehhh. However there limited time specials sometimes are really great. Like there double patty melts with grilled onions and there steak breakfast burrito’s with crispy jalapeno’s. The only problem with the burrito’s are there crispy jalapeno’s don’t have any kick to em at all.

    The only time I’ll ever go to Sonic is if it’s Happy Hour on drinks and even then for the price you could go to 7 Eleven and get it cheaper for the size.

    The Sonic next to where I live use to be 24 hours but they only do that now on the weekends just cause it doesn’t see much business.

  6. Jon says:

    I’ll do a super sonic breakfast burrito here and there. But based on my experiences with the other menu items it’s been below par. Recently my friend brought me the asiago ceaser chicken sandwich and the chicken was dry and it barely had any ceaser dressing. It was crap to say the least. But I dig your taste Chicken bacon swiss from arbys ftw!

  7. Josh says:

    Tried this sandwich a few days ago, I was not impressed. I’d rate it average at best. The best fast food chicken sandwich still belongs (by quite a wide margin) to Braums. I know they aren’t everywhere, but if you’ve got one, consider yourself lucky…they have a great crispy chicken sandwich.

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