Snapshot: Pi Pizzeria, NW DC

DC is a weird town for food. I often find that the most hyped places… well… suck, and are far too pretentious for anyones good, yet alone their own. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the DC food scene, it’s just that you have to filter through the put-on-a-pedestal BS to figure out what’s good. I love Adams Morgan, and have been meaning to write about what may be my favorite fast food joint ever for a while now. That piece is still in the works, but in the meantime, I have to tell you guys about Pi Pizzeria.

Based on a recommendation I went in for their happy hour specials yesterday. I always looked at this spot and planned on coming here at some point. I am an idiot for not coming sooner.  Before 8pm you can snag what in my opinion is easily one of the best margherita pizzas on US soil for a mere $7.00. As a self-admitted food snob, who used to live in southern Italy, I take no issue with calling this the best pizza in DC. It simply is.

Amazing sauce, super fresh buffalo mozzarella, copious amounts fresh basil, and a charred crust that is out of this world. I plan on revisiting to get more food for a full review, but for the moment, all I can say is that if you are anywhere near DC, head to 18th NW, and snag one of the best pies ever crafted that costs way less than it should.
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18 comments on “Snapshot: Pi Pizzeria, NW DC

  1. nick says:

    I love GrubGrade and this whole time I had no idea you were in my neighborhood. Havent tried Pi but I will be sure to after the sound endorsement.

  2. Mike says:

    You can also visit the original stores in the St. Louis area.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      They aren’t related. Genius name though.

      • Mike N. says:

        Actually they are one in the same. The DC location came out of Obama naming Pi in St. Louis his favorite pizza. They have a food truck in STL and are making plans for one in DC too.

      • Mike N. says:

        Wait — indeed you are correct sir. I too thought you were talking about the F street location, which is the one from St. Louis. I’m really surprised there isn’t a lawsuit going on about this (or maybe there is/was?) We just had a bit of a to-do in STL when a food truck opened up with a similar name as a brick-and-mortar restaurant that they weren’t affiliated with and they wound up having to change their name.

      • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

        Looks like they’re the same business to me…

        • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

          Wait, now I see why the DC location is called “District of Pi”. I stand corrected.

  3. Mike says:

    Interesting – I haven’ heard much about PI, even when I lived over there. At first I thought you were talking about PI near Chinatown, which is from St. Louis, and is known for deep dish.

    If you haven’t already, you should try Pupatella in Arlington. Best Neopolitan pizza around, according to many.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I’m never in Arlington for the most part. I’ll check it out though. I do know that this Pi and the other ones aren’t affiliated in any way. It was a bitch trying to figure that out considering Pi Pizzeria has no website. District of Pi on F is supposed to be a regular average pizza joint, thus I could care less haha.

  4. M86 says:

    I’d love to visit the Northeast someday, if just for the food alone… The pizza (so many regional varieties within a relatively small area of the NE), a classic New York hot dog, New England seafood, and Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

  5. Roger C. says:

    I liked this pizza way before GrubGrade thought it was cool.

  6. Rodzilla says:

    doesn’t make it or break it for me, but do they have a VPN cert?

    wood burning oven?

  7. Ed H says:

    Hey a place that actually cooks the pizza what a great idea! Most place’s pizza look like they were cooked under a 75 watt bulb. This pizza looks great!

  8. M. says:

    Out of curiosity, how long did you “live” in “southern Italy” for? I’ve seen similar claims made many times before and when you scratch a little beneath the surface it usually turns out to be “a few months” at most. And it was an odd statement to crowbar in, because this place doesn’t make pizza that similar to anything I’ve had in Italy.

    By the way, I lived in Abruzzo for 13 years.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I lived in San Vito for 3 years. Beautiful little town.

    • Roger C. says:

      M., why does it matter?

      If he spent 3 days in a kitchen there and it influenced his cooking style, so be it. 3 days, 3 months, 3 years wouldn’t make a difference.

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